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Best Watering Wand 2018

It’s another day and today, we will be looking at watering wands. If you are a lazy gardener who’s always looking for tools to make your gardening a lot simpler, you might want to brace down for this one.

If you’re not a gardener, stick around because watering wands are not only great in keeping the garden looking lush but also come in handy when washing your car or cleaning out of reach windows. What’s more, a good watering wand will help you conserve water and consequently save money which is what we are all trying to do. Right?

Let’s start with some of the best watering wands in the market, the features they have to offer and whether they are worth your hard earned money!

  1. The Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand

There is barely a watering wand out there that matches up to the Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand. It is one of the best watering wands in the market, and it has the reviews and features to back it up.

With features like the thumb operated on/off switch and the ability to control the strength of flow on a whim, the days of having to dash to the tap after you are done watering or cleaning are over. The simple operation of the wand makes it ideal even for people that are suffering from arthritis which helps it score big on the market.

Another impressive feature is the multiple spray patterns. Initially, this might look like a way of trying to upsell the product, but if you think about it, it is a pretty neat feature. In most cases, the spray pattern you use to wash your car would beat your entire garden to pulp if you used it for watering. With the multiple spray features, you can complete numerous tasks conveniently without shuffling between different watering wands.

The slip resistant handle featured on this watering wand ensures the wand stays firm in your hand at all times and you never end up getting wet in the process. On top of the creative design and finishing, the wand is made from aluminium which gives it a lightweight design that is easy to control and won’t wear you down regardless of how long you use it.

The best was saved for last because you get a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with this. If you are not happy about it, just take it back, and you get your money back. That is how confident the manufacturer is about this product. You might want to consider this one because it comes with tons of useful features and the price is quite considerable as well.

  • Easy to reach on/off switch
  • Features up to 8 adjustable settings
  • Lightweight design
  • This wand has a shorter reach
  1. Dramm 14804 One Touch Rain Wand

It might not look as glamorous as the Relaxed Gardener Watering Wand but, don’t let the laid-back look fool you. The Dramm 14804 is filled with useful features that you’re going to love and ones that will make your work a lot easier.

This best watering wand comes with a gentle and full flow for faster and more thorough watering and features a thumb controlled switch for water flow control. Unlike most modern watering tools, you don’t have to worry about your wrist getting fatigued by having to continually pull a trigger while watering. The design of this water wand takes care of that entirely.

With this tool, you will not only have more fun watering and find your tasks much easier but, you will also save more water while moving from one plant to the next courtesy of the easy to reach thumb control. You also don’t have to worry about dragging the weight of the watering around because it is made from aluminium, it so lightweight, you won’t even notice it in your hands.

What’s more, it has a confident and durable feel, so you don’t have to worry about the wobbly feel. We recommend this if you want something with a longer reach and the fact that it comes in different colours is quite exciting.

  • It has a longer reach
  • Light-weight aluminium build
  • Easy to reach water flow control switch
  • Does not have different adjustable settings


  1. Orbit 56625 Aluminium Front Trigger Shower Wand

If you’re the kind of person that loves to have more control over your equipment and you appreciate a little effort, the Orbit 56625 is for you.

It is a long length watering wand that is perfect for short trees and bushes that you would otherwise not be able to reach. While it doesn’t come with a whole lot of features like the adjustable settings, it does have a gentle shower-like spray which is precisely what you need to water around the garden. The rate of flow is controlled by a trigger located around the grip.

For comfort and prolonged use, the watering wand is made from aluminium for maximum durability and has a foam grip to keep you comfortable while you use it.

For users that are shopping for a watering wand on a budget, we recommend this one. It has just the right balance between features, quality and price and will be around for quite some time. Even though you will have to sacrifice some features, the price is well worth it, and the wand can deliver magnificent results.

  • Long reach
  • Durable and lightweight aluminium build
  • Trigger controlled water flow
  • Features the old school trigger mechanism which can be tedious when used over long periods
  1. MELNOR 8-Pattern Watering Extension Wand

The Melnor 8-pattern watering wand is considered to be the best watering wand for many reasons. First, we were impressed by the modern and elegant looking design. A closer look also reveals features that you will love and allow you to do more than just watering with the wand.

It comes with 8 spray patterns and even goes head and shoulders above the competition to feature an adjustable head angle. The adjustable head angle makes it a lot easier for you to aim at those hard to reach places that are at awkward angle. No more lying and rolling over on the ground!

Another trendy feature is that the wand is extendable. While some others come in different lengths, this one is capable of extending up to 44 inches which is the longest we have reviewed so far. As if that is not enough, the wand also has a leak-free designed, so you don’t have to worry ending up wetter than your garden.

With all these features, you would expect this wand to cost you a fortune but, it doesn’t. In fact, it is more affordable than some of the other best watering wands which is why we think this is a total steal given the features and the build of the wand!

  • Leak free design
  • Adjustable head angle
  • Extendable reach up to 44 inches
  • Adjustable head moves too easily
  1. Orbit Hose-End 58674N 36-Inch 9-Pattern Turret Wand

The Orbit Hose-End has the highest number of adjustable settings and watering patterns so far with 9 and takes care of virtually every cleaning and watering challenge you might have it. It is perfect for watering high flower baskets and does a good job washing cars too.

Like the Melnor, it also has an adjustable head angle and a long handle which is perfect for reaching the bottom and the top of the car without kneeling and tippy toeing. With so many features, the price remains affordable which is one of the reasons why we thought to feature it as one of the best watering wands in the market. I also thought the fireman grip was a nice touch. Even though not a trend-setter, it is always nice to have something unique on your equipment. The product has a decent price and the durability although not the best will serve you for quite some time.

  • Multiple Spraying options
  • Long handle
  • Powerful
  • Good price
  • It’s not a perfect fit for all hoses
  1. Sleek Garden Ultra Reach 40 Inch Watering Wand

This is perhaps the most complete watering wand that offers every feature that has been offered by all the other options that we have reviewed.

To kick-start its wide array of features, this watering wand is designed for effortless watering making it perfect for the elderly and people who have arthritis. The simple to work with flow control, lightweight design and slip-resistance all guarantee easy to use for all types of users.

Another interesting addition is the leak-proof valve. If you’re tired of ending up drenched every time you use your wand, this is going to help you solve that. The high-quality valve coupled with non-corrosive aluminium metal guarantee complete dryness even from the most drip-prone areas.

The wand has a 1800 swivel head and an extendable handle. You can reach higher and lower without having to struggle to get around all the nooks and crannies.

All the features don’t mean much if the product is flimsy which makes the money back guarantee without any risks you get with every purchase the bow on this watering wand. Talk of putting your money where your mouth is. This watering wand does exactly that.

  • Leak free design
  • Extendable handle
  • Adjustable head
  • Money back guarantee
  • The adjustable head moves too easily
  1. Orbit Hose-End 58302N 18-Inch Turret Wand

The challenge with long handle watering wands is they can be a challenge when you don’t have ample storage space. So, what if you’re not looking for a long handle watering wand? What are your options?

The Orbit Hose-End 58302N is a capable choice. It measures only 18 inches in length which is just enough height without compromising the storage space.

Reduced length is not the only benefit that this watering wand offers. It comes with a strategically placed locking front trigger that is easily operated using one finger with an on/off positive flow control.

The Turret is a jack of all trades with up to 9 different patterns for different uses and a comfortable grip that guarantees longer and fatigue-free use. If you’re a stifler for colours, you will also have the option of choosing from an array of four colours.

There are plenty of reasons why this would be the best buy for the best person. It is easy to work with, easy to store, convenient and it is quite diverse. The shorter length gives it a sturdier and more durable feel. Unfortunately, you might have to fork out a little more to own this little beauty.

  • Durable zinc construction
  • Multiple watering patterns
  • Strategic trigger placement
  • The price is on the higher side
  1. Dramm 12804 Touch – N – Flow Rain Wand

The Dramm 12804 is best known for its unique touch and flow rain design and a well-balanced layout that you will have absolute fun using. The wand which is best used for watering gardens, shrubs and flower beds uses the original soft-touch 400 water breaker nozzle for the rain effect and wide coverage when watering.

The gentle flow allows for full flow quick watering, and the one-touch lever activated valve frees our fingers and allows you to use the wand for longer. The ergonomic insulated grip is a total joy to your hand allowing for hours of use without any discomfort.

The wand is available in two varieties; the 16 and 30-inch reach and also comes in six different colours that you can choose from. To top it all off, we think it is a great addition because the manufacturer is kind enough to throw in a lifetime guarantee just so you’re sure you are getting the real deal.

  • Strong and sturdy design
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Available in variable lengths
  • Orbit 56580 9 Pattern Turret Wand

Back to the ratcheting heads and switchable watering patterns, the Orbit 56580 has a 36-inch reach and is best used for watering the hanging flower baskets. The changeable watering patterns and the swivelling head make the wand a perfect fit for cleaning your car as well. With a little innovation, you can also use it to clean windows with the help of the ratcheting head.

Like most Orbit wands, this also features a front trigger design with a flow control lever, and the foam handle helps to improve grip and comfort while you get on with your business.

  • Sturdy and strong design
  • Multiple watering patterns
  • Swivelling head
  • The swivelling head is weak and moves easily
  1. Orbit SunMate Hose-End 56098

The orbit SunMate is built in the same spirit as the Dramma Touch – N – Flow but with a more affordable price tag. This wand features similar rain-like shower which is perfect for young and delicate plants and flowers.

With its 33-inch long reach, the wand is perfect for reaching hanging baskets and shrubs, and the shut-off lever always makes sure that you have total control of the flow of water at all times. Your hands also get to join in the fun with the help of comfortable foam grip not to mention the lightweight nature of the watering wand.

If you want a great wand specifically for delicate plants and flowers like roses but have to work on a tight budget, we recommend this. It is affordable and has a great build.

  • Strong and sturdy build
  • Comfortable foam grip
  • Long reach
  • Limited watering applications

How Does a Watering Wand Work?

Understanding how a watering wand works might not be on your list of priorities but, it is better to have the information at hand in case you need it in future.

The functioning of watering wands is quite simple. The wand attaches to the end of those near their handle. Once the hose has been properly attached, water flows through the various mechanisms of the wand to water breaker where it is sprayed out like a shower or depending on the pattern on the sprinkler head.

The wand also has a built-in shut-off valve near the handle. Depending on the features and the type of wand you choose, the functionality of the shut-off valve can vary. However, it is built to give you control to turn on/off the wand and also to control the strength of flow is some wands.

Best Watering Wand Buyer’s Guide

These 10 watering wands should be able to take care of just about all of your watering of cleaning needs. But, if you’re feeling a little adventurous and would like to venture out into the market on your own, here are some features that you should pay particular attention to.

  • Material – the first thing you want to look at is the material of the various parts of the wand. The more durable the material, the longer the wand will be able to serve you. Ideally, the best wands are made out of zinc and aluminium while the worst you can come across will probably be made out of plastic.
  • On/Off Mechanism – unless you fancy the back and forth from the main valve connecting to the wand, you will pay particular attention to the on/off mechanism. A trigger lever will get the job done, but most modern watering wands feature a thumb-operated switch which is much easier to use and more convenient. The thumb-operated button is more preferable because it saves you from having to hold down the lever while you water.
  • Reach – the length of the wand is at your full discretion. There are wands that are as long as 40 inches, and there are some that are as short as 16 inches. A general rule of thumb would be to go for a longer option just in case you need longer reach in future. You could also opt for wands with extendable lengths. They will offer you short and long reach on demand depending on the application at hand.
  • Watering strength – the last thing you want is to kill your plants with a strong gush of water so, watering strength becomes a factor. It has to be gentle enough and shouldn’t cause stress to the plants. Some watering wands allow you to manipulate the strength of flow which is a great feature that you should consider especially if the wand will be used for different applications like watering flowers and washing the car.
  • Spray pattern – Finally you can consider the spray pattern. In this case, you will be spoilt for choice. The best approach is to consider what you would like to use the wand for and pick a spray pattern that supports that. Alternatively, you can just go for the best watering wand with adjustable spray patterns.

Bottom line

There you have it. The best watering wands on the market! There’s no question that there are many options out there and picking the right one is a dizzying effect. So we went out of our way and picked out the best 10 watering wands based on budget, features, functionality and durability.

Being a garden tool, you shouldn’t forget that the wand will receive its fair share of abuse from being stepped on by the dog, being dragged around by kids and occasionally being dropped. With that in mind, you should know, even with the most durable options, you have your share of taking care of the equipment to do. You have to make sure the wand is used properly and stored properly if it is going to live long enough to see your flowers blossom.

Whether you are looking for a cheap model, an expensive feature-filled watering wand, the most budget-friendly or even the downright expensive model, we have covered each of them. We have carefully analysed the features and why you should or shouldn’t invest in the different models and more importantly, we have trimmed all that jargon to a language you can easily understand so you can make a more informed decision.

There’s no question that you will find our top 10 watering wands a lot of help, and even if you don’t, they are a great place for you to start as you carry on with your quest for the best watering wand to give your garden the life it desperately needs.