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The Best Ring Light 2018

Are you a photographer or someone who admires the artistic approach towards photography and art? Have you ever wondered about the secret behind all those perfect magazines shoots? There is a simple yet a powerful lighting tool behind all those wonderful portraits, model shoots and beauty shots that you see. The show stopper lighting tool is called as “ring light”. Ring lighting that are commonly used for indoor portrait shoots or macro photography. However, the use is not limited to indoor photography, you are free to use ring lights as per your project and photography needs.

You must be wondering that what exactly a ring lighting is, in most simple terms it’s a light flash mounted in a ring. A light ring can be used by placing a camera inside it and then placing it opposite to the model to get smooth texture and lighting on model’s face and eyes. Ring Lights are so powerful on the grounds that they achieve with one light what might typically require a few lights to accomplish during a photography shoot. The corona of light pours over you. Making your face sparkle while reducing the presence of other barely recognizable differences and imperfections. Undesirable shadows on and around subject’s face has turned into a relic of times gone by.

Ring lights have now made a special place for themselves among different Facebook and YouTube influencers and it has also turned into the go-to light hotspot for making dynamic photographs on the Instagram Profiles of the most appreciated beauty gurus with major fan following. So, whether you are an enthusiastic wedding photographer, a YouTube vlogger or just looking for something handy to make your selfies stand while you publish them on social media profiles, a ring light is you ultimate solution. Traditionally, ring lights used to be made of heavy material, however recently the industry has finally started making lightweight ring lights that are more practical in use and carriage.

The more we’ll talk about ring lights the more you will fall into love with the amazing features it can offer to you. Gone are the days for dull and shadowy pictures, today is the age of perfect lighting. Let’s indulge into the awesomeness of ring lights and find out more about the best ring lights available in market. For your convenience we have jotted down a list of 10 best ring lights with their pros and cons. Let’s start! 

Top 10 Ring Lights

Neewer Camera Photo Video Lighting Kit

It’s a great camera lighting kit which comes with an 18 inch lighting ring with an option of dimming as per one’s convenience. Let’s discuss it pros and cons:


  • It has a Bluetooth receiver that works with all smartphones
  • A detachable, light weight light stand
  • Its LED lights doesn’t burn much energy and is less likely to break or overheat, especially during a transit
  • An easy to use light dimming option
  • You can make LED lights as bright as you want
  • The stand has a built-in camera mount, so you don’t have to invest in a separate tripod
  • The kit comes with white and orange light covers which can be used to create a natural sunlight effect
  • The kit comes with international plugs so that it can be used internationally
  • Very flexible to use, you can adjust the height of the stand, bend n twist etc.
  • It comes with a travel bag so that you can carry it around
  • It comes with a soft box, making it easy for you to start your shoot anywhere and anytime you want
  • The stand has a hot shoe adapter that connects with almost all DSLRs, coupled with smartphone holder which supports most of the smartphones.


  • Unfortunately the box doesn’t come with a user manual, which is a major drawback.
  • LED lights flicker sometimes


Neewer Ring Light 14-inch

Transform your regular photographs into spectacular ones by opting to Neewer Ring Light 14-inch ring light. Let’s talk about what its pros and cons:


  • The light has 14 inches which fits everywhere
  • A strong fluorescent is produced by the ring light
  • The cord attached with the light is long, making it easy for the user to move around the light without any hassle
  • The ring light has a durable arm which makes it easy to move and rotate.
  • It has durable thumb bolts which keeps the ring light and tripod intact.
  • The kit also includes a hot shoe that works perfectly with all the DSLRS
  • A smartphone holder is also included which supports almost all smartphones including iphone 6, 7, 7 plus, Samsung s7, etc.


  • Unfortunately, the kit doesn’t come with any instructional user manual which makes it difficult for the users to set up the kit
  • The tripod stand doesn’t lock properly and so the height cannot be adjusted.
  • The tripod has an upside down assembling issue

B-Land Cell Phone Holder with Selfie Ring Light

If you are a selfie-freak or a YouTube Makeup blogger then having a B-Land Cell Phone holder with selfie ring light will make your life go from dull to bright! Let’s see what it has on the table for you.


  • Rotates 360 degree, so that you can take pictures from every angle
  • Super flexible and adjustable height options
  • Comes with a universal smartphone holder that holds all phones
  • 3 color options, including white, warm yellow and candle tone
  • Stable clip holder which can be stapled at any table
  • 10 brightness level options to choose from



  • Comes with a usb charger, meaning you won’t be able to charge it without a usb charging port around
  • Phone holder is flimsy
  • Phone holder screws doesn’t stay tight and keeps loosening


QIAYA’s Ring Light for Camera

 Qiaya has been producing top-notch selfie ring lights. Let’s find out about the pros and cons of Qiaya’s ring light for camera.


  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Compact and light in weight
  • Can be recharged through any usb cable
  • Works with all major Apple and Samsung models
  • 3 – level brightness adjustment option
  • Works great in dim lights and dark rooms



  • Charging issue
  • The ring light sometimes leaves a halo effect on pictures
  • Doesn’t fit well on certain phones


Flashpoint Photo/Video 13″ AC Powered 600W 5500K Fluorescent Ring Light With Bag

 Are you a fashion photographer or simply looking to take great portraits with smooth lighting? If yes, then get familiar with the Flashpoint Photo/Video 13 inch ring light. Continue reading to know more about the pros and cons.


  • AC powered fluorescent ring light
  • Ring light eliminates any extra shadows
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Light dimming option
  • Comes with optional changeable clips 


  • Doesn’t come with a light stand
  • No hot shoe adapter
  • Light doesn’t adjust smoothly as it should


Bidafun Clip on Selfie Ring Light with 36 Led Bulbs

Take selfies like a pro, let’s find out what this product has to offer to its users.



  • Designed to work with all smartphones
  • The ring light is built with 36 LED bulbs
  • Easily clipped on smartphones
  • Portable and handy
  • Shockproof high-quality plastic panel
  • Battery operated, run by AAA batteries



  • Battery is not included in the pack
  • The brightness is not as bright as it claims
  • Doesn’t turn on easily for the first time


SRL l191 Selfie Ring Light For Camera


In the market full of selfie ring lights, let’s explore about the pros and cons of this product.


  • Super handy and fits in a pocket easily
  • Doesn’t block the front camera, like other ring lights
  • Works amazingly well in low-light
  • Easily clip onto any smartphone
  • The clips comes with a rubber coating to avoid scratches
  • 36 long-lasting LED bulbs with three-level brightness option
  • One flash setting, this setting allows it to work like a flash



  • The on/off button doesn’t work at times
  • Even with the “brightest” setting on, the light doesn’t work well
  • Casts shadows on face
  • Doesn’t fit well for smartphones with cases


Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light 


Looking to buy a reliable yet easy on budget selfie ring light? Then read on and step up you picture taking game, let’s see the pros and cons of this product.


  • Powerful LED lights with 36 LED bulbs
  • Easily rechargeable
  • Easily clips onto any smartphone
  • 3 Brightness levels
  • Light in weight and easy to carry anywhere you go


  • Wouldn’t stay charged for long, shows charging issues at times
  • Doesn’t give a smooth lighting effect on face
  • Casts odd light effect if positioned on different angles
  • Brightness is not as bright as it should be


Whellen l184 Selfie Ring Light with 36 LED Bulbs


Let’s take a ride and see what this product has to offer.


  • Compact device
  • Easy to store and carry
  • Clips on smartphones, tablets and even on laptop screens
  • Offers brightness through 36 LED bulbs
  • 3 Level Brightness – low, medium and high
  • Budget friendly
  • Works with AAA batteries


  • Batteries not included in the pack
  • No rubber coating underneath the ring light clip to avoid scratches on devices
  • One user experienced instant battery drainage issue – battery dries out in 5 minutes


18 inch LED Ring Light Kit, FOSITAN 18 inches


Professional photographer or not, having a right ring light can step up your photography game. Find out more with the pros and cons of this product.


  • Dominant LED ring light (18-inch) kit
  • Comes with 2M Stand
  • Provides great soft light for close-up photography
  • Comes with white and orange color filters
  • Hot Shoe Adaptor, meaning it will work with all ranges of DSLRS
  • Mobile Phone holder which works for almost all the smartphones
  • No infrared radiations
  • Ideal for photography in low-light areas
  • Easy to setup
  • Light’s brightness is easily adjustable


  • One consumer experienced continuous light flickering
  • No wireless remote included to control and operate the ring light


How do Ring Lights work?

The ring lights are utilized in videography and photography applications for macro photography, portraiture, and numerous other applications. Ring lights offer diffused lights around a subject while decreasing the effects of harsh shadows.

This multi-use tool is good to enhance the details of different shoots, from a portrait of the ladybug to a crisp music video. The uniform light comes straight from the camera for even light and eliminates shadows. A ring light works in the following manners:

  • Fill Light: The light comes straight from the camera and offers a wash of pointed light equally at your subject. Rings lights offer diffused and soft lighting.
  • Details: Ring light works well with plenty of hard lights. You can get a fill for details that are usually lost in shadows.
  • Halo Shadow: If you have only halo light, it will create a halo of outlining shadow of your subject.
  • Catch Light: These are used to see the schematic light in the eyes of the subject and the camera should be pretty close for this purpose. With a ring light, the catch light becomes softer and brighter.
  • Macro: Macro shoot through ring lights offer perfect light evenly from all sides of an object.
  • Color Effects: Use of gels on different sections of ring light can create color washes in almost all directions.

A LED ring light is constructed with white bulbs to copycat daylight in an indoor area and highlight the natural skin tone of the subject. These are available in different sizes with optional dimmable lights. Fortunately, these are compatible with all types of cameras.

Halo Shadow of Ring Light on Model

Macro photographers use ring lights to get the advantage of front-focused lighting. It works better than a light box by distributing light equally around small subjects and hide shadows. In this way, you can highlight maximum details.

Important features to consider about Ring Lights

There are hundreds of models available in market from simple selfie ring lights to advanced and professional studio ring lights. If you want to purchase reliable ring lights, it is essential to evaluate its different features to choose the best one.

Consider Type

You have to decide the type of ring light you require. Most of the lights have LED or fluorescent lamps and every type have its own positive and negative points. For instance, fluorescent lamps offer a slightly green shade and the LED lamps provide a slightly pink shade. Furthermore, the LED-based lamps provide more directional light while the fluorescent lamps discharge diffused light. In terms of durability, LED lights are better than fluorescent ones. If you want to capture photographs in multiple locations, you must choose LED ring lights.

Accessories and Design

Obviously, you should know the exact purpose of ring lights before checking its accessories and models. Check the outer diameter of ring lights. For instance, if you want to macro shooting, your light ring should have a smaller diameter. For portrait photography, you will need decent lighting. In this situation, you will pick the ring light with a specific camera mount and stand. In short, after clearing your purpose of using ring lights, you will be able to arrange all equipment without any hurdle. Professional photographers focus on ring lights and diffusers to click eye-catching photographs.

Light Parameters

Before selecting a ring light, you have to check the parameters of every ring light. Make sure to check particular settings for optimum functionality. You may need ring lights with dimmable features so that you can decrease the output of light and take photographs in limited light. Some ring lights come with settings to adjust temperature and color.


Check the portability of ring light to shoot on dissimilar locations. If you are doing indoor shoots, there is no need to worry about portability. This feature is essential for outdoor shoots. Try to choose a constant light instead of selecting a ring light that may flash with each click. Some ring lights offer necessary changes to get desired effects of strength.

Size and Power

Each buyer should consider the size and power of ring lights to make a difference. If you have to increase the visibility of catch light in the eyes of your subject, you should have a bigger ring light. For lots of close-ups, you will need a smaller ring light to have a similar effect. You can create fun colors by using color gels on ring lights. Warm white and fluorescent lighting are often preferred over bright white or warm yellow.

Cost of a Ring Light

Another important factor to consider before purchasing a ring light is the price. In the past, ring light was really expensive; therefore, small businesses often avoid its use. Nowadays, you can get a good ring light under $100. Obviously, if you need extra features, you have to spend extra money.

Weight of Light

Numerous photographers travel long distances to reach their decided locations for shooting schedules. In this situation, you should consider lighter ring lights because bulky setups will be difficult to carry. If you have to travel a lot, avoid spending money on heavy ring lights.

Aftercare Expenses

Whenever you buy a product, you have to consider its aftercare expenses and availability of maintenance parts. For ring lights, check the cost of its replaceable bulbs. Check the quality and durability of a product before spending money. There is no need to run after cheap lights because these will give inferior quality. Similarly, don’t go after expensive ring lights because all that glitter is not gold. It will be better to check the aftercare expenses, features, durability and adjustable options before finalizing your purchase decision.

Chromatic Aberration

A few ring lights make errors while using on axis, such as chromatic aberration seem in the photographs. In this situation, you have to spend numerous hours on your computer using Lightroom or Photoshop to rectify these errors. You can read the reviews of customers before purchasing a ring light or do some research before buying it.

Take Note of the Temperature

Lastly, don’t forget to observe and control the temperature of your ring light. Regardless of which ring light you buy, it is crucially important to manage the temperature in order to avoid overheating and burning of LED bulbs. Whether you choose to utilize shading gels to briefly make more fun hues with the light, you’ll still need to have a more characteristic default color to keep up with the surroundings and subject’s color tone. Fluorescent, white (warmer tone), or even plain white lighting is regularly favored for ring lights rather than warm yellow or super bright lights.

Advanced Features

Some advanced ring lights are designed with flexible arms. This option allows you to do numerous tricks with your professional skills. Advanced features offers you various options to increase your convenience and bring perfection to your photography.


Photographers may find it difficult to choose the right ring light. You must weight your wants and needs to compare them to available options. The market is flooded with ring lights of different sizes, weight, and prices. You can shortlist a few of them as per your needs before making a final choice.

Think about your purpose of purchasing ring lights. For example, a makeup artist will have different needs than a vlogger. The needs of videographers and photographers can be the same, but they still have their own requirements to satisfy their professional needs.

Without any doubt, you should explore all available opportunities and improve your photography and videography skills with the use of ring lights. If you want to make your purchase decision easy, consider the above-mentioned features. Your selected ring lights should be compatible with your camera equipment.

If you are going to purchase your first right light, you should choose an affordable model. A right model of ring light allows you to save your money and time. This will become an asset to your photography profession. So, pick the best ring light to please your photography needs in a right way!