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Best Leaf Vacuum

Having a tree on your front lawn or your backyard provides some great shade under where you can escape the hot summer sun. But, that also means you have to contend with the shedding which can be messy and tedious to clean. This is where a leaf vacuum comes in handy. As fast as the tree sheds, with a leaf vacuum, you can just as quickly clean up the mess.

Even though most people believe a leaf vacuum is only good during the leafy months, the truth is that it has much more to offer. If you can pick the right leaf vacuum, you should be able to use it all year round. During summer, they can make easy work of the sand that is blown on to your deck, and they can also take care of light snow over winter. That should give you more than enough reasons to be hell-bent on getting the perfect leaf vacuum.

Now that we know that you need a leaf vacuum and we have established that you are looking for more than just being able to get rid of the leaves and grass cutting, let’s get into the thick of things and started tearing into the reviews to see if we can find something interesting for you. But first…

How does a leaf Vacuum work?

It is always nice to get into the inside of a gadget you are about to buy and understand how it works. It won’t help you make better use of it, but we always have the hope that you will at least appreciate the engineering that goes into it. Furthermore, it could come in handy when troubleshooting for common problems.

For a leaf vacuum to work, it needs to have a power source which produces airflow which creates a suction force courtesy of a powerful motor. The suction is then channelled through an intake chute and along with it goes all the leaves and twigs straight into a collection bag. Unlike leaf blowers, you don’t have to worry about a gust of wind undoing your entire afternoon’s work. They are efficient and more practical than leaf blowers.

Just like your household vacuum, you want to be sure that the dirt you collect won’t end up causing problems for your system. In the same way, you don’t want to go collecting branches and rocks. A leaf vacuum is best used with other gardening tools like a rack that will take care of all the bigger and scarier concerns and leave the light but annoying stuff to the vacuum to take care of.

Best Leaf Vacuum 2018

The functioning of a leaf vacuum is pretty simple, and since you already have some experience with your house vacuum, then you have probably had the orientation session, and you can be able to fully handle the equipment. Considering the potential that a good leaf vacuum has, you have no choice but to dig in through the pile to make sure you pick the right one. We took the time to go through some of the best options and come up with the very best. They have the reviews to back them up and plenty of customers who have shown confidence with these leaf blowers.

In the same light, we had to consider that most users are looking for something different. With that in mind, we had to balance equations and make sure no one was left out. With that said, here is our best leaf vacuum reviews list. We hope they are going to be eye-opening and that you can find something that works best for you.

Toro 51619 Ultra Blower/Vac

First on our list of leaf vacuums is something that does almost everything. As ridiculous as it might sound, there are people who would prefer to blow leaves around and collect them in a heap before sweeping them away. On the other hand there more rational people who prefer saving themselves all the work or even having to place it at the mercy of the mighty weather by using a leaf vacuum.

Say each of these two people lived in the same house. Would you have to buy a leaf blower and a leaf vacuum? No, all you would need is the Toro 51619 Ultra Blower. It has a large metal impeller which is the heart and soul of the blower with a capacity to put out up to 250mph. Even though this is listed as a blower, it is also a vacuum that comes with a vacuum tube, a bottom zip-bag and a concentrator nozzle.

You have everything you need to keep your yard looking clean regardless of how you prefer to clean it. Even though the extension cord is not included, you do get a cord storage hook that will come in handy once you have purchased the cord which will be compulsory because the blower is coded.

  • Corded blower for continuous functioning
  • Doubles up as a blower and a vacuum
  • Large and powerful impeller
  • Improved mulching
  • The cord is not included.

BLACK + DECKER BV5600 High-Performance Blower

Just in case you have a tree that is an avid shedder, and you can’t just seem to keep the leaves of your grass, this should help. It is fitted with a brutal 12amp corded motor with a 250mph blower that comes with a two-speed selection. Again, this is an ideal fit for homes with one person that prefers blowing while the other prefers vacuuming. Even better, it adds one more functionality which is mulching.

And it is not a pushover either as a mulcher. It can tone down 16 bags into one. The easy change between each of the three functions allows you to flip between the different functions when you need them. Because of the dual speed selection, you can use this for your flower bed, and it remains strong enough to even take care of matted leaves.

If you have used a leaf vacuum before, then you are aware of the extent of problems that the shredded leaves you are trying to get rid of can cause. The BV5600 solves this with an anti-clog vortex impeller technology, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious when using the vacuum.

  • Protected impeller
  • Powerful performance
  • 3-in-1 garden cleaner
  • Corded
  • The bag strap is quite short

BLACK & DECKER BV6000 High-Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher

This is the perfect weapon to bring out in your war with the leaves if you no longer want to keep winning the battle and you want to win the war once and for all. The 3-in-1 blower which features a blower, a vacuum and a mulcher is powered by a 12 amp motor which performs at up to 250mph, but you have the option of choosing from either one of two selections.

With the crisp performance, you also get a disposable leaf bag where your new found enemies go to rest, and you can also easily change from the blower and vacuum. In the application of mulching the BV6000 also does a very commendable job compressing 16 bags into one.

  • High impact metal fan
  • Disposable leaf bags
  • Variable speed
  • Strong performance
  • The leaf bag is quite small

BLACK & DECKER BV3100 12-Amp Blower/Vacuum/Mulcher

So far, it seems nothing can settle on whether it wants to be a vacuum or a blower. Even though this can be confusing, the beauty of it is, you get one tool with dual function. As a user, you are not losing. If anything you are gaining.

Since we now have that out of the way, let’s get back to the leaf vacuum in question. The BV3100 is built to provide simplicity in your cleaning exercise. The designers might have gone a little overboard with the all black design but, those leaves have to know who’s boss and with such a mean looking blower, it won’t take long. Its mean appearance also tags along an impressive 210mph blow speed to guarantee faster clean up, and it is also able to triple up as a blower, mulcher and a vacuum.

Depending on where you are using the blower or on what, the 2-speed setting will allow you to choose the right power for the right applications. It also has a heavy duty mulching capacity capable of reducing ten bags to one. It is not as impressive as the BV6000, but that figure is also quite acceptable.

If you are looking for a tool that is going to make cleaning up the leaves, twigs and grass a breeze, this is the perfect fit for the job. It comes with everything you will need to not only complete job but do so quickly including the mean look. Like the other Black and Deckers, this one is also corded.

  • Strong performance
  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Corded
  • Two-speed variation
  • You have to be careful with the bag. It is a bit delicate

WORX TURBINE Fusion Leaf Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum

This one has so many interesting features it is difficult to pick which one to start with. But, let’s start with one that has been synonymous with every leaf blower we have reviewed, and that is their love for multi-tasking. This one is also a vacuum and mulcher which provides an all in one solution for your pesky leaves problem.

The impeller problem has also been fully catered to in this case by having a dual-stage metal impeller that shreds everything to pieces and the mulcher guarantees an astounding 24:1 conversion rate of the mulch. You will also be able to enjoy the 2-speed control for both light and heavy-duty jobs especially considering that the turbine fan technology puts out a surprising 525CFM at 65mph.

This leaf vacuum goes over and above board to not only astound you with its performance features but also its comfort. Not only will you get a three-year warranty with this purchase, but you will also get to enjoy the comfort and convenience of having a shoulder strap. At list now your fist muscles and fingers can take a break.

  • Corded for continuous garden cleaning
  • Very powerful
  • Comfortable shoulder strap
  • Three years warranty

Greenworks 40V 185Mph Variable Speed Cordless Blower

Even though corded blowers and leaf vacuum are a great help, sometimes having to deal with the miles of cord can be tedious and you might have tripped over it a couple of times. If you are ready to trade in your corded version for a cordless, this review will take care of that.

Let us start by saying that the Greenworks leaf vacuum is cordless. Its DigiPro brushless motor along with the G-MAX 40V Li-Ion systems help to improve the life of the motor, increases runtime, reduces noise and guarantees better performance.

The leaf vacuum has a top blowing speed of 185Mph with variable speeds to help you use it in different applications. The blower increases its versatility by also incorporating the functionality of a leaf vacuum as well.

One of the things that blew our minds with this leaf vacuum is that it can run for up to 60 minutes on a single charge. That is downright impressive. Even though it might not be as powerful a blower, the ability to move around unrestricted is highly welcome.

  • Cordless design
  • Significant run time on one charge
  • Lightweight design
  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • It is not a good blower

GardenHOME Leaf Blower and Handheld Leaf Vacuum

At the beginning of this list, we mentioned that we would try to cater to all kinds of users. So far, we have addressed aggressive and medium users. Now, we are going to address the mild users. If you have a tree that is more cautious with where it drops its leaves, but you have few that land in areas you don’t prefer, this is a good leaf vacuum for you. It is budget friendly and works well with minimal use.

It has a 600W motor that puts out up to 78Mph in air flow and up to 16,500RPM and is designed for light and heavy duty. The blower doubles up as a leaf vacuum as well and has up to 6 variables speeds that you can use depending on the applications you have in mind. It is ideal for applications like cleaning garage floor dust, table dust and sidewalk leaves. With the many variable speeds, it means you can even use the leaf blower to do a touchless dry on your car. The applications are limitless.

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Safe lockable trigger
  • Variable speeds
  • Limitless applications
  • Ideal for lightweight use

WORX TURBINE 12Amp Corded Leaf Blower

Tired of hauling your leaf blower around and feeling like you collected the leaves off the ground one by one at the end of the day? Maybe you need to make a switch to something more lighter that will not cramp up your muscle, and most importantly, it will make the leaves go away. There are plenty of options you can find in the market but, there is none that brings the comfort, functionality and lightweight design together better than the Worx WG520.

The entire leaf blower weighs about 6 pounds which is unbelievable going by what some of the gas-powered blowers weigh. It also comes with a unique fan TURBINE fan technology that delivers high-capacity, forceful air volume to make leaf blowing an easier task. The air flow also deserves a mention. For a compact leaf blower, you don’t expect the flow to be that strong, but it is!

The tool even goes further and throws in a cord retainer, so you don’t to keep tripping and wounding yourself up with the cord. The bow on the package, however, is the 3-year warranty. Every time we see a product with a nice long warranty, we have a warm fuzzy feeling in our stomachs because we know the product has a good chance of reliability.

  • Lightweight design
  • Power cord retainer
  • 3-year warranty
  • No option for vacuuming or mulching

WORX WG518 Electric Blower/Mulcher/Vac

You can never get enough of the all-rounded leaf vacuums because you never know what features you are going to need tomorrow. This one pack all three in one. It is leaf blower, a vacuum and a mulcher in the same housing.

It is a little devil with an insane capacity to put out between 160-250Mph which puts it right at the top with the big boys we had reviewed earlier. It is no joke when it comes to mulching too, and it does a respectable 16:1 ratio. This tool is perfect for the people who can’t turn a screw to save their lives because it comes with a simple no-tool assembly and with just one touch, you can convert it into a blower and vice versa which makes it very easy to use. Also, you don’t have to worry about running out of juice because it is electric powered and it is corded.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Very powerful air flow
  • Metal Impeller
  • Simple tool-free assembly
  • Taking the parts apart is a little tricky

Greenworks PRO 145MPH – 580 CFM Cordless Backpack Blower

Why not close the list with a bang and finally have something for the big boys. If you love shiny and attractive toys and watching the leaves scampering for safety every time you bring out your leaf blower, you are going to find this one irresistible.

The blower can put out up to 580CFM/145MPH air flow which means both wet and dry leaves don’t stand a chance. The brushless motor is designed to match the performance of gas-powered blower. You will also get to enjoy variable speeds to match your different applications.

Guess what, it also has a nice little turbo button that gives you the chance to enjoy on-demand power when you need it, and you also have cruise control which will make those Sunday mornings chasing around leaves a lot more fun. As if that is not enough, you get a 4-year warranty for the tools to go with the purchase.

  • Plenty of innovative features like cruise control
  • Powerful motor
  • Variable speed
  • 4-year tool warranty
  • it does not come with the battery and charger

That brings us to the close of your best leaf vacuum reviews. We believe that each of these reviews is powerful enough to make every leaf and pine pins think twice before they choose where to land. But, you do have the task of choosing which one will work best for you, and we wish you the best of luck with that.

Best Leaf Vacuum Buying Guide

Power and functionality are not all there is to getting the right leaf vacuum. There are plenty of other features that you have to consider if you are going to get anywhere close to buying a leaf vacuum that feels and works like it was just made for you.

  • Weight – you will probably be carrying the leaf blower a couple of days a week on during spring, the use can be more frequent. Because of this, you want to make sure you choose a leaf vacuum that is lightweight and one that won’t leave your arms and shoulders feeling sore after use.
  • Noise level – the biggest challenge you are going to have with leaf blowers is the noise levels. With some, the noise can be deafening, and you might need some ear protection. However, the level of noise differs with the size, capacity and brand of your leaf vacuum. In suburban areas where your neighbours live close by, noise levels should be a top priority when making the purchase.
  • Battery – for the cordless options, the battery is going to be important. There are some that go for as little as 10 minutes, and others can go for as long as 1 hours. Of course, this depends on the length of your use but, you have to make sure you pick the battery. If not, you are better off with a corded leaf blower.
  • Blowing Speed – let’s put it this way, the higher the blowing speed, the faster you get the job done. That should paint a clear picture of just how crucial the blowing speed is.
  • Source of power – there are three types of sources of power you can consider. The first is the electric corded. With this one, you have to contend with the long wires and take them wherever you go. You can also opt for the more convenient batteries that could die at any time if you are not careful or you could opt for the gas-powered leaf vacuum.

There you have it!

Everything you need to know about instilling discipline in your dried up leaves and pines and making sure that you have the right equipment to make sure everything stays that way. Remember, it would be impossible to find a leaf vacuum that checks out on all the factors to consider. When making the purchase, you have to consider what matters most to you and work with that hierarchy.