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Best Magnifying Glass – Buyers Guide

It won’t be smooth.

Your search for the best magnifying glass.

You’ll scour the markets and visit websites like Amazon. You’ll consult friends and relatives for recommendations. Surfing Google will become your most favorite hobby.

Only then, will you come across this article.

Be it for demanding jobs such as inspecting crystals and gemstones – or for a brief glance at the minerals in the field, this blog will nudge you towards the best magnifying glass for every task. And that too while keeping the price factor in check.

Product Reviews

Magnifier 3 LED Light

Since it is a combo of a reading magnifier and a jewelry loupe, extreme precision is a given with this magnifier. And despite its useful features mentioned below, its price tag means the majority of potential customers can afford it.

Making it easy to use is the power handle which the manufacturer of this magnifier has included on its handle. For jewelers, a mere press of this button/switch could take the magnifying power of this instrument all the way up to 20x. Readers, meanwhile, might have little use of this button as the magnifier will come preset on a level which is optimal for most readers.

What’s more, if you are going to use it for low-light applications, this magnifier comes with 3 LED lights. Placed just below the lens, these LED Lights will always pinpoint the area under the glass’s focus, hence not letting even the tiniest of details to escape.

Enlarging your field of viewing while providing an ergonomic grip at the same time is the 11cm handle. Such length means that if your work involves tools, you can use this magnifying glass for observation from a safe distance.

User Critique

The only fault which most customers find in this magnifier is the exclusion of three AAA batteries from the package.

  • Ergonomic, Lightweight
  • Has three LED Lights
  • Easy to use Power Switch
  • Can Magnify Images all the way up to 20x
  • Three AAA batteries aren’t included in the package.

Kadaon 10X Antique Mahogany Handle Magnifier

If you were worried that the exterior of the abovementioned magnifier was a bit too dull, this red-and- golden colored magnifier might suit you just right, despite costing half as much as its predecessor.

Turning our attention to more practical features, and the one area where the Kadaon 10x lacks is probably its magnifying power. For, while the Magnifier 3 has a 20x magnifying power, this one stops at just 10x. It means that you may not be able to use it as a jewelry loupe.

Though it has no LED lights, this magnifier makes up for this ‘shortcoming’ via its sunlight concentrating ability. Use it under the sun, and the magnifier will concentrate the rays of the sun to create a bright hotspot at its focal point, hence revealing more details.

Making up for the lack of LED Lights is the portability for which the Kadaon 10x deserves our praise. Its increased portability comes from the handle which can be detached so that you can comfortably secure the glass in one pocket and the handle in the other. Nobody will notice their presence!

User Critique

It doesn’t matter how some people may sugar-coat it, the lack of LED Lights means that this magnifier is ill-suited for any low-light applications.

  • Inexpensive
  • Focuses sun rays to start fire
  • Portable
  • Has a Trendy outlook
  • Doesn’t have LED lights.

Professional Magnifying Glass

Coming in an elegant all-black design, the Professional Magnifying Glass is one of the best sellers on the Amazon platform. It doesn’t have the highest magnifying power to justify this status, mind you, but it does have a plethora of other features to pack a punch.

Take, for example, its ergonomic handle. While most magnifiers come up with detachable handles for easy portability, this one’s is molded to ensure an easy grip. It means you can pour over tiny details for hours without your hand getting fatigued.

To ensure the usability of this magnifier for a large number of purposes, it comes with dual magnification. If you just want to read books, you can set its magnification at 3x, whereas those interested in the tiniest of details can set it 15x to enlarge the area under their focus.

Lastly, giving us a hint of why it is so famous, the Professional Magnifying Glass weighs only 0.32ounces, meaning it wouldn’t impose any burden on your hand even after hours of usage.

User Critique

As veteran users might have guessed from its weight, this magnifier is anything but large. Keep this fact in mind if you decide to go for it.

  • Dual Magnification Power
  • Has LED Lights for Low-Light Applications
  • Molded Handle is easy to grip
  • Some users found it too small for their usage

MagniPros Jumbo Size Magnifying

Does your work involve a lot of tools? Fear that you might slip the magnifier from your hand midway through it? If your answer to both these questions is in the affirmative, you need this scratch resistant design from MagniPros.

What’s more, and this is important, this magnifier is shatterproof as well. Thanks to the acrylic lens used in it, absorbing small magnitude shocks is a cinch for this lens. Another advantage which the acrylic lens provided is large field area – thereby reducing the movement of your hand to save it from fatigue.

Complementing the quest of the acrylic lens to provide you with a large viewing area is the handle of this magnifier. Having a considerable length of 4.75’’ means that this handle allows you to pour over even the tiniest of details from a distance.

Lastly, unlike the majority of magnifying glasses whose design restricts their users to hold them in one particular orientation – either vertical or horizontal – you can hold the MagniPros Jumbo size in both. Therefore, it depends on your personal preference and NOT on its design as to how you’ll hold this handle.

User Critique

It may be resistant to shocks and scratches, but there is one area where this magnifier lacks: magnifying power. Having only 3x power means it is ill-suitable for anything other than reading books/newspapers.

  • Huge size, gives you a wide viewing area
  • Shatterproof thanks to acrylic lens
  • Scratch resistant
  • Considerable handle length
  • 3x Magnifying Power means you may not use it for anything but reading

SE MH1047L Illuminated Multi-Power LED Head Magnifier

Though most people look at the magnifying power of its lens to gauge the performance of any magnifier, the element number (or the number of the lens) which a particular magnifier may have is also important. The greater this number any magnifier may provide, the better resolution and clearer picture quality will be guaranteed.

It is on this count that the SE MH1047L delivers. With three plastic lenses on offer – with two of them being stereo and hence focusing on in-depth precision, you won’t miss even the tiniest of details while using this magnifier.

What’s more, in contrast to other magnifiers most of which provide only two magnification combinations, this one provides four – yes, FOUR – of them. While the first two (1.9x and 3.8x) makes it useful for readers, the next two (6.4x and 8.3x) make the SE MH1047L a darling of jewelry and watchmakers.

Finally, to provide light and magnification at the same time, LED lights have been structured just over the lens. And if you feel that the lights aren’t focusing the area you want them to focus on, you can tilt and swivel the lights to adjust them according to your requirements.

User critique

When a product is so versatile in its performance, you can bet that its manufacturer isn’t going to offer it for cheap. The same is true for this magnifier as it is one of the most expensive magnifiers currently available in the market.

  • Removable LED light can be tilted and swiveled
  • Of the 3 Plastic lenses, 2 are stereo for in-depth precision
  • Extra 4.5x loupe for inspecting finely detailed work
  • Easy to adjust around your head
  • Expensive

Wallfire Magnifying Glass

At first glance, one may mistake it as a small-sized lamp which has its LED light missing. That is how wide the lens of this magnifying glass is. Though the magnifying power isn’t that huge – it is only 3x – the wide lens makes the Wallfire magnifying glass suitable for full-page readings.

Since it is designed as a reading glass, the color of LED lights used was crucial to the success of this magnifier. Luckily, Wallfire decided to forego the uninspiring yellow lights in favor of the more favorable white ones, hence saving your eyes from the stress which the former might have posed.

Thirdly, if you have a habit of reading on your study table, you won’t have to hold this magnifier in your hand. Instead, its design is such that you can safely place it on the table and concentrate on your reading. Trust me, the legs of the Wallfire won’t let it sway to either side.

Concluding its review, it surprised me (in a good way) to note that the Wallfire had a 360* magnifying screen. That is, whether you are lying on your back or standing at your feet, the screen will always have an angle to complement your reading.

User Critique

Weighing at 10.6ounces, the Wallfire is very heavy for a magnifier. Add to it its magnifying power of 3.5x, and this magnifier has its fair share of shortcomings if you intend to use it for anything but reading purposes.

  • Two white LED lights allow strain-free reading
  • 360* Magnifying Screen
  • Free-standing
  • Not recommended for anything besides reading

BearMoo 5.5 Inch Extra Large Magnifying Glass

For those of you who want their magnifier to give a broad view field and less distortion at the same time, the BearMoo – with its 5.5’’ lens, might be a godsend. And if you are wondering, this extra-large lens does NOT mean that this magnifier is heavy.

Zoom out, and you’d see two particular elements of interest about the BearMoo, the first of which is its shatter-resistant acrylic lens. While regular glass lenses shatter upon being hit by a projectile, the acrylic lens will absorb the impact and move on without creating a fuss.

Second, it’s the ABS-frame which brilliantly complements the shatter-proof ability of the lens. Just like the lens, the ABS-frame is resistant to physical impacts and corrosive chemicals, hence making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

As for the magnification power of the BearMoo, it offers two of them: 2x and 5x. The magnification power is supported by three LED lights located at the tip of the handle. These LED lights, in turn, are powered by 4AAA batteries which impart huge power to them.

User Critique

For LED lights which are powered by 4AAA batteries, they could have done better had they swiveled or turned for increased focus.

  • Lightweight
  • Lens is scratch resistant
  • Frame is shatterproof
  • Comes with three LED lights
  • The focus of the LED lights is a bit wayward

Magnifier Magnifying Glass LED Lighted Illuminated

For a magnifier which comes in a rectangular shape, it was a test of its manufacturer’s abilities as to how they could keep it easy to use. Thankfully, as the position of the 4 LED Lights (one on each side) may testify using this magnifier is a cinch.

Though there are many ways you could use this magnifier, the best one in our opinion is when you are lying in your bed with a book in your lap. All you have to do to read comfortably is to put the magnifier on the book, steady its four legs, and get on with your reading. It won’t tilt to either side.

That said, if you don’t like this method, the magnifier comes with a rope using which you can hang it around your neck. And since it weighs a paltry 7 ounces, your hands won’t feel overburdened even after holding it for hours.

User Critique

Surprisingly, the biggest strength of this magnifier – the four LED lights – is also its biggest weakness for some. When all four are turned on at the same time, they create a line which distracts you from the area where you want to focus on.

  • Has Four LED Lights
  • Gives a broad view field
  • Can hang it around the neck
  • Turning all LED lights simultaneously might create a bit of distraction

Jumbo Rectangular Handheld Magnifying Glass

A brave decision on the part of its manufacturer, this magnifying glass has been provided with a glass lens, as it is anything but shatterproof.

That said, there is one advantage which glass lens provide when compared to their acrylic counterpart: clarity. Therefore, while it may not be as durable, the clarity of the glass lens used in this magnifier rivals that of acrylic lenses.

The glass weighs only 2 ounces which seems great at first until you look at its viewing field. For, its viewing field is a lot less than the 5’ which most rectangular magnifiers provide. Therefore, if you want to use it for anything but reading a page, this glass will require constant re-adjusting, a feature which your hand may not like.

On the positive side, like most other rectangular glasses, you can use the Jumbo both horizontally and vertically, with equal picture clarity in both.

User Critique

Where to start? The lens is not shatterproof – hence there is no guarantee of its durability, whereas the view field of the lens isn’t as large as some customers might have hoped for.

  • Optical Lens provide greater clarity
  • Weighs a paltry 2 ounces
  • Can be used both vertically and horizontally
  • View field of the lens isn’t that big
  • Lens not scratch resistant or shatterproof

Marrywindix 5X 20X Handheld Magnifier

Despite the fact that it is relatively new in the market, the Marrywindix has displayed great potential so far. Take, for example, its dual magnification power. While casual readers may find the 5x power a dream come true, jewelers can nitpick even the tiniest of details with the 20x magnifying power.

And to make sure you can observe what is going on from a distance, the handle of this magnifier has a pretty decent length of 11cm. And to make the most of this longer-than-usual length, a power switch is located on the handle which makes operating the 3 LED lights a cinch.

The additional perk which will come alongside this magnifier is that each of the two lenses has their separate LED lights. That is, if you are using the larger 5x lens, 2 LED lights will help in providing a clear view of the large objects.

On the flip side, if you intend to use it as a jewelry loupe, there is that 1 LED light for the 20x lens to ensure that you get a good glance of even the tiniest details.

User Critique

This magnifier weighs just over 10ounces, which means it is not the lightest magnification glass out there.

  • 5x and 20x magnification powers
  • Three LED Lights
  • Ergonomic and long handle
  • Heavy

Best Magnifying Glass – Buyer’s Guide

Ideally speaking, the best magnifying glass is powerful, lightweight, and easy to use and has impeccable optics. In the real world, however, things are a bit different. Therefore, rather than focusing on generalities, this buyer’s guide will pinpoint features which your ideal magnifying glass needs to have.

Features that are Important

  • The ‘X’ Factor

Put simply, the X factor of a magnifying glass denotes how much it will magnify the image. For instance, if your magnifying glass makes an image look 3 or 4 times bigger, it is 3x or 4x.

If you are a geologist, you might like to have 5x or 10x reading. That said, such magnifiers have lenses that are extremely small making them difficult to use in the field. For casual readers, a 2x reading is enough. Jewelers, since they require high precision, might want anywhere between 20x to 40x.

Working Distance

This distance between the object viewed and the magnifying glass is called working distance. Knowing this distance is important as it would have a serious impact on the type of magnifier which would be ideal for the job.

For instance, long distance magnifiers might suit you if your work involves use of tools. Conversely, if your work requires you to focus more intensely, go for a small working distance magnifying glass.

Field of View

The area you are going to see through the magnifier is its field of view. It is inversely proportional to the ‘X’ Factor. In other words, greater the ‘X’ Factor of your magnifier, smaller will be its field of view.

Therefore, if your work involves looking at larger areas at once, select a magnifier which has a smaller ‘X’ Factor as it will increase the field of view.

Element Number

Choosing a high ‘X’ Factor when your work involves greater precision might not be enough. Instead, the number of elements – or the number of lenses, to put it simply – will be equally crucial.

With the increase in ‘X’ Factor, a magnifier might give a blurred image without an increase in the number of lenses. Therefore, if you want improved resolution and high precision at the same time, select a magnifier which has a two or more elements. Otherwise, chromatic aberrations might become the norm.

Coating and Eye Relief

Does your work require you to operate in low-light applications? If yes, then go for a magnifier whose lens has a special, anti-reflection coating, as it will decrease the light loss and make the magnifier useful for low-light usage.

As for the eye relief, it denotes the maximum distance between your eye and the magnifier at which the full field of view is still possible. If you don’t want to put too much strain on your eyes while focusing through the magnifier, you may want a magnifier which offers a high eye relief.

How does it work?

At the cost of sounding too technical, a magnifying glass resembles a convex lens – which is a lens that is bent at the outside, similar to the underside of a plate. Magnification glasses use this lens because it makes the rays of light to come together, thereby forming a picture at their point of intersection.

When light rays strike a magnifying glass, they converge (or come together) upon being refracted. As they come together, the retina of your eye sees a virtual image. As a result, the distance between the virtual image and your eye decreases, making the image to appear larger than usual, thereby allowing the eyes to see the image with little effort.

That’s All Folks!

Given the sheer number of magnifiers available in the market, selecting the top ten among them wasn’t an easy task. Now that we have done it, selecting the best magnifying glass out of the top ten that you have seen above looks like a cinch.

Therefore, if you ask us about our recommendation, the Magnifier 3 LED Light is our choice. It is equally suitable whether you intend to use it for reading or as a jewelry loupe due to its 20x magnification power. People working in low light areas can take advantage of the 3 LED lights that it provides, without paying over the odds.

Now that we have told you our secret, we intend to listen to yours. Which magnifying glass you think is the best from the abovementioned list? Is it the one we mentioned or do you think we underrated the others? Please feel free to give us your suggestions in the comments box.