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Best Massaging Lotion

We all love a good deep tissue massage from time to time, to reduce stress, pains on our backs and necks, to have better sleep or simply to be more productive at work. If you also suffer from constant headaches or you are an athlete who trains regularly, you need a good massage. This will relieve tension and relax your muscles.

Massage therapy is the process of manipulating the body’s tissues by applying pressure on it. This will include connective tissues, ligaments, muscles, joints, and tendons. This pressure helps to relax them and make them function in a much better way.

For partners, it can be a great way to reconnect after a long and stressful day. It brings two people closer and helps them relate on a more intimate level. Research shows that couples who massage each other develop deep trust and are more in love.

A massage has also been known to treat diseases such as myofascial pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, and some digestive disorders.

Why do you need to invest in a bottle of good massage oil?

The first step to giving a good massage is to choose the oil. You can always use baby oil and give a good massage, but an aromatherapy oil option will increase the benefits of a massage because they are distilled plant essences that are designed to work on your body and your brain in many different ways.

The main purpose of massage oil is to lubricate the skin and remove friction during the massage. It makes it easy to work on the skin surface, by providing a smooth glide. It also nourishes the skin. Some of these oils also have specific properties that can help with dry skin, eczema or premature aging.

The massage oil will also work as a lubricant that avoids irritating the skin during a massage. Some such as peppermint will reduce muscle spasms, pain, and inflammation. They can also increase blood circulation and enable one to relax and even sleep soundly.

With all of the above benefits, it is important to choose great massage oil. Don’t just go for baby oil or cheap lotions. There are oils specifically designed for massages. They help to set the mood and make the experience fun, easy and enjoyable.

So, what should you look out for? The following list shows some of the different types available and what you can choose from.

Our top 10 massage oils

Relax Therapeutic Massage Lotion

This is lavender and peppermint enriched natural oil cream that is ideal for a full body massage. It provides a silky smooth, long lasting glide that does not disappoint. It penetrates through sore muscles and brings about a stress-free and relaxed feeling.

You don’t need to be a professional masseuse in order to give a great massage because the Relax Therapeutic Massage lotion will do half the job for you. The peppermint and lavender oils set the mind at ease and keeps the mood relaxed.

It can be used for all kinds of massages, a back massage, a foot massage, a full body massage, etc. It is also ideal for a deep tissue massage as its smoothness helps to get deep into the muscles and apply pressure.

What is also great about it is that all ingredients are natural. Other than peppermint and lavender, it also includes jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, avocado and shea butter oils. All these don’t have adverse side effects and are completely safe on your body.

Another great point to consider is that it is not tested on animals and it’s made in the USA with a 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

  • It has a lovely sweet scent that intoxicates the entire room. You will not want to leave.
  • It is economical and long lasting as you only need to use a little and spread over a large area
  • It is not greasy
  • For someone who loves a strong scent, it may disappoint as its fragrance is very subtle

Born Vital’ Therapeutic Touch Massage Lotion

This is made with Olive oil, Sesame, Jojoba and Grapeseed oils that provides Vitamin E, Arnica oxidants for anti-inflammatory together with other antioxidants that give a calming effect which soothes soreness in muscles that’s caused by fibromyalgia, strains, general aches and pains and also arthritis.

It is one of the best products in the market that is quickly absorbed into the skin making it ideal for not only massages but also daily application to eradicate muscle soreness and provide relief.

Women are going to love this product because of its anti-aging properties. The Born Vital’ therapeutic touch massage lotion is infused with Squalane that calms an inflamed skin enabling the reduction of appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This will give you a youthful, clear and bright looking skin.

You can also use it as a full body lotion because it is quickly absorbed into the skin, and its clean with a superior glide and can be used for neck massage, back massage, Neuromuscular massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage or a shiatsu massage.

It is unscented, Paraben free, easily pumpable, cruelty-free, it has no nut oils, and it is water dispersible, making it easy to clean off.

  • It quickly absorbs into the skin so you may need to re-apply
  • It has anti-aging properties which is a plus for almost everyone
  • It is not greasy
  • The re-applying means you use much more than you intended

Olive Glow Massage Oil

As the name suggests, this is made with all natural ingredients such as olive oil, Apricot, Grape Seed oils and Aloe Vera. These ingredients repair dry skin while soothing sore muscles. They provide the perfect foundation for a full-body massage that is earth-friendly and softens dry skin whilst providing lasting and most natural moisture.

This oil will feel heavier and warmer on your skin compared to most other oils, but it has a superior glide with optimum absorption that relieves stress, soothes any sore muscles, and increases the blood circulation.

It is ideal when you need a relaxing back massage, a great neck massage and any massage modalities that require maximum control such as a deep tissue massage, a sports massage or a Swedish massage.

The olive glow massage oil is not only made of natural ingredients but it’s also paraben free, lightly scented with a clean and fresh fragrance, cruelty-free and its water dispersible making it easy to clean off.

  • Lightly scented hence Ideal for everyone
  • The olive oil is ideal for making the skin smooth
  • Aloe Vera is a great ingredient that helps in wounds healing and reduces inflammation on the skin, and can also heal skin infections such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis
  • It is very heavy on the skin compared to other products

Leg Energy 3 Bottles– Best Value Pack

This product is ideal for people who suffer from poor leg circulation or varicose veins. It also prevents swelling and tiredness in legs.

It is a high-potency massaging lotion that provides long-lasting results. It stimulates and effects treatment into the legs, after standing for long periods of time, by rejuvenating and revitalizing your legs. It helps to regain a sense of strength, energy, and lightness.

The leg energy massage lotion is made of very powerful ingredients such as Horse chestnut herbal extract, which according to the Mayo Clinic can be used to reduce varicose veins size and pain. It is actually compared to compression stockings. Other ingredients include Yarrow, Arnica, Gingko, Black pepper, Prickley Ash, and Comfrey.

The main benefit of the Leg Energy compared to the other massage oils is that it is an aromatherapy base lotion that contains 100% natural ingredients. You will find that other creams use a herbal extract combined with chemicals that contain many synthetic ingredients.

It is also Paraben free, Vegan and Sulfate free, plus it is Non-Comedogenic.

With this product, your legs will become firmer, stronger and smoother.

It can be combined with another product Invisi-Vein that together provides a winning combination for all leg circulation problems and varicose pains.

  • It provides a cure for varicose veins
  • It is made of natural ingredients
  • It is vegan
  • It is 3-in-one/li>
  • The cost may be a little high

Foster (10) Unscented Massage Cream

This professional ultra-luxurious massage cream is made by replacing water with Aloe Vera which provides the perfect storm of healing properties.

It is unscented and was made to be used on the most sensitive skin. Its ingredients comprise of Aloe Vera juice, Argan oil, added Arnica extract, Shea Butter and Green Tea extracts that are all natural and perfect for your skin.

It is non-tacky and can easily be washed out of linens.

Made in the USA, it comes in an easy to squeeze container and is not tested on any animals.

After every massage, it will have hydrated your skin, smoothed out your body and relaxed your muscles. We highly recommend this product.

  • It is not tested on animals
  • It is unscented making it ideal for almost anyone.
  • The Aloe Vera helps to repair skin problems such as skin inflammation and can be used as a cure for acne, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • It is a little thin in terms of texture.

Biotone Massage Cream – Dual purpose 14 Ounce Jar

It has been nicknamed the ‘best massage oil by professionals.’ This is because it combines the properties of a lotion and cream all in one. It is full body massage oil that is suitable for the hands face, and feet.

It is non-greasy and leaves the skin moisturized and soft. Also, it provides the best glide that is not too slippery and does not leave a client feeling too oily.

The main ingredient is Arnica extract that eases bruising and helps to stimulate circulation.

It is unscented, Cruelty-free and Paraben free, plus it doesn’t absorb too quickly into the skin as compared to other oils.

Other ingredients that make up the Biotone Dual Purpose Massage Cream include Octyl Palmitate which is coconut oil ester, Glycerin (vegetable derived), Almond Oil, Ivy Extract, Carbomer, TEA, Germal, etc.

  • It is a full body massage oil, hence can be used on any part of the body
  • It is unscented and does not irritate
  • It is non-greasy
  • You only need to use a little at a time as it does not absorb too quickly into the skin
  • Does not provide a long-term moisturizing solution.

Sweet Almond Oil.

Probably the most economical product in the market, it is an all-in-one solution for beauty. It can be used on your hair, eyes, body, face, nails, feet, etc. You probably won’t believe this but you can useit as a makeup remover, for dark circles and of course as massage oil.

Almond oil has extensive health benefits and aids in beauty.

It is rich in vitamin E and D, contains magnesium and calcium minerals, which promotes great skin and hair.

  • It is a full body massage oil, hence can be used on any part of the body
  • Deep cleansing: Its texture is very light, and penetrates easily deep into the skin. It softens and dislodges the debris and dirt that accumulates in hair follicles and skin pores. When used frequently will give a beautiful radiant skin.
  • Safe to use: The Almond oil can be used on sensitive skin because it does not cause allergic reactions. This makes it perfect for makeup removal even around the eyes
  • Removes dark circles and Tan: People with bags and dark circles around their eyes can use almond oil. Also, if your skin has been exposed to strong sun, leaving you with redness and pain, apply the almond oil on the infected area for relief.
  • It is a little sticky

Bon Vital Original Massage Oil

This oil gives a relaxing full body massage that soothes sore muscles, increases circulation in the entire body and relieves stress.

It is one of the most purchased full body massage oil in the market today because it 100% pure, It is cold pressed ensuring a high amount of minerals and vitamins, plus it has the highest grade.

It is enriched with avocado, Jojoba, Olive oil, Grapeseed oil, safflower oils, and soybean, together with vitamins A, C, E and B5 that leaves any dry skin remarkably touchable and smooth. It is Paraben-free and preservative free.

It is ideal for deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone and sports massages.

Bon Vital Massage oil can be added to any lubricants in order to create the perfect aromatherapy experience. They can also be added to diffusers to create pleasant smells.

It also contains high qualities of moisturizing agents and hence can be used as a daily moisturizer.

  • It does not stain and washes off easily
  • It is unscented which is perfect for most people
  • Glides easily
  • Makes the skin very smooth.
  • It dries up easily.

Bon Vital’ Rice Bran Oil

This is one of nature’s best-kept beauty secrets that has been used for centuries. It nourishes, relieves and smooths dry skin and can also be used to relieve stress during a neck massage, back massage or a full body massage.

It has a high amount of Vitamin E plus other antioxidants and it’s 100% pure. It is cruelty-free, Paraben free and contains nut oils.

It has a very nice grip and less slip that ensures lasting control. It is suitable for all massage requirements and techniques.

Some people have also reported that it can be used for cooking as well.

  • It is perfect for the skin as it makes it smooth
  • It is unscented hence ideal for almost everyone
  • Has a perfect grip.
  • It is a little thinner compared to other oils.

Unscented Jojoba Massage Lotion

This oil offers the very best in skin nutrition, and it’s unscented. It is smooth and offers no effort at all to apply. It has no petroleum, no parabens and no synthetic fragrances.

If you want value for your money, then this is the best product as it is packaged in a large container with a capacity of 1 gallon.

It is infused with Arnica, exotic herbs, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. We all know the benefits of Aloe Vera on the skin by now due to previous points.

It is ideal for a Swedish massage, sports massage or a deep tissue massage as it easily glides on the skin with a high absorption rate.

  • You only need a small amount as it spreads easily hence very economical
  • Comes in a large container and can be used for a long time
  • It is unscented and ideal for everyone.
  • Because it comes in a large container, keeping it for a long time will make it gritty.

What to look out for when buying massage oil

I.         Preference: Depending on the kind of massage you provide, you need to find the kind of oil that will best suit your preference. Most oils are specific, in terms of glide, absorption etc. It is therefore important to understand your needs and invest in oil that will best meet that need.

II.         Technique: Is your technique fast, slow, deep or just on the surface? These questions will determine the kind of massage oil you shall buy. Look for oil that easily glides and can absorb easily into the skin, so as to make your work much easier.

III.         Benefits: Some of these oils have very many benefits. We all need products that can accomplish more than one task. Apart from being used as massage oils, most of these double up as lotions, which can be a great money saver for anyone.

IV.         Cost: Be cost conscious, ensure that you invest in a product that is valuable to you, but also you can use for a long time. If you are a masseuse, you will need a product that can be used on many clients and not each client his own.

V.         Ingredients: Most people nowadays want natural products, because they are less likely to irritate the skin. It is always advisable to find products that are natural as they are not only hypoallergenic but they also provide many other benefits such as the almond oil massage oil.


VI.         Safe for animals: Products that are tested using animals tend to discourage people from use. If you are a massage therapist, choose products that are less likely to annoy your clients. People, who are vegans, tend to shy away from such products.

VII.         Skin therapy: Don’t only choose oil that will slide easily and allow you to quickly massage your clients, but also products that will add more benefits to the skin, such as healing of broken skin, smoothing of the skin and healing properties for common skin ailments.


There are many other massage oils in the market, and this is just a small list. Your choice will vary depending on your requirements. Some are scented which would not be ideal for most people, so always choose the unscented oils, unless a client specifically requests for scented ones.

Make your massaging experience also more interesting by adding some soothing music, scented candles, and cool colored paintings to ensure maximum relaxation.

Identify which product works for you and invest in that for maximum benefits.

Know your clients by asking them which they prefer.