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Best Karaoke Machine For Kids

It is no secret that kids like to sing. By singing, children get to express their feelings through the music tunes and lyrics. When your child loves to sing, the best sign of encouragement you can give to them is by gifting them a karaoke machine.

Singing to soundtracks such as Shrek and Frozen are some of the cutest things. The amazing thing about kids is that their vocal cords can go for hours. In case you have a kid who needs some assistance with their singing talent, then getting them a karaoke machine is one of the best ways.

Whether you want your child to channel their talent or be more psychologically balanced, exposing them to music is one of the best ways forward. Besides balancing them psychologically, singing also helps kids to develop their personality and increase their confidence. As a result, your kid will be better prepared to face the outer world.

Even for those who don’t have a talent in singing or a fantastic voice, karaoke is still a fun activity to engage in. It is one of the best activities that family members can engage during get-togethers or weekend afternoons. Karaoke is both relaxing and energizing. It is one of the best ways of spending time with your little ones.

Plus, in case you want to distract your kids so that you can have the much-needed alone time, then, a karaoke machine for kids is what you should have. So, don’t wait, get your kids started on their way to stardom by getting them the following fantastic karaoke machines for kids. Whether girls or boys, these machines are lots of fun!

Our Top 10 Recommendations

1. Singing Machine Karaoke SML385BTBK with Bluetooth

With this karaoke machine, hosting dance parties for your children is going to be as easy as ABC. The machine features a Bluetooth or auxiliary which allow you to connect it to other audio devices. Also, it has a top-loading CD player which plays music CDs as well as CD + Graphics.

Using the LED disco lights that have dimmer settings, you can control the ambiance of the party. To scroll three lyrics of a song, you can connect the RCA output to your TV. In case your kids want to sing a duet, the machine has two microphone jacks which allow you to sing a duet without having to share a microphone (it has one extra microphone). For an even powerful sound, the machine has a built-in speaker.

Besides, you will not even need to buy a CD as you can use YouTube to get music with lyrics. Your child is going to love this machine. Just connect it to your device, and you can watch your little one sing out. This machine might be heavy, but its amazing features will make you forget all about its weight.

Key features

  • Two microphone jacks
  • Disco design
  • 54 LED multi-color lights
  • Built-In Speaker

2. Little Pretender L P Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones

With this karaoke machine, your child is going to feel like a true star. This is because the machine has multi-colored stage lights which flash as your little star sings. In case the song is a duet, the machine comes with two microphones to enable two singers to sing at the same time. One microphone has an adjustable stand while the other one is handheld.

The stand has a minimum height of 18.5 inches, and a maximum height of 40 inches. In case your child wants to dance as they sing, the can do so because there is an optional speaker to carry the speaker which is lightweight. Setting up this machine is very easy since the assembling and disassembling can be quickly done.

The machine can be connected to other devices through the AUX cable that comes with the machine. It also has an easy-to-use volume feature an ON/OFF knob. It can be used straight out of the box since it comes with 4 AA batteries.

Key features

  • Flashing lights
  • Stream music and compatible with CDs
  • Lightweight speaker
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Dancing tunes
  • Auto-voice control

3. Singing Machine SML385BTW Top Loading CDG Karaoke System

With the fantastic sound and the jaw-dropping light effects of this machine, your family and friends are going to have a great time. It has 54 Led disco lights that flash and change colors, plus a dimmer that gives you the right ambiance for a party.

Also, getting the music your child loves is not going to be an issue as with this machine, you can stream all of the songs that your child likes using the Bluetooth-compatible system. In case you still need more music, you can download the Singing Machine app and access thousands of songs.

The machine is ideal for siblings who love to sing. This is because it has dual microphone inputs so your children can sing together. Besides singing together as siblings, the dual microphones also enable your child to sing along with friends. It also has an echo control feature for the perfect voice.

Key features

  • Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Echo control
  • Two microphone jacks
  • 2 Digit LED Display

4. Karaoke GF842 DVD/CDG/MP3G Karaoke System

Bring some excitement to music by using this machine. It has flashing LED lights which synchronize very well with the music hence jazzing up your party. This machine is the ideal way to bring excitement to our kid’s parties such as birthday parties. Enjoy the music with no wires involved with this machine whose sleek design has no comparison.

It has a color screen that is easy to read from far away, a handy cradle to rest your MP3 Player and comes with a disc with 300 MP3G songs. The machine accepts any auxiliary input from any gaming console or personal player. Just like the previous machines, this one also has two microphones.

For more variety, regarding songs to play, you can use the Bluetooth feature to streamline any music you want from YouTube. Even though the machine will not display the lyrics, your child can use the phone to read the lyrics as they sing along and they can record themselves as they sing. The machine is one of the best. However, the only significant challenge is that it is not compatible with iPhone 7 or 6.

Key features

  • Record voice
  • Instant playback
  • LED light
  • Remote control
  • Universal cradle
  • Disc with 300PM3G songs

5. Little Pretender L P Kids Karaoke Machine with 2 Microphones and Adjustable Stand, Music Sing Along with Flashing Stage Lights and Pedals for Fun Musical Effects

Your little one is going to be obsessed with music with this machine. It comes with tunes that your child is going to fall in love with. Even though the constant replay might be annoying to you, at least, you will have time to relax and do your own thing as your child pretends to be a music star either alone or with friends.

The machine comes with a stand, and the good thing about the stand is that the microphone can be detached from the stand so your child can move around or dance as they sing. However, the microphone cord is not that long so your child will not be able to move so far from the machine. It also has lights that flash and a foot pedals for applause.

It comes with the AUX cable for connecting it to other devices. The volume and the ON/OFF knob is also very easy to use. The sound might not be that great, but the other amazing features cover this. Your child is going to feel like a star.

Key features

  • 2 Microphones
  • Built-in entertainment
  • Stream music
  • 4 AA batteries

6. Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System

If you are looking for a karaoke machine that is endorsed by celebrities, this is the one. This machine is the only plug-and-play karaoke system that uses vocal effects of studio quality that make any lousy singer sound good, and the good singers sound fantastic.

To sing your favorite tunes with confidence, plug the machine into the headphone output of your mobile phone or computer and sing. This machine made by singtrix can tune your voice to the music as well as add studio quality effects like a choir or a 4-part harmony, delay, reverb and more.

Besides, you won’t need to spend money buying music CDs since the machine is designed to work with several videos found on YouTube. It can also work with your existing apps, mp3 and much more. Your little one is going to find singing very exciting with this machine which works with instruments in place of the karaoke tracks, tuning their voices to chords that are either played on their keyboard or guitar.

Key features

  • Over 300 effects
  • Natural pitch-correction
  • Custom microphone
  • 1 stereo speaker
  • On-demand harmonies

7. Singing Machine ISM398BT Karaoke System Home

Your child plus his/her friends are going to have lots of singing fun with this karaoke machine. The system is Bluetooth-compatible so that music can be streamed and played. Besides streaming, you can access thousands of classic hits by using the Singing Machine App for Android and iOS.

With two microphone jacks, your child is going to have extra fun and interactive experience as they engage in duets with their friends or siblings. And, you can also join in on the fun and sing along with your child, who said you couldn’t? Singing with your child is one of the ways of strengthening the bond between you two. In addition to the dual microphones, the machine also has a volume control feature that will turn the duets into delights.

The only con about this machine is that it is not CD nor CD+G compatible. This means that you only have the option of streaming music via the Singing Machine Mobile App or on any device that is Bluetooth-compatible.

Key features

  • Built-in speaker
  • Echo control
  • Line-in for external devices
  • Audio input jack for other Digital Audio Player

8. VTech Kidi Super Star Karaoke System with Mic Stand

In the year 2016, this machine won The Toy of the Year Award in France. The machine has eight built-in songs plus super cute animations that are going to make your child fall in love with it. In case your child does not like the inbuilt songs, you can plug in an MP3 player and sing along with or without the vocal track.

For an exciting atmosphere, the machine features colorful disco light effects. Also, the cheering sounds and the applause feature bring an exciting, stage-like feeling. The four vocal effects change the sound of your kid’s voice hence allowing them to express themselves in a fun way. For even greater fun, the machine has an inbuilt recorder which records for up to five minutes thus adding to the fun.

Not only is this machine awesome for fun, but it also teaches your child skills like music creativity, memory, and rhythm. The Music Magic mode can be used to reduce or remove the main vocal track and take the lead.

Key features

  • Voice changing effects
  • Audience sound effects
  • Built-in recorder
  • Detachable karaoke system
  • Disco night effect
  • Disco light that spins 180 degrees

9. Kids Karaoke Machine MP3 Music Player, with 2 Microphone

Your child is going to be delighted with the beautiful songs that this karaoke machine is going to play. It has two microphones with independent volume control and also an ON/OFF switch. Be it a sibling showdown or a showdown between mum and dad, or mum and daughter or mum and son, whichever the collaboration, your family is going to have lots of fun with this karaoke machine. Also, you are going to recreate a wide variety of singing options with this machine as you continue to have enjoyed yourselves.

Besides the 100 songs inbuilt in the machine, you have four streaming options, so neither you nor your child will ever have to sing the same song twice unless you want to. The volume control and the microphones each have their volume control features.

In case you are heading somewhere where there is no place to plug in, carry batteries and the fun will go on. From singing at campfires to singing during sleepover parties, your kids are going to have tons of fun with this highly durable machine.

Key features

  • Built-in music storage
  • Independent volume control
  • Four streaming options

10. TOSING Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Apart from the fantastic features, the design and look of this machine are what puts it on this list. With shows like American Idol and The Voice, your child, just like many other children is more likely to take singing as one of her hobbies. With this machine, your child is going to look forward to the music shows.

This cute karaoke machine comes in a zippered case that helps in keeping the machine safe. The zippered case also makes carrying this machine very convenient. This machine is an excellent gift for children aged four years and above. Also, the machine has a fantastic sound quality and an adjustable volume.

It has a remarkable KTV echo performance and two-channel stereo headphones that produce great sound with echo reverberation.

Key features

  • Wireless Bluetooth microphone
  • Cute design
  • Two channel stereo headphones
  • KTV echo performance

How Kid’s Karaoke Machines Work

Did you know that the word karaoke means ‘empty orchestra’ in Japanese? One of the great things about a karaoke machine is that it builds your child’s self-esteem and give them the confidence they need in life. This is in addition to enabling them to perfect their singing talent.

This awesome machine works by playing a chosen song while flashing the lyrics on the screen so that the person singing can read the lyrics and sing along. Some of these machines come with their screen mounted on the actual machines while others may require to be attached to a TV or a computer for you or your child to view the lyrics as you or your child sings.

To complete the karaoke process, a public address system and microphones are usually attached to the karaoke machine. It also has a public address system, commonly referred to as PA. PA is an electronic amplification system that consists of a mixer, amplifier as well as loudspeakers that emphasize the sound.

Many karaoke machines are made with a technology that allows the music’s pitch to change and adjust to the vocals of the singer automatically.

Features to Consider

When buying a karaoke machine for your little-loved one, the following are some of the features that you should consider.

Disco Lights and Echo

It is no secret that most kids love bright things. It is no wonder that children’s toys are usually made in various colors. So, when buying a karaoke machine for your kid, you should check to confirm whether the machine has disco lights or not.

The echo effect is going to give your kids an experience to remember. The echo feature is fantastic to both you and your child.


Before buying a karaoke machine for your kids, consider how they are going to use it. Are they going to move around with the machine as they attend various parties, or are they going to use the machine at home?

In case they are going to move with the machine, then the karaoke machine has to be portable. This means that it has to be lightweight and also has to have a durable bag with a comfortable handle where the machine is kept during transportation. Also, the quality has to be top notch because frequent moves can cause the machine to break if it not durable enough.


Another important aspect you need to consider before buying the karaoke machine is the source of the music. You need to ask yourself whether the source of music your children are going will be compatible with the machine. For instance, in case you have an iPad or an iPhone, then the karaoke machine you buy should be compatible with your device.

Most karaoke machines are compatible with MP3s or CDs. It would be better if you also considered the music device your child has since your child is going to enjoy the karaoke machine, even more, when they can play music from their own devices.

Your child’s age

If your child is young, you should look for a karaoke machine that has less functionality and easy to use. The machine should also have large colorful buttons that will make it easier for your little one to control it whenever they want to. Teenagers prefer having a karaoke machine with a good sound quality, volume and echo controls that make the music sound awesome.


You will agree with me that Karaoke is one of the best activities that cuts across all ages. From children to youth to the adults and the older adults, everybody loves karaoke. So, as you purchase a karaoke machine for your child, you can also get another one specially designed for adults for you to enjoy yourself too. You can even buy a generic device for every member of the family to use.

If your kid can get a kick out of some serious tunes, you need to encourage them by joining in on the fun. Besides, there is no other way that you can show your support for your child’s singing talent besides bringing home a karaoke machine for them as a gift.

Also, in case you are looking for a way to distract your kids without involving a screen or a toy game, the karaoke machine will have you covered. Simply connect it for them and then leave them to have all their fun as you enjoy your alone time. In case you were wondering which machines to choose, the above list will sort you out.