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Best Sleds for Toddlers

Being a kid is great, and no one can argue that. Children and especially toddlers have their whole lives ahead of them. They have so many activities to engage in and so many things to discover and experience. Among the fun activities that toddlers engage is sledding.

A classic recreational activity, sledding involves sliding down an icy or snowy hill on a low friction tube, plank, board or any other creative device that can be used for sliding.

Sliding down a hill covered in snow is both terrifying and exciting at the same time. However, it is also ridiculously fun. However, if your toddler wants to experience this enthralling activity, they are going to need a sled.

Also known as a sledge, a sled is a land vehicle that has a smooth underside or a separate body supported by two or more relatively narrow, smooth, longitudinal runners that move by sliding across a surface. Even though most sleds are used on ice or snow, at times, they can be used on any surface with low friction such as wet grass or sand.

Nowadays, there are countless sleds in the market made specifically for kids. These sleds differ in terms of price and style. So, since they are not similar in terms of price and style, how do you know the right sled for that kid in your life?

This is the question that you are probably asking yourself. The answer is simple, by reading this article! This article will not only inform you about what you need to know about sleds for toddlers, but it will also outline for you 10 of the best sleds that are currently in the market.

The Top 10

1. Lucky Bums Toddler Kids Youth Mini Pull Sled with Comfortable Pull Rope, Black

Due to its 100-pound weight capacity, this sled is recommended for children aged 6 and below. This sled is going to be an excellent addition to your child’s toy collection for the numerous trips down the baby slopes.

With measurements of 10 x 20 x 40 inches, this sled is going to be a good fit for 3-year-olds since it is going to introduce them to the joys of sledding in a controlled and safe manner. One feature that makes this sled stand out from the rest of the other sleds is the steering wheel. Children can use the steering wheel when curving turns since it is connected to a wide track ski paddle in the middle.

In addition, it has built-in handbrakes, which your little rider can use to slow down when the slopes are too steep. The brakes enable parents and caretakers to have a peace of mind knowing that their toddler is in control of the sled’s speed. Using the pull rope that is attached to this sled, you can use this sled to cart your winter gears when you and your kids are climbing up the hill. Furthermore, you can use the pull rope to tow your kid along before he/she gets more confidence to use the sled on his or her own.

When it comes to colors, this model comes in four different colors scheme options, so your kid gets the chance to pick their favorite color. The colors schemes options are; pink and black, blue and yellow, green and black and red and yellow. With its added features and neat design, this sled is the one for your kid under 6 years old.

Key features

  • Steering wheel
  • Integrated back and extended sides
  • Anti-slip panels in the foot
  • Durable cold resistant plastic
  • Maximum capacity of up to 40 lbs.
  • Extended pull rope
  • Recommended for kids aged 6 and below

2. The Paricon Toddler Boggan Sleds

Mae dos durable plastic, this sled is the one for you if you were looking for a sled that puts safety first. It has a fastened safety belt to keep your toddler in place, a high back for support and slides easily with a secure tow rope. The plastic used to make this sled is very durable while the seat offers your kid enough comfort for them to enjoy their ride in the snow.

With a weight of 3 pounds and measurements of 15.5 x 12 x 27 inches, this sled is ideal for toddlers aged between 18 months and 3 years. However, the weight should not exceed 40 pounds. Since this sled can start to sink in case there are more than 12 inches of powdery snow, it is recommended to be used only on a few inches of snow, ice landscapes or snow that is packed tightly.

Key features

  • Safety belt to keep your toddler in place
  • Tow Rope
  • High back for more support and comfort
  • High-quality plastic
  • Raised front for more safety
  • Recommended for toddlers aged between 18 months and 3 years

3. Lucky Bums Snow Kids Toboggan Sled, Ice Blue, 33

With this sled, you can say goodbye to your kids staying indoors and complaining of boredom through the cold winter days. Whether they have been sledding for years or kid or their first time, you kids are going to have lots of fun with this sled, just be ready to have them out all day. In case the slopes get too , and the speed picks up, your child can rip on the built-in handles.

The built-in grip handles plus the handy pull rope makes this classic toboggan easy for your child to tow it around easily. This sled is simple yet still delivers speed and snow fun, just what your kid wants.

Recommended for kids aged between 3 and 15 years, this sled has a pull rope that makes it easy to cart around your winter cargo or haul up a hill, just be careful not to exceed the weight limit of 220 pounds. Designed in such a way to make it durable and fast, you can be sure that with this sled, your kid will be the first to reach the bottom.

Key features

  • Hard, durable plastic
  • Built-in grip handles
  • Pull Rope
  • Recommended for kids aged between 3 and 15 years

4. Flexible Flyer Wooden Baby Sleigh

The cool design is what makes this sled stands out from the rest, Mae dos wood, this sled is the best when it comes to safety and quality. Handcrafted using ash wood, this sled features steam bent backrests and runners. In addition, it has pull rope and protective bar to prevent injuries from skis.

The fact that this sled is made in Canada says a lot about its quality. Besides, the fact that is handcrafted, you can be sure to get a sled with a great design. The steam bent backrest offers safety and comfort. Your child will not have to lean or lie on the snow sled like they might do on other baby sleds. Once your child sits the comfortable backrest, he/she would not want to get off. This sled is recommended for kids aged between one and four years old.

Key features

  • Pull Rope
  • Handcrafted from ash wood
  • A protective bar for skis
  • Steam bent backrest and runners
  • Recommended for children aged between 1 and 4 years old

5. Lucky Bums Snow Kids Toboggan with Brakes

If your kid loves to be pulled around the yard or sledding along the local hill, then this is the perfect sled for them. This sled features brakes which provide a way for your child to steer the sled as they speed down the hills as well as stop when they need to.

With this sled, you can forget about buying a new sled for your child every now and then. This is because this sled is made using durable plastic that is resistant to cold. The sled is indeed designed for many years of use. With for playful and vibrant colors for your child to choose from, he/she is definitely going to stand out from the rest of the kids on the sledding hill.

It features an integrated tow handle that makes transporting the sled easy and an ergonomic seat with taller back support as well as anti-slip panels in the footrest area, which keeps your kid as he/she rockets down the closest slope.

Key features

  • Brakes
  • Long-lasting design
  • Tall back support
  • Anti-slip panels in the footrest areas
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Built-in tow handle
  • Recommended for children aged 6 years and below

6. Flexible Flyer Pad for Baby Sleigh

Made by Paricon, a company that began making sleds back in 1861, this pad cushions your child and makes him/her warm.

You won’t have to worry about your little one’s comfort in the snow with this pad. The red polyester pad is foam filled to keep your little one warm in the cold. This pad features edges that are sewn with black piping and has ties so you can secure it to your baby sled.

Just because it is winter, it does not mean that your toddler has to stay indoors while his/ her older siblings enjoy themselves outside. So keep your little one entertained by getting this pad. The pad is recommended for kids aged between 18 months and four years.

Key features

  • Padded polyester liner
  • Foam filled
  • Edges sewn with black piping and ties
  • Recommended for kids aged between 18 months and 4 years

7. Eurosled ES625-00 St. Nick Baby Bunting Bag

If you are planning to be heading out with your toddler during winter, then you need to get this baby bunting bag made by St. Nick, this sled feature insulated toddler sled cushion with a backrest and snow fairing that is integrated into a cushion.

With the drawstrings, you do not have to worry about how to fasten the cushion system to the toddler sled/sleigh. This is the perfect option for the comfort of your baby. With this cushioning system, there is no doubt that your baby is going to fall in love with the outdoors.

Key features

  • Insulated toddler sleigh cushion
  • Custom fit
  • Drawstrings
  • Back-rest and snow-fairing integrated into cushion

8. TSL Sleds Kid’s Pull Sled

If you are trying to find a way to introduce your toddlers to the outdoors, then the TSL Sleds Kid’s Pull Sled is one of the best sleds you can find to help you with your toddler while outdoors.

From the design to the material, everything about this sled is meant to ensure the safety of your toddler as he/she enjoys the world. This sled is going to ensure that your little bundle of joy meets the outdoors in style and comfort. It features high backs and sides plus a safety harness that ensures your child stays safe. In addition, it also has a wide footing that guarantees easy pulling with less friction as well as stability.

Not only can this sled be used on snow, but it can also be used on grass. It is made elegantly with a design that is child-friendly. For extra stability, the sled has molded outriggers while the ergonomic handles provide a nice, firm grip. It also has a rope that comes in handy when it is being pulled uphill.

Key features

  • Sturdy construction
  • Ergonomic handles and molded outriggers
  • Sleek Child-friendly design
  • Wide footing
  • High back and sides

9. BenefitUSA Snow Kids Winter Toboggan Sled Downhill Sprinter Sledding Board Seat

For the safety of your child, this sled features built-in handles that your child can grip when sledding. The grips are so smooth that you don’t have to worry about the hands of your little one scraped or cut when they are uncovered. For the purpose of easy pulling, the sled features a tow rope that is attached to it.

Whether your child is new to sledding or they have been sledding for years, with this sled, your child is guaranteed to enjoy hours of nothing but fun. Plus, the sled is perfect for any type of hill. With the unique plastic design of the sled, your child is going to shred down the hill with ease.

In case you are too tired to carry the sled after riding down the hill, the rope will help you pull it through the snow. The sled is recommended for kids aged between 3 and 15 years.

Key features

  • Made of durable cold resistant plastic
  • Brakes
  • Lightweight design
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Tow rope
  • Recommended for children aged between 3 and 15 years

10. Pipeline SNO 33-in SnowPal Sled

Your child can say goodbye to staying indoors during winter with this sleek, colorful, inflatable snow tube that is well-crafted. With this sled, your child is going to be envied by everyone on the hill when they show up with this sled.

Just because the temperatures outside are usually not conducive to most outdoor activities, it does not mean that you or your child has to stay indoors from morning to morning. Children can still go outside and enjoy themselves by moving around using this durable tube

Recommended for children aged between one and three years, this sled is made using materials of high quality that make it possible for the sled to withstand harsh climate. The high back offers good support, so comfort is not going to be an issue with this sled. With the soft and smooth surface, good dimension as well as safety, this sled is definitely one of the best sleds currently in the market.

Key features

  • High back for extra support
  • Safety strap for extra security
  • Raised front for safety
  • Heavy duty pull rope
  • Recommended for children aged between 1 and 3 years

How it Works

Did you know that sleds became common in Europe in the middle ages? This was when people used them for hauling heavy loads across snow, grass, ice or any situation where wheels were of no use or where wheels could get bogged down in the terrain. Eventually, any sled, which was being pulled by people was called a sledge. Nowadays, the word sledge is used interchangeably with the word sled.

The best sleds have slick, hard bottoms that enable them to zip across the packed snow. When there is room for more than one rider, the sled can easily speed up. The warmth of the bodies, as well as the friction, usually melts the snow underneath them. The larger the surface of the sled, the slower it will go, unless the sled is offset by weight.

Sleds are usually made out of plastic or metal so as to reduce friction and increase speed during sledding.

Plastic sleds are usually lightweight so they can be dragged down the hill or carried up the hill by most children. So, in terms of ease of use, plastic sleds are better for children compared to the other types. Plastic sleds can work in all conditions, but they work best on wet, soft snow. Your kid can use them in practically all conditions. However, the icier the sledding hill, the harder it is to steer and control the sled.

On the other hand, for a wooden sled to work perfectly well, you only need to add a little wax on the runners, and the sled will be ready to fly. The only disadvantage is that wooden sleds basically sink into the soft snow and become unusable until the sledding hill has been conditioned and made compact by other sleders.

Features to consider

When searching for the best sleds for toddlers on the market, it is prudent to consider the following factors.

Age Recommendation

In order to ensure that the sled provides the best security for your child, it is important that you remember to check the age recommendations. There are sleds which are designed specifically for certain age groups while others may only feature specific age ranges. If you want the sled to still be around for a couple of years, make sure that it not only accommodates the current age of your child but also has some room to spare.

Weight limit

Besides the age recommendation, weight capacity is also another important feature to put into consideration. Most sled models have the maximum weight capacity, which dictates the amount of weight that the sled can safely hold. Since kids grow up very fast, when you are purchasing a sled, make sure that there is a difference of 20 pounds between the current weight of your child and the maximum weight that the sled is able to hold.

Type of sled

The type of sled determines its durability. There are various types of sleds including the wooden, the steel saucers, inflatable, and foam sleds. Among all these types, wooden sleds are the most durable. This is because they are constructed in a way that makes them durable.

If your toddler wants the thrill that comes with speed, then you should pick the steel sleds. Steel sleds feature slick bottom that makes sliding down the slopes very fast. With steel sleds, your toddler is going to be zooming through the snow.

On the other hand, plastic sleds enable your kids to steer the direction they are travelling. For children who value comfort, foam and inflatable sleds have the most cushioning for their ride.

Final Thoughts

From this review, it is clear that the type of sled you are going to pick depends on your specific needs. If you want a long-lasting sled, then the wooden sled is your best bet, and if you are looking for the sled that offers great functionality, then sleds made of plastic are your best choice. Previously, plastic sleds were known to break easily, but that has changed. With the technological advancement, plastic sleds can now last for longer than before.

Now that you have gone through top ten of the best sleds for kids, hopefully, you are now able to conclude on a sled that is going to be a blast for your kid to hop aboard and get to experience new snow heights.

Not only is sledding fun, but your child will also get the chance to beat the winter blues and get some fresh air as they sled down the exhilarating snow hills. Besides, going out with your child and teaching them how to sled on their own also means that you get to spend quality time with them as they enjoy the outdoor adventure.