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Best Iced Tea Maker 2018

Nothing cools you down on a hot day better than a tall cold glass of iced tea. Of course, up until now, you are still buying that premade stuff from the grocery store but, having a good quality iced tea maker can save you from that.

It could even save you from that occasional sugary drink or soda that you already know is bad for you and, help you lead a better, cooler and healthier life. To help you with that, we got digging and testing to make sure you don’t end up regretting your decision to buy an iced tea maker so we came up with some very formidable options that you’re going to love.

Best Iced Tea Makers 2018

Knowing how a tea maker works doesn’t really matter. All you want is your cup of chilled tea waiting for you when you walk through door. So, we won’t waste much of your time explaining more about how they work and move on to our selection of the best Iced Tea Makers that we think would be a great fit for you. As usual, we have tried to cover all areas from different price points, sizes, qualities and features so you’re definitely going to find something interesting here.

Coffee 2-Quart Iced Tea Maker

Your kitchen already has enough of complex equipment that you wish were simpler to understand so we won’t bombard you even more by starting our count down with another high level piece of equipment. But, you shouldn’t be fooled by the simplicity of this iced tea maker. Built by a company that was established in the 1970s, you can be assured that they have tested and rested their products to give you the perfect balance of quality and price.

This particular baby comes with a 2-quart dishwasher compatible pitcher so you don’t have to worry about constantly having to clean it and a removable basket brew. If you forget about switching off your iced tea maker, don’t panic, the auto-shut off feature will take care of that after the cycle is complete.

This little bundle of joy is perfect for single and double servings so you can always have your iced fresh from the maker. To round up the interesting range of features, it is backed up by a 1-year limited warranty.

We thought this would be a great option for small households of utmost two people and also, for buyers that don’t want to spend much on an iced tea maker but don’t want to end up on the raw side of the deal.

  • Surprisingly affordable
  • Comes with a limited warranty
  • Has an auto-shut off mechanism
  • Dish washer compatible pitcher
  • Limited capacity<

Coffee 2-in-1 Iced Tea Brewing System with Glass Pitcher

In about 10 minutes, you can have your glass of iced tea ready with this provocative and elegant iced tea maker. It houses a hound of features that are essential to ice tea making and rounds them up with some that will save you the trouble of having to stand at the sink cleaning the appliance.

It is capable of producing up to 2.5 quarts of iced tea with a fast brewing mechanism that speeds up the process. It has a brew strength selector which allows you to choose how strong you want the tea brewed and an auto shut off mechanism that lets you cater to other things around the house while the appliance gets your tea ready for you.

The pitcher and lid are dishwasher safe and the permanent filter allows you to work different flavors and special blends of your favorite iced tea without any worries. You also get a safe brew permanent basket with your purchase.

You will have to part with a slightly higher price for this one but we think given the quality, the added feature and quick turn-around time within which you can get your tea ready, the extra cost is well worth the trouble. Not to mention, this iced tea maker looks really attractive sitting on your kitchen counter top.

  • Attractive design
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Easy to use
  • Is backed up by a limited warranty
  • Not ideal for large homes<

Coffee 3-Quart Iced Tea and Coffee Maker

Let’s stick with the same brand for a little longer. If you want a little more capacity with your iced tea maker, this could be a great option for you for quite a number of reasons. It has a 3-quart capacity and is quite easy to use.

What we loved about this iced tea maker is that you can make virtually any type of iced tea blends with it. Just add water, dump in the ice and flavor ingredients and let the appliance do all of the work. You could even have some gourmet infused flavors to give you that extra relaxing feeling.

Other than the quantity of tea you can make, this product comes with the ever so important auto-shutoff feature and the useful ice level markings come in handy in helping you achieve more precise measuring. The 3-quart capacity pitcher comes with a non-drip spout for hassle free and mess-free pouring and it is dish washer safe. It also has a programmed cleaning cycle that will take the stress of decalcifying off your hands.

Like previous Mr. Coffee models, this one is also backed up by a 1-year warranty and guarantees excellent results and we found the quality quite reliable. However, even with the extra capacity, we thought it was minimally over-priced but still a very good option especially if you prefer to have your iced tea in large quantities.

  • Large 3-quart capacity pitcher
  • Auto-shut off feature
  • Programmed cleaning cycle
  • Dishwasher safe pitcher
  • The design is not attractive

Capresso Iced Tea Maker

Away from Mr. Coffee and on to something different Capresso! There are a couple of reasons this iced tea maker will get you excited. The first is its design. Not that plasticky look that tends to be turn off and the black and silver finish is to die for.

The finish is not the only reason why we think you should make this iced tea maker a must have for your kitchen. It also has some neat features too like the 80oz. glass pitcher with an easy to pour spout and a removable lid.

Its removable permanent filter allows you to make your iced tea from loose tea or tea bags with equally great results in both cases. If you are worried about the sink time, you don’t have to. The pitcher, its lid, the removable permanent filter and the filter basket are all dish washer friendly so that saves you from having to wet your hands at the sink.

It is also worth mentioning that this model also allows you to adjust the strength of the brew so you can have your iced tea just how you like it.

The Capresso is among the few iced tea makers that you will rarely need any convincing to get your hands on but we have to say, it is the priciest we have featured on this list so far but, it is worth every penny.

  • Attractive design
  • Dish washable parts
  • Brew strength adjustment
  • Removable and easy filling water tank
  • It is quite pricey

BUNN TDO – 4 Commercial Iced Tea Dispenser

Occasionally, you are going to have more than expected guests at your home. Whether it is your child’s birthday, your anniversary or even commercial gatherings, you can rest assured that there are other people out there that love iced tea as much as you do and a commercial iced tea dispenser would be perfect.

The BUNN TDO comes with all the features that you need to keep the iced tea fresh and crisp. It has an oval cylinder with a dispenser lid and a staggering 4-gallon capacity. It comes with the faucet labelled sweetened or unsweetened depending on the type of iced tea you would like to add into the respective dispenser. The material used to make the dispenser is NSF approved so you can rest easy knowing that your iced tea and more importantly your guests will be safe and well taken care off.

  • Large capacity
  • Space saving design
  • Labeled faucet
  • Affordable
  • It’s ideal for commercial use only

Coffee Iced Tea Maker 3-Quart

Before you blow a fuse and accuse us of product pushing, we have to say, when it comes to iced tea makers, Mr. Coffee will have to come up a few times. It is just how it works. Maybe it is because of their product range but, they come up an awful lot.

That said, this is another not so good looking but very impressive iced tea maker. We are not so sure about you but, it is not something I would leave sitting on my counter top but it does a hell of a good job making the perfect brew of iced tea.

It features a 3 quart pitcher and a fast brewing cycle so you don’t have to battle your thirst any longer. It has the capacity to brew with either loose tea leaves or with tea bags. While you make the choice on what to use, you can also use the strength brew feature to select how strong you would like your brew.

To make it even easier to use, it has the auto-shut off feature and a power on indicator so you know its running. It might not have the best look but we believe it is a great buy for an iced tea lover that is not obsessed with the quality of finish.

  • Perfect for large homes
  • Fast brewing cycle
  • Easy to clean filter basket
  • The design is not attractive

West Bend IT500 Convenient 88oz. Iced Tea Maker

Now this is an iced tea maker you won’t have a problem leaving on your countertop even with guests around.

Other than the alluring design, the feature set also include a brew strength selector, an automatic shut-off feature and a water window gauge so you fill the precise amount of water you need for your iced tea.

It has the capacity to brew both loose tea leaves and bagged tea. With regards to cleaning, the exterior of the appliance is simply wiped and the carafe is dishwasher safe.

Unlike any other iced tea maker that we have featured, this one also brings in a unique added feature which is the built in drip tray.

The West Bend sits on the higher side with regards to price but with a solid build, innovative and well thought out features, the price is not one cent regrettable.

Hamilton Beach 40911 2-Quart Electric Iced Tea Maker

The Hamilton Beach will appeal to most buyers that are not looking for a large size iced tea maker and also are short on space. It has a unique shape that allows you to squeeze it in tiny spaces which is a big plus. Even the 2-quart pitcher is built to fit on your refrigerator door which is great especially when you are running out of space.

It has an indicator light that alerts you when the appliance is on and the auto-shut off feature will turn it off once the cycle is completed. Since the strength of your brew is important, it also packs the ever so important brew-strength selector and, it is built to very high standards.

The Hamilton Beach caught our eye because of its unique blend of features and the fact that it is the only one that didn’t have that stainless steel finish but still had a decent enough design that doesn’t make you cringe every time you see it through the corner of your eye.

  • Space saving design
  • Auto-shut off mechanism
  • Easy to use lay out
  • Everything is hand-wash only

Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

This is a must have for every buyer that loves to stand out with trendy appliances that are innovative. The Cold Brew Ice Maker is unlike any other Icemaker that we have reviewed on this list in design and functionality.

To kick off its fascinating feature set it has a four in one functionality that features a coffee maker, cold brew coffee port, iced tea maker an ice coffee maker and a fruit infuser talk of killing multiple birds with one stone.

This multiple functionality appliance has a borosilicate glass pitcher that is suited for storage, a silicone grip, a stainless steel coffee filter and air tight light. The plastic parts are non-toxic and BPA free.

If you are looking for a stand out glass of iced tea from a stand out iced tea maker, this is going to be the best option you have. Everything about it oozes premium quality and innovativeness. The only problem is that most people won’t be able to tell that it’s an iced tea maker. Nonetheless, it does get job done.

  • Unique design
  • Premium quality design
  • Non-slip silicon grip
  • Everything is hand-wash only

Coffee 3-Quart Iced Tea Maker

To close of our list is the all too famous Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker. This particular one has a 3-quart capacity which makes it ideal for a medium to large family.

Like most iced tea makers from Mr. Coffee, this one also has the same fast brew feature that ensures you get your iced tea faster. You also get the brew strength bar feature and the ability to make your own custom blends at the touch of a button. With every purchase of the Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker, you also get four delicious recipes that you can try out.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast brewing time
  • Large capacity pitcher
  • The design is not the best

How Does an Iced Tea Maker Work?

Iced tea makers work in more or less the same way as coffee makers save for the fact that you’re making tea! They have a boiler where the concoction brews. For some, this might also be the same place you add the tea bags and for others, they might have a separate compartment for the teabags.

The water boils while the tea bags are soaked in it to get the most appropriate blend and once the boiling is complete, you can add in sugar and lemons then grab a glass of ice and add in your tea after it cools down.

More advanced models even allow you to mix your ice in the maker and all you need to do after its work is done is grab a glass pull up a chair, pour yourself some iced tea and enjoy. It is pretty cool stuff. But then again, most kitchen appliances tend to be quite interesting.

Best Iced Tea Maker Buyer’s Guide

Most kitchen appliances usually receive constant upgrades to features and technology to keep up with the demand and changing times. Iced tea makers are not immune from this trend and knowing what to look out for when looking for an iced tea maker will help you lock down on the most important factors and save you from making a regrettable investment.

To help you avoid this deeply regrettable move, we put together a list of the factors and features that you need consider when buying an iced tea maker.

  • How often you drink tea – you might want to start by considering how often you drink iced tea or better yet, how many people you intend to be making it for. This will help you identify the size of the pitcher that you will be ideal for use. Also, if you’re an avid drinker of iced tea, you will also need to consider buying a more quality product that can withstand the constant use.
  • Size and capacity – If you prefer to have iced tea that you can have on hand each day, a bigger iced tea maker will be ideal. The best part is, when it comes to iced tea makers, you have the choice of choosing from one that makes from as little as 8 ounces to as much as a full gallon in a day.
  • Cost – price is never a good parameter to use when choosing whether or not to buy and appliance. After all, there is that old saying that goes “you get what you pay for!” that said, price is usually a motivator and it is always important to make sure that you are paying the right price for the right features. Iced tea makers prices vary from as little as $15 all the way to $200 the choice is yours to make.
  • Ease of use – even with technology, the last thing you want is to feel like operating your iced tea maker is harder than operating a UFO. A good appliance should be simple and straightforward to work with and the faster it is able to do this the better.
  • Extra features – when you are at a deadlock and you can’t make the choice between two iced tea makers, extra features can be a great tie-breaker. Just make sure that it is something that you can use.


Ready for your glass of home brewed iced tea? These iced tea makers will have it ready in no time. As is always the case, we have taken the trouble to make sure that our list has all kinds of buyers and all types of needs taken care of.

We have featured affordable, practical and even a commercial iced tea maker to make sure that regardless of what you are looking for, we have you covered. In cases where you would like something other than what we have covered, the buyer’s guide should take good care of you and help you make the right choice on your next kitchen appliance.

We hope that we have made your life a lot easier by listing the best iced tea makers in the market. Never again should you have to make a dash to the grocery store to get yourself some of the cold brew. Now, you can make it at the comfort of your home just how you like with the help of any one of these iced tea makers.