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Best Toilet Seat

You have probably never had a conversation about toilets. It’s not something most of us think about, well, unless you are a plumber or you are in construction. But when nature calls, we answer without thinking much about it.

Trust me, one day you will need to replace your toilet seat, due to a variety of reasons. A toilet seat can break, your kids may need potty training, or you may just want to change the bathroom décor.

Now for the above reasons, you need to keep reading.

Finding the right toilet seat can greatly increase your bathroom experience. It will provide comfort, relaxation and a good fit for your posterior. Not only that, a great toilet will enhance the final look of your bathroom. Mixing the right colors can also provide a great calming effect for you and your guests, so don’t dismiss it. It is important to choose a great throne to sit on.

Let us help you with this decision by looking at a few toilet seat designs:

Mayfair 48SLOWA 000 / 848SLOWA 000 Slow-Close Molded Wood Toilet Seat

This is a standard white and round toilet seat, which is easy to clean. The hinges can also be removed and replaced ensuring it is always sparkling clean. It is made from a molded wood that is durable and has a high-gloss finishing which is resistant to scratching and chipping.

The technology used in making the Mayfair 48SLOWA00/848SLOWA000 ensures that you can close it slowly and quietly eliminating slamming that makes it very efficient.

It is US made, environmentally friendly and can fit all round bowls in the US and Canada.

  • It is easy to clean
  • It is very quiet while closing and opening the lid
  • It does not chip easily
  • Easy to install
  • May shift if not fully tightened down.

Bemis 500EC000 Molded Wood Round Toilet Seat 

This is white in color, and round shaped, with removable hinges that makes it very easy to clean. You only need a soft damp cloth with some mild detergent and don’t use abrasive cleaners or brushes.

It is made in the USA and will fit any round toilet designs.

It has a superior high-gloss finish that’s chipping and scratching resistant, making it highly durable.

The installation process is also very easy and you can do it at home, no need to get a handyman to do it for you.

  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy installation procedure
  • Is durable and long lasting
  • Very reasonable price
  • Not ideal for a heavy person.

KOHLER K-4636-0 Cachet

Many toilet seats will offer lots and lots of features that you don’t know you need till you see them. This particular design has many features which makes it a popular toilet seat.

It is very easy to install with a noise reduction design, ensuring you lower the lid slowly without any damage to the toilet bowl.

The Grip-Tight bumper makes the seat firm preventing any slips. This feature is a great advantage especially if you have small children that constantly struggle while climbing on the toilet.

It is an elongated design toilet seat which is comfortable and ergonomically fit for any posteriors of whichever size.

  • Ideal for any size
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect with little children
  • Easy to clean
  • Price is on the higher side..

Sanilo Round Toilet Seat

Now if you are looking for a rustic, molded wood toilet seat design, then this is the one for you.

It comes in many different colors with strong hinges that ensures comfort, durability, and stability. It is also easy to install and has a slow close technology without making any noise.

  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • A wide variety to choose from
  • Price is on the higher side

Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat with Cover

This design fits all toilet brands, such as American standard, Kohler, Crane, Coroner, Elger, etc. It also fits toilets that do not have a standard mounting.

You need to measure your toilet carefully and select the one you want. It comes in elongated or round shapes.

Quiet Close: It allows closing simply by tapping with your fingers ensuring noise is minimized and you don’t need to slam it hard. It is very ideal for adults with disabilities, old people, children, and people who have lower back pains because you do not need to bend far in order to close the toilet.

It also allows boys and men to ensure they lift the toilet lid since it’s so easy and close it after use making it house friendly.

Easy to clean: It has a button that allows you to lift it all the way up and clean areas where urine and other dirt’s may hide, and then put it back again. This ensures freshness and cleanliness of the bathroom.

Long lasting: It is made of 100% pure non-recycled polypropylene i.e. plastic. This is non – absorbent stain and chemical resistant that maintains its solid color without fading or chipping. It will last many years with proper cleaning.

Very comfortable: The Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet seat is warm and soft to touch on sensitive areas of the body, compared to acrylic based toilet seats or the painted wood. It has been tested on 400 pounds and evenly distributes the weight. It will flex but will not break, permanently deform or crack.

The screws are well concealed and one would be tempted to think there are no screws or bolts on the seat.

  • It’s made from solid long lasting materials
  • It can handle any weight
  • It’s Very comfortable to sit on
  • It closes quietly
  • The price may be high

Mayfair NextStep Adult Toilet Seat with Built-in Child Potty Training Seat

This is an excellent toilet seat especially if you have children. It comes with a built-in potty seat for the little ones that secures magnetically on the cover when not in use.

It is easy to clean as the hinges allow for removal in order to reach areas that are not commonly seen, hence eliminating dirt that would otherwise hide and urine.

It is made of durable molded wood with a high-gloss finish that does not easily chip or scratch, and it fits all manufacturers round bowls in the US.

  • It is 2-in-1 that allows for easy potty training
  • It is easy to clean
  • Durable and long lasting
  • If extra care is not taken, the wood may break

KOHLER K-4694-0 Ridgewood Molded-Wood

This is very beautiful, with color matched hinges that are made of plastic, it has a look and feel that is unmatched by other types of toilet seats.

It has an elongated design, that can fit one piece and two piece bowls.


  • It is very beautiful and enhances the color scheme of the bathroom.
  • It is very reasonably priced.


  • Cleaning can be challenging as it is stained by most detergents.

Bemis 1500EC346 – Elongated design Molded Wood Toilet seat

This is an elongated toilet seat design that is very easy to clean, change and keep fresh because the hinges are removable and replaceable. The bolts, however, remain on the toilet.

It is made from a durable molded – wood that has a high-gloss finish that is able resists scratching and chipping.

It is very simple to install, and comfortable on the posterior.

  • It is long lasting
  • Simple and quick to install
  • It is comfortable especially for the elderly
  • Comes only in white color.

Mayfair Molded Wood Toilet Seat 

This is white and round, with easily removable hinges allowing for better cleaning and hygiene.

It’s made from wood that is durable, longlasting, chip resistant and scratch resistant.

Fits all the round bowls from Canada and the US.

  • Easy to clean and install
  • It is long lasting
  • Can be used on many different bowls
  • It does not accommodate heavy weights and will break easily.

Kohler K-4775-0 Brevia

This beautiful toilet seat is made from plastic materials that are color matched with the hinges. It fits round front and also one piece and two piece toilets.

It is easy and quick to install, and the hinges allow for easy removal for cleaning.

  • Easy installation
  • Very clean as they allow removal of the hinges
  • Reasonably priced
  • Made from plastic material that is not durable.

Buyers guide: What to look for

If you want the best toilet seat that will not only suit your needs but also provide comfort for your posterior and enhance your bathroom’s décor, you need to take the following into account:

Ø  Soft close toilet seat: This has an anti-slam technology that ensures it is closed slowly and quietly at the touch of a finger, very ideal if you don’t like a lot of noise.

Ø  Easy to remove toilet seat: This makes it easy to attach and remove from the toilet seat. You can clean it often and easily.

Ø  Heated toilet seat: If you do not want to sit on a cold toilet, especially deep in the night when you are too sleepy, then you can invest in a heated toilet seat that will ensure you really enjoy your time in the bathroom.

Ø  Lighted toilet seat Ensures the toilet is lighted so as to provide guidance at night.

Questions you shall need to ask

  • Who is the intended user? Is your toilet seat for the kid’s room, the master bedroom or the guest bathroom? This is because different toilet seats come with different features. A guest or kids bathroom will need nightlights or air freshener, and the master bath will need a very comfortable toilet seat since you will use it the most.
  • Do you want a spa experience? A spa experience will include bidet functionality and cleansing seats that will add a high level of comfort and cleanliness.
  • Are you potty training now or in the future? Consider the people in your household and especially their ages. Are there children that need potty training? Do you plan on having children in the near future? There are toilet seats, uniquely designed for both children and adults, making potty training very easy on everyone.
  • How is the style in your bathroom? We mentioned earlier that the toilet seat should also enhance the bathroom décor, you may choose to mix and match, or make everything same color. This is your decision, but always bear in mind the rest of the bathroom design to come up with a clean looking, and beautiful all round bathroom.

Other points worth thinking about

  • Bad toilet seats: A bad toilet seat doesn’t cost much, and is made from uncomfortable and flimsy materials that only make you hate the whole bathroom experience. These types of toilets seats don’t last for a long time, and will mostly require you to replace them within a year if not sooner. They are ideal if you are planning on moving soon, and only need them for a short period of time.
  • Good toilet seats: A good toilet seat is made from wood or very hard plastic. This toilet has a high-quality hinge set that will provide very good support. These types of toilet seats, though expensive will always be long-lasting and easy to clean. The cost will mostly depend on the material that has been used to make, either plastic or wood.

Plastic seats are strong, stain resistant and easy to wipe, while wooden are heavier than plastic and allow you to paint them different colors.

  • Design: Now, toilet seats can come in 2 designs. A round toilet seat, which is the most popular one especially in traditional homes and an elongated toilet seat, which is a modern design.

It is also very important to measure your toilet for the toilet seat before purchase. The first step is to measure the hinge post distance that is located at the back of the lid. A standard hinge post hole is 5 and half inches. Then determine whether the bowl is elongated or round. This is easy. Simply measure the front center of your bowl up to the area between the hinges. A round toilet will be 16 and a half inches while an elongated one will be 18 and half inches.


In conclusion, there are many points to consider and look out for when buying a toilet seat. But I believe the most important point is cost. Choose what will accommodate your budget based on our suggestions above.

At the end of the day, we want comfort, style, and convenience at a reasonable cost.

I bet you are now more enlightened. You don’t just walk up to a hardware store and purchase whichever toilet seat you find. Take time to read this article so as to have a variety and make the right choice. Bear in mind that quality is cheaper. It may cost more but will last longer.