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Best MP3 Player With Bluetooth

best mp3 player with bluetooth

One of the great things about music is that it makes us feel alive. Not only that, a good song helps in keeping the right part of our brain active. So don’t let anybody tell you that listening to music is in anyway unhealthy.

Most people use their smartphones to listen to music. However, using your smartphone to listen to music as you are running, working out or walking is not only cumbersome but will also force you to keep charging your phone now and then in a single day. This is not good for the condition of your phone’s battery. This is where the MP3 player comes in.

However, with the MP3 player, the risk of tanging up with the cord exists. But these are the former generation MP3 players. With the new generation MP3 players, there is no need for you to worry about tangling up with the cord because these new set of MP3 players have Bluetooth.

Below are some of the best MP3 players with Bluetooth that are currently on the market.

Best MP3 Player With Bluetooth: Our Top 10

1. BERENNIS MP3 Player with Bluetooth

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Once you find this MP23 player, your search is complete. Built to last for very long with up to 30 hours of music playing and 2.5 hours of full charge, this MP3 player has a fantastic quality that you will feel as you are getting it out of the box. It has a massive duty case as well other features like headphones (even though it has Bluetooth) and you can store 10,000 songs in this MP3 player.

It has a clear scratch film that you can use to protect the screen and the buttons of the MP3 player from scratches. Judging by the features and accessories of this MP3 player, it is evident that the company (Berennis) thought about everything. In addition to the perfect sounding of the music, this player has a keypad that is very easy to use when you are selecting the various songs to play. Also, in case you are working out at the gym or walking or engaging in any activity, you can quickly lock the screen and continue to listen to your music nonstop.

This MP3 player is highly portable making it ideal for someone who likes to have their music with them as they are on the move. Designed with functions such as a clock, music play, E-book, video play and photo browsing, to say the least, this is an excellent kid for persons of all ages, be it a child, man or woman.

Key Features
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Long time playback and largest storage
  • Built-in 16GB memory and 128GB external memory

2. Sony NW-A45/B Walkman

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If you don’t want to use your phone as your primary player, you need to get this MP3 player. Besides, your phone has a job already, why not get an excellent MP3 player like this one to play your music for you?

If you like to listen to your favourite tunes as you lounge in your house, this MP3 player is ideal for you. It is perfect for the quiet home environment with a good stereo system. Besides the stereo system, this MP3 player can also be paired with a higher or a nice mid-range set of earphones when used while you are commuting. It is also solidly built and can handle large SD cards.

Even though it does not have a wifi connection, you get to enjoy great music in your house as you are cooking or having dinner. The MP3 player may not have any apps such as Spotify, but it is a classic MP3 player that lets you enjoy your favourite music in the comfort of your home. Besides, it has an ambient sound mode that keeps you aware of your environment at all times. With this MP3 player, you can enjoy up to 45 hours of music playback.

Key Features
  • 16GB built-in memory
  • Ambient sound mode
  • S-master HX digital amplifier
  • Hi-Res Audio

3. SanDisk SDMX28-016G-G46K Clip Sports Plus MP3 Player

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This is another MP3 player with Bluetooth that is perfect for music lovers who like to keep enjoying their music as they are on the move. It is lightweight, easily fits in your pocket and does not cause any discomfort as you are running, walking, exercising or engaging in any activity that involves movement.

The Bluetooth feature lets you go wireless and exercise the way you want. Besides, in case of the rain starts as you are outside exercising, running or walking, you won’t have to worry about this MP3 player because it is water-resistant. In case the clothes you are wearing have no pocket, merely clip this MP3 player toy our gear or clothes, and you are good to go.

Its durable and water-resistant design makes it ideal for a muddy mountain bike ride beside a run in the rain. It has a 16 GB capacity meaning that it can store up to 4000 songs. Also with the in-built FM radio, you get to listen to other songs besides the ones you saved in it. Besides it is small enough making it easy for you to concentrate on your work-out once you clip it to your gear or clothes and enjoy up to 20 hours of music playback.

Key Features
  • Water-resistant
  • Clips to your clothes or gear
  • Built-in FM radio
  • 16GB capacity

4. KLANTOP MP3 Player

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This is another MP3 player that features the clip-on feature to keep your hands free as you are exercising or engaging in any activity that you would like to keep your hands free. For portability purposes, this device is also lightweight making it ideal for walking, jogging or running. Trust me; you will forget that you have it on you because it is so lightweight and small in size.

Also, you store thousands of your favourite songs in it and even ad more by using additional memory courtesy of the micro SDHC card slot feature. This device is both functional and stylish. For more variety in music, it has an inbuilt FM radio with a record feature that lets you record any music you like from the radio.

You can automatically play your music for up to 30 hours, and in case you are the type of person who likes to listen to music in bed, this device features an automatic switch-off which switches it off according to your set time. You will never again have to worry about falling asleep without turning off your device. You merely set the switch-off time, and enjoy your music.

Key Features
  • Lossless sound
  • Various music format support
  • Intelligent e-book reader
  • FM radio
  • Clips to your gear or clothes

5. MP3 Player 8GB Bluetooth KLANTOP Touch Button

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This MP3 player features both anti-scratch and anti-drop design, making it perfect for music enthusiasts who love the outdoors. Also, it has a 1.8 inch TFT glass screen that is proof tempered. You can jump, dance, run without worrying about the player getting damaged or scratched when it drops.

It has an inbuilt 8GB memory as well as a micro SD Card Slot that supports up to 128GB memory. This means that you can download thousands of songs that you like and even those that you have not yet heard. Once fully charged, this device can play music for up to 30 hours nonstop, and it has a high-resolution audio s you can listen to the best quality sounds of music, plus a lossless sound feature that acts as an equaliser.

This portable, mini player also has a Sync lyrics function that makes it easier for you to access the world of music, an FM radio for variety in music, a voice recorder, an e-book reader as well as a picture slideshow.

Key Features
  • Lightweight and durable
  • 16GB capacity
  • 30 hours music playback
  • Water-resistant

6. Wiwoo MP3 Player with Bluetooth 16GB

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This device is made using a metallic material with a crushing resistance so you won’t have to worry whenever you go out with it. In case it falls, it won’t break easily. It has FM radio meaning that in case you get to moisten to your favourite radio show as well as different songs whenever you feel like.

However, for the radio to work, you will most have earphones. Merely insert the earphones into the socket and then use them as antennas.

Just like the previous model, this one also has a lossless sound feature. This means that the quality of the music is excellent. The lossless function has an equaliser and a professional, intelligent digital noise reduction which minimises noise hence enabling you to enjoy your music fully.

The music can be played back for up to 30 hours, and it also has a tremendous internal memory of 16GB which means that it has plenty of space for all your favourite songs and books. For extra space, the micro SD TF Card can support up to 128GB. Besides the FM radio, it also has a voice recorder, video play and picture browsing.

Key Features
  • Lossless
  • 16GB internal memory
  • Abrasion-resistant metallic body
  • Digital noise reduction

7. AGPTEK A50S 16GB Clip MP3 Player with Bluetooth 4.0

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Even though this device is small in size, you are going to love it. It has lots of features the FM radio is one of them. Like the previous devices, this one also has an SD card slot for extra space.

It has a lyric display feature, intelligent e-book reader as well as a clock. With a charging time of only an hour and a half, you won’t have to worry about waiting for so long before you get to use it. Besides, once it is full of charge, you get to play your music for up to 30 hours while it is on moderate volume, and up to 6 hours while it is on Bluetooth mode.

Due to its small size and lightweight, it is ideal for music lovers who love sports too. It also features a clip for convenience.

The memory card has a capacity of up to 128GB. However, you will have to get it separately as the memory card is not included in the package. To avoid incompatibility, ensure that you use AGPTEK memory card.

Key Features
  • Multi-functional
  • FM radio
  • Wearable clip
  • Lossless stereo sound
  • Fast charge and long battery life

8. AGPTEK C3 8GB Bluetooth 4.0 MP3 Player

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One of the best things about this device is that the interface is extremely basic. Besides that, the lossless feature ensures that you get to listen to music with the best sound quality, It also has an FM radio for those moments when you won’t be spontaneous regarding the music you listen too, and even when you want to listen to your favourite radio presenters.

Not only is this device great for listening to music and radio programs, but it also performs some other functions voice recording and book reader. When put on AVR mode, it records sound automatically as long as the sound environment is higher than 50-60dB. Once the sound environment is lower than 50-60Db, the recording will automatically stop to save the memory.

Furthermore, it has the voice activation feature and a charging time of 2 to 2.5 hours. Its internal memory of 8GB lets you save up to 2000 songs. However, with the micro SD, you can store up to 4000 tracks in this MP3 player. You can listen to music using the earphones for up to 18.5 hours.

Key Features
  • Voice activation mode
  • Editable playlist
  • 8GB internal memory
  • Time screen saver

9. HIDIZS AP60 Bluetooth MP3 Player Digital Audio Player

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If you are looking for a device to play your music hassle-free, this is the one. It’s simple, expandable and effective media makes this MP3 player a favourite among music lovers. With it, changing the playlist is as easy as swapping the micro SD card. Also in case you want to update your SD card, you can do so without having to install it in the player. However, once you install the card again, you will have to let it rebuild the index.

Its functionality is also great as it lets you have access to all essential features via the menu. However, compared to the classic iPod, the software of this MP3 player is a bit clunky. But, it is still far easier to navigate compared to the iOS version.

For you to great a good sound quality, you have to make sure that the headphones or amplifiers you are using matches this device. Since the audio produced by this device is much better than your phone, once you get this device, you are surely going to stop relying on your phone for music.

Key Features
  • USB OTG media reading
  • Built-in low and high selection
  • TFT high definition display
  • All major hifi music formats
  • 10-12 hours of battery life

10. G.G.Martinsen MP3/MP4 Player

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The size of this device makes it the perfect gift for children. This is because your child is going to hold it perfectly since it’s going to fit his/her hands perfectly. It comes with an earplug which might not be such a high end, but what’s important is that it serves its purpose.

The other reason why this device is perfect for kids is that it has a little loop where you can attach a string so that your child can put it around his/her neck. Also, this is one of the devices which allows you to download music from Amazon.

It comes with some songs, but in case you or your child wants to listen to a variety of music, switch to the FM radio feature. Besides the FM radio, you can read the e-book and also record sounds using this device. However, due to the small size of the screen, it may not be conducive for you to read an e-book using the device. The best thing you can do with it is to listen to music and record sounds.

Key Features
  • 16 GB micro SD card
  • Multi-functional
  • Seven sound equaliser
  • 1 Year warranty

How Bluetooth MP3 players work

Technology can be pretty amazing. Take for instance iPods or mp3 players. Even though these gadgets are small, they can store thousands of songs, videos and pictures so you can take them with you wherever you go. For instance, a typical 20GB iPod can store up to 500 CDs. Can you imagine that? So how exactly does an MP3 work?

MP3 works by storing sounds in the form of numbers. Music in an MP3 is stored through sa process known as sampling. This process is carried out by an electronic circuit known as analogue to digital converter. This circuit is responsible for turning sounds into streams of numbers hence changing the music from an analogue format into a digital format which involves numbers. The numbers are then stored in sequence either on a CD or an MP3 file.

When you play the music, the process happens in reverse. Once you turn on the MP3 player, the music is converted from digital to analogue electrical signals which become sounds when they go through a loudspeaker.

An MP3 player with Bluetooth allows you to listen to music without using earphones as well as enjoy other benefits of Bluetooth such as music sharing.

Features to consider

When it comes to MP3 players, there are certain features that you must consider when buying your device. These features are as follows:


Your MP3 player should be small and not clunky. This is so that it fits into your pocket easily and also so that you avoid any discomfort while walking, exercising or running. Besides the size, the MP3 player should be lightweight too for the same reasons.

Battery life

Since you want to move with your MP3 player, it is crucial that our MP3 player has the best battery life. A Bluetooth MP3 players with good battery life will enable you to enjoy your music for a long time without having to worry about the battery charge running out. Besides, the last thing you want as you are enjoying your walk or exercise is to worry about where to charge your MP3 player once the charge runs out.

Sound quality

When your Bluetooth MP3 player has poor sound quality, even the best rack can sound bad. This can leave you stressed. To avoid such instances, ensure that the Bluetooth MP3 player you buy has the best sound quality. To enjoy best quality music, go for a Bluetooth MP3 player with high definition audio quality or high resolution.


For you to keep a huge collection of tracks, you need a Bluetooth MP3 player with a good space. There are Bluetooth MP3 players with enough built-in spaces, and in case you need more space, some feature expandable memory.


Nowadays, MP3 players with Bluetooth are top-rated. This is because they are smaller, flexible, durable and portable. So, if you are a lover of music, you need to consider getting an MP3 Player with Bluetooth.

It is not easy to find a reliable Bluetooth MP3 player that fits within a price range that is acceptable as well as in the right size. However, the above list is going to be of great help for you in finding the right MP3 player with Bluetooth that suits you.