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Best Tool Box For The Money

In this age of Do It Yourself (DIY), having a good set of tools in your home has become very important. Why should you spend a lot of cash hiring professionals for the small repairs or upgrades around the house which you are capable of doing all by yourself? For example, you may need to change a fuse or install picture frames around your living room. Before, you would have required the services of an electrician to replace the fuse or a handyman to fix the picture frames.

However, nowadays the case is very different. With a good toolbox, you can perform all these small works all by yourself. All you need is the right set of tools and a connection to the internet (with sites like YouTube as your destination) where you can get guidelines on exactly what to do.

One of the best ways of organising your wide array of tools is by using a toolbox. A toolbox is a plastic or metal box that contains general tools that you need at home. For instance, the tools can be used for doing repairs in your car or house. Handymen, vehicle owners, DIYers and any man who is worth his salt, need to have a toolbox in his garage or workshop.

Toolboxes are among the items that you can hardly miss in any garage. They come in handy because they enable you to simply store your tools and retrieve them with ease whenever you need them. So, before buying a toolbox, you need to be sure of it is the right one for you. Below is a list of the best toolboxes currently in the market.

The Top 10

1. Stanley 028001L 28-Inch Structural Foam Toolbox

Made by Stanley a company with a reputation for excellence, this toolbox is perfect for carrying hand tools, power tools as well as medium to large tools. Its structural foam consists of flake mica and resin that adds to its structural durability. Also, the V-groove with ruler located on top of the lids has materials like pipes or lumber in place for easy cutting.

This black 28-inch box also features a patented water seal which makes it water-resistant. Despite being made for professionals who need to keep their tools organised, this toolbox can also be used by any person who likes to handle little projects around the house.

The toolbox also provides you with multiple options for storing your gear and tools. It has a portable tote tray designed to carry small parts and hand tools, and since the tote is only three-quarters of the length of the toolbox, the tote tray allows the storage of large tools inside the box.

Its bottom compartment can be used to hold large, bulky items like power tools, with more room to spare. For easy carrying, the toolbox has a tough, soft grip handle and an ergonomic hand lifting resources.

This box also features large metal rust-proof latches that provide convenient locking possibilities.

Key features

  • Water resistant
  • V-groove track
  • Portable tote tray
  • Ergonomic hand lifting
  • Soft grip handle

2. DEWALT DWST17814 TSTAK Deep Toolbox with Long Handle

The organisation and storage of your tools are going to be so much easier with this toolbox made by TSTAK. This toolbox features heavy duty handles, a handle with extended arm length, a 3.7 gal capacity and removable cups.

One of the great things about tool boxes made by TSTAK is that they can be connected. For the ultimate portable tool storage solution, you can stack and connect up to three tool boxes together. The top organiser features fixed dividers for the organisation of bits and drills, with a toolbox that is deep enough for the storage of the larger tools. For easy and comfortable lifting, the toolbox has a handle made of a combination of two materials.

The good thing about TSTAK family is that they make toolboxes that can be stacked on top of each other while being connected using durable side latches. This toolbox has an overall measurement of about 17 x 12 x 13 inches.

Key features

  • Extra volume for large tools
  • Top organiser
  • Heavy duty and rust-resistant metal latches
  • Bi-material handle
  • Durable side latches

3. Waterloo Portable Series Tool Box made with Lightweight Industrial-Strength Plastic

If you are looking for a plastic toolbox with the longevity and strength of a stainless steel toolbox, then this toolbox from Waterloo is the one. Weighing only 1 pound, this toolbox features a rugged high-impact polypropylene construction. In addition to the construction, the moulded-in colour of the box makes it ready for the harshest environments.

Unlike the traditional toolbox, this one will never rust or dent, and the material will not mar other surfaces, either. For convenient portability, the toolkit has a handle with a comfort grip so you can carry it without hurting your palm. For easy stacking and storing, the grip handle can be tucked away into the lid for that flush top surface.

The toolbox also features two portable trays which are an idea for totting hand tools or small parts. Each bin has its own moulded handle, and each of the bins can be carried separately or entirely removed to create a toolbox that is deep enough to hold larger power tools. Measuring 14 x 8 x 6.3 I terms of length, width and height respectively, this toolbox has been designed engineered and assembled in the USA.

Key features

  • Comfort grip handle
  • Flush top
  • Removable plastic tote tray
  • 1 Year warranty

4. Stack-On PR-19 19-Inch Pro Tool Box, Black/Red

This toolbox is designed in such a way that it best suits a professional. This is due to its increased wall thickness in the lid and body.

Made in an attractive colour red, the toolbox features galvanised steel hinge pins and riveted handle tie downs that are made of steel. Also, it also has steel draw bolts and a tray on top for holding smaller items as well as all the screwdrivers.

This is just the right toolbox for storing the necessary and basic tools that you may need, such as the hammer, screw drivers, measures, wenches and bolts. However, this toolbox is not super sturdy so don’t try to sling it in the back of the truck.

Key features

  • Galvanized steel hinge pins
  • Steel drawbolts
  • Steel riveted handle tie downs

5. Stack-On SHB-16 16-Inch Multi-Purpose Steel Tool Box, Black

To hold heavier loads, this toolbox has nickel-plated, steel draw bolts. For greater strength, the box features an all steel end cap, rugged construction. Also, even though the box is made using steel, you won’t have to worry about rust since it features a durable baked epoxy finish that can resist solvents and rust.

Since not all tools stored in the toolbox are frequently used, the box comes with a lift-out steel tray for storing those tools that are used often. With a limited one year warranty, the toolbox measures 16″W x 7″ D x 7-1/2″H.

Key features

  • Rugged all steel end cap construction
  • Durable baked epoxy finish
  • Lift-out steel tray
  • Steel handle
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

6. Stanley STST70574 12-Inch Soft Sided Tool Bag

This tool bag is ideal for carrying hand tools. It features an adjustable strap which allows easy access to its contents and three pockets on each side. The pockets are velcroed together to make it possible for you to keep more things. For secure storage of small parts, the bag has a hidden front pocket.

Heavy canvas is the material used to make the bag with the top of the bag featuring a metal frame where the zipper is located. The metal frame and the rubber foam bottom enable the bag to keep its shape. The bag is very well constructed with more room to spare which makes it possible for you to carry your drill, drill bits, screws, hammer as well as other tools.

While being big without being too big, the bag is also suitable for carrying your corded drill. The comfortable handles, solid construction and side pockets make this bag ideal for professionals on the move. However, you will have to be careful with the zipper as it is not as heavy duty as the rest of the bag. But all in all, the bag is ideal for carrying hand tools as well as small to medium tools.

Key features

  • Covered front pocket
  • Cotton padded
  • Adjustable strap
  • Multiple internal and external pockets
  • Rubber foam bottom
  • Outer mesh pockets
  • Limited lifetime warranty

7. SRA Cases EN-AC-FC-B086-BK Toolbox, Fishing Tackle/Bait Case with Fold out Trays, 14.1 x 11 x 8.5″, Black

One thing about SRA toolboxes is that they are constructed with some of the best materials. Designed to be a robust and ideal toolbox for small tools, this toolbox has a case that can be used as a bait box or fishing tackle.

The toolbox features a quick catch mechanism with padlock loops. It also has tray dividers which make the case ideal for the small tools like screws or for separating fishing tackle and bait. The trays dimensions are 12.4 by 3.5 by 1.5 inches. The toolbox is also lightweight since it is made with plastic so carrying it is even much more comfortable. The tray dividers make this toolbox ideal for small tools like screws. The improved protective corners make the case extra robust.

Key features

  • Fold-out trays
  • Quick catch mechanism with padlock loops
  • 2 Internal dividers
  • Steel drawer slides

8. Craftsman 3-Drawer Metal Portable Chest Toolbox Red

Featuring a comfortable top handle for effortless carrying, this toolbox will keep all your heavy wrenches separate from smaller tools and organised in the drawers.  Carrying the toolbox is also safe since the drawers lock in place when the lid is closed, so the chance of the drawers sliding open is very minimal.

It also has a cover hinge which keeps the lid open so that you can easily access any tool that you may need. When the lid is closed, the drawers lock automatically. For extra security, the toolbox has hasp and staple for padlocks and a heavy-duty draw bolt latches that keep the lid shut. The toolbox is built tough with the professional in mind.

Even though the toolbox can carry plenty of tools, it is not that big so you can take it with you wherever you go. The toolbox has a depth of about 8 inches, so it is not ideal for carrying lots of tools. However, its excellent design makes this toolbox one of the best.

Key features

  • Comfortable top handle
  • Cover hinge
  • Automatic lock
  • Heavy-duty draw bolt latches
  • 3 Drawers

9. Stanley Tools and Consumer Storage STST19502 Metal Box with 2 Drawers, 19″

One of the great features of this toolbox is its smart central lock mechanism that enables a one-hand operation. The makers of this toolbox truly made the box with a busy professional in mind. This is because, if you are a professional, there are times when you might be so engaged in your work and can only reach for a tool from the toolbox using one hand.

Also, it has two drawers that have an auto slide function that makes accessing the tools even much easier, making you even more efficient. It also has an extra -long handle that is specifically designed for ultimate mobility. This means that you can easily carry the toolbox even when its lid is open. How convenient is that?

Even though the drawer locking mechanism might be a little finicky, all in all, the box is ideal since it is bigger than the standard small toolboxes and still small enough to easily store in a closet.

Key features

  • Auto-slide function on the drawers
  • A smart central lock mechanism
  • Extra-long handle for the ultimate mobility
  • 2 Drawers with auto side function

10. Keter New Masterloader Plastic Portable Rolling Organizer Tool Box Storage Solution

This toolbox made of plastic is just like a moving shop for tools. It features a central locking mechanism to maintain security and stability while you are on the move. The interior is organised to maximise the space that is available. This organisation is what makes it look like a shop. For the easy compartmentalisation of your tools, the toolbox has a tool divider.

It features topmost bins that slide apart to reveal the main bin located underneath. You can store the tools that you use most frequently on the top portion of the box. You can store the tools that you rarely use and the heavy ones at the bottom part of the toolbox. For ease of use, the box features ball-bearing sliders that allow easy access to the tools without having to remove the top bins.

From the way the toolbox is made, it is clear that Keter values durability. The box features a polypropylene resin construction which makes it very durable. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about chemical spills as the toolbox is made with a material that is resistant to many chemical agents as well as resistance to the corrosive effects of acids and bases.

With easy cleaning that only requires a damp cloth for a quick wipe; the toolbox will always be clean. Overall, this toolbox was made in such a way that it functions effectively without compromising its appearance.

Key features

  • 2 Integrated organisers
  • Tool-chest for both small and large sized tools
  • Six compartmentalised and removable bins
  • Hand tool compartment with divider
  • Handle with soft grip
  • Rubber wheels
  • Central auto-locking system
  • Ball-bearing slides
  • Two removable drawers on the lid

How it works

Toolboxes are used to organise, carry and protect the tools of the owner. To arrange tools, most tool boxes have multiple pockets and bins for placing the tools. An internal divider is also another feature that a toolbox may have to organise tools.

For tools which are used frequently, toolboxes usually have specific bins or drawers which are used for placing the tools which are commonly used. This helps in saving time.

For security purposes, most toolboxes have padlocks while some may feature automatic locking system. In addition to providing security, the automatic locking system helps in the safe carrying of the toolbox. A well-organised toolbox helps the owner to retrieve his/her tools fast while keeping the tools in the best condition.

Features to consider

When you are looking for a toolbox, there are some features that you have to consider when you want to get one that is efficient. Below are some of these features.

Storage needs

Just like needs, the storage of tools varies from person to person. For instance, a professional carpenter is going to need a different toolbox from an average homeowner who only has small repair works and a mechanic who has a different need for tools.

Someone who needs to store some basic tools for those simple home repairs, like pliers, hammers and screwdrivers, is only going to need a small toolbox to meet his or needs. However, someone who owns a garage or repairs classic cars as a hobby is going to need a more extensive toolbox for housing his/her large collection of tools.


Tools can be heavy, and when there is a need to carry them around, the weight may require to be split up between many toolboxes just so that the transportation can be easy. Imagine your friend is stuck in some repair shop and being in need of a tool that is in your possession.

However, the tool is too heavy to lift. In this case, if your toolbox is not portable, you may have to endure its heavyweight just so you can give your friend the tool they need. So, portability of a toolbox is a critical factor to consider. For portability, toolboxes with wheels are the best.

Load capacity

The load capacity of a toolbox is determined by the material used to make it as well as the design of the toolbox. The kind of tools that are placed in a toolbox will determine the amount of weight that the toolbox can hold. Every toolbox has a specific storage limit.

Users are usually encouraged to check the storage limit of the toolbox to prevent any kind of accidents while moving with the toolbox or carrying it. High-end tool boxes can sustain the weight of up to 50kg, while small toolboxes usually have a load capacity of 5kg. Due to the high load capacity, high-end tool boxes typically have attached wheels for mobility.


For you to be efficient in your repair works, the tools have to be organised. A toolbox with a good organisation of the tools ensures that you get the tool you need when you need without wasting time looking for the tool you need. There is nothing as irritating as having to dig through a big box of gear just to find what you are looking for. The organisation not only makes work easier but also reduces the chances of the tools getting damaged.

Colour and coating

While the colour of the toolbox can be take in consideration when used domestically since most people would prefer to have toolboxes in their favourite colours, there are specific colour coating or codes that are highly necessary for industrial purposes according to safety and regulation standards.

Final thoughts

The process of selecting a toolbox can be as fun as the process of buying the tools. There are so many ways of storing tools depending on your needs, from a professional contractor to a DIYer at home, to a mechanic, the type of toolbox depends on the kind of tools that are going to be stored in it.

After reading this article, you are going to know what you need to know concerning toolboxes if it is your first time buying them. If it is not your first time, the information is still going to be of great use to you in case you want to purchase another toolbox. So, if you wish to go with a larger rolling toolbox or a smaller one, there is no excuse for you not keeping your tools secure, safe and ready for use.