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Nothing brings people together better than a grill. With sizzling steak, ribs, burgers and hot dogs, you can catch up for the whole day and not notice the hours go by. The only unfortunate thing is, when light gives way to darkness, you have to bring your grilling to an end unless you want to taint your perfect grilling record by churning out uncooked and charred steak.

You don’t always have to let darkness bring the fun to a screeching halt. The same way you can party all night, you can have your grill all night as well. All you need is a little help from a grill light. It will make sure you have enough light to steadily supply ready steak and ribs to your guests and the conversation will continue to flow. With your name and grilling record on the line, you need to make sure you have a grill light that will continue to protect your legacy and with a little help from us, you will be able to pick the right one.


Best Grill Lights 2018

Buying a grill light is not only about fighting the forces of darkness. There is a lot more at stake here including your health which makes buying the perfect light more important than just having the bragging rights of having nailed another purchase.

To help you get started on the right footing, we will start by reviewing some great grill lights that will keep that medium rare perfect by giving you the ability to notice the change in color. You have to also remember that there is a lot of personal preference that goes into this so it is great to have a grill light that you love as well.

BRIGHT EYES Magnetic Barbeque Light Set

The only thing that is better than having a great grill light is having two of them. The Bright Eyes magnetic grill lights comes as a pair so you have more light and better vision to carry on with your eating feast.

The lights are held in place by powerful magnets and, they are powered by 6 AAA alkaline batteries which are included in the purchase.

The steel neck is flexible which makes placing them much easier and the plastic case with double foam is reusable which makes it environmentally friendly. Whether you are looking to buy this for yourself or for your neighbor who is great at grilling, there is no question that they will be able to serve their purpose to the fullest.

  • Comes in a set of two
  • Strong magnets to keep the lights in place
  • Batteries inclusive
  • Flexible steel necks
  • Magnets are held in place by glue

TomCare Grill Light 10 LED Super Bright Grill Light

There is no question that light is going to be the main reason you choose one grill light over another and in this case, you will have plenty of it. The TomCare Grill Light is super bring and features 10 LE lights with a capacity of 120 lumens to ensure you can clearly see what is on your grill and how well it is coming along.

To keep you from getting distracted trying to switch the light on and off, it is fitted with a sensor and all you have to do is touch it. What if in the middle of your grilling it starts to drizzle? Not a problem! The TomCare Grill Light is weather resistant and very durable so whether you are having to deal with lack of light or an unfair weather, the light will be right there with you to help you persevere.

The light is held in place by a screw clamp and can be attached to gas, electric and charcoal grills and does not require any tools for this. While the light is in place, you can adjust it both vertically and horizontally. It is a diverse light that can also be used for camping and biking making it perfect for outdoor lovers.

With every purchase, you have a 12 month warranty and a 45-days money back guarantee with LED lights that can be used for over 50,000 hours. It is the perfect value for your money.

  • Super bright
  • Easy to install
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Can be used for grilling, biking and camping
  • Does not come with batteries

#1 Barbecue Grill Light with 10 Super Bright LED Lights

This is one of the best grill lights there is on the market and not only because we and other experts say it but because it has plenty of users singing praise of its functionality. The Zeust Grill light features 10 very bright LED lights that are made from highly durable Nylon glass fiber. The LED lights have a rating of 105 lumens which makes sure you have ample light for your grilling.

The light is easy to set up and comes complete with the batteries and once it has been set up, you don’t have to worry about the light being roasted along with your meat or being drenched by a little rain and failing to work or even being frozen during winter.

You might not expect this, but this light will also help you make your grilling better. It sounds like an impossible task for a light but, with the grilling tips book that comes with light, it is quite possible. It is covered by a 60-day money back guarantee and a life time replacement guarantee which makes sure that you only buy the light once and enjoy it for as long as you have it.

  • Durable construction
  • Super bright
  • Easy to install
  • Fully adjustable
  • You need to buy the rain cover to prevent against damage

Grill Kindle Barbeque Grill Light

Like the Zeust, this grill light also has a team of 10 LED lights and has the capacity to rotate 190 degrees. That way, there is no part of your grill that does not get lit up and you don’t have to keep moving the light just to keep tabs on the progress on your grill.

Working on a grill is not easy. It needs a hearty and tough light because of all the heat and grease. To match that, this grill light is made from highly durable ABS plastic which also happens to be heat-resistant with the ability to withstand the intense heat that the grill will be throwing its way. It also has a touch sensitive button which makes operating the light a breeze.

It keep the light steady while on the job, it has a sturdy universal clamp which can be attached to almost any BBQ hood using an adjustable screw clamp but, if you have the Kettle grills, you might want to look for another options since the clamp on this one will not work.

  • Adjustable
  • Durable heat resistant plastic
  • 12 hours continuous lamination
  • Touch operation
  • Quite bulky

PNBB LED Grill Light Ultimate Grilling Accessory

One of the most important things when choosing a good grill light is making sure you choose a grill light that is able to get its job done without interfering in yours. The last thing you want is a constant fight between you and your grill light because we all know that while none of you might win, the meat on the grill and the guests are the ones that will suffer the wrath of your wrangles.

The PNBB LED grill light is a little unique compared to some of the options that we have reviewed. It has a long steel and flexible neck which means it can bend over its light on your grill without getting into your space. It has also been built to fit every kind of grill there is on the market so you don’t have to worry about checking the compatibility.

The grill light also comes with some exciting features which include the powerful LEDs, a 360 degrees rotating head, weather and heat proof constructions and rubber mount with universal attachment straps that are very heat tolerant.

  • Powerful LED lights
  • Universal clamps
  • Durable build
  • Heat and weather resistant
  • Battery life is a little short

Barbecue Grill Light – BBQ Grill Light by ABI Home

Let’s face it. Being great at grilling doesn’t mean you are the most prepared person. Sometimes, even having a screwdriver to replace the batteries on your grill light is hard to find. So we will start there. This light comes with everything you need to make it work and keep it that way. That includes the batteries and even the screwdriver to open the battery compartment once the batteries are done.

It also has 10 LEDs that are super bright and are rated at about 100 lumens each which makes sure that every inch of your grill light is adequately lit and you have no reason to cut short your grilling. Along with the adequate light, the product also comes with a durable and weather resistant cover for durability and longevity.

The versatile and energy efficient light can also be used for other applications like camping, biking and other outdoor games and the sensitive touch switch makes it easy to operate even with your hands full.

With the purchase, you will get 3 AAA batteries and up to 50,000 hours of illumination. You will also get a life-time warranty with no risks and a 60-days money back guarantee as well as a life time warranty. All you need to do is worry about getting the first piece and you are well taken care of after that.

  • Very bright
  • Life-time warranty
  • 60-day money back guarantee
  • Easy to install
  • Drains the batteries faster

Barbeque Grill Light, AGPtek Ultra Bright BBQ Grill Light

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for your grilling buddy, or a little something to keep grilling at night more bearable, this is going to be a perfect fit and searing to perfection will carry on into the night.

To facilitate your grilling weakness, this grill light is made from durable heat-resistant ABS plastic that is capable of withstanding intense heat for long period so you don’t have to worry about your grill light being roasted along with your meat.

The grill light is pretty simple to install and get working and it is quite versatile too. For the installation, you will not need any tools and the swiveling head will make it a lot easier for you to position the grill light. It can also be used at the workshop, garage or even for those weekends at a camping trip.

  • Touch sensitive on and off switch
  • Swiveling head
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile
  • The touch switch is a little too sensitive and turns on too easily

Barbecue Grill Light- Luxurious Gift Box – Upgraded

Even though this would be a great grill light for you, we think it is better suited as a gift because of the package. If you really want it, you can gift it to yourself.

It comes with plenty of features which include water and heat resistant covers and a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. What we loved about this grill was the fact that it was not all about helping you sear through the night but it also comes with 25 professional recipes that will help you take your grilling to the next level.

You still get to enjoy ultra-bright light from the LED lights that emit over 100 lumens and the light has an upgraded mount that will fit any handle.

  • Lifetime satisfaction guarantee
  • Water and heat resistant
  • Diverse mount
  • Comes with professional recipes
  • The screwdriver included is too small

Kohree Bright Barbecue Grill Light Handle Mount BBQ Light For Grilling

One of the greatest challenges you have with grilling at night is the potential of serving undercooked or charred meat. Most grill lights can only push their luck too far and are only able to concentrate the light in one area of the grill. With this grill light, you will be able to do a lot more because it lights up the entire grill.

The light is powered by 3AA batteries which you will have to worry about later and each set of batteries should help the light run for up to 20 hours. With durable and heat resistant material, you will not have to worry about the light being destroyed by the heat or the elements of weather and the easy set up should have you pushing on with your grill in no time.

The swivel head that turns up to 190 degrees will help you make it easier to move the light according to your needs and the touch sensitive switch makes sure you don’t have fumble with the switch while you cook.

  • Very bright
  • Easy set up
  • Versatile
  • Vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Does not come with the batteries

Oasity All-Purpose BBQ Light – 12 LED Light Barbecue Grill Light

The Oasity brings to the grilling fold a unique set of features that you are going to love. It is fitted with 12 super bright LED lights that make it easier for you to grill through the darkest of nights with relative ease. No longer do you have to hold a flashlight light in one hand and incapacitate yourself.

Unlike most grill lights, this one has two mounting options to guarantee stability while in use. You can use the aluminum clamp or the powerful magnets. Each of the two options offers steady anchoring for the light and ensures that everything is under control.

The 24 inch flexible neck will guarantee that you shine the light exactly where you want it and you can move it around as much as you want. The body of the light is built to withstand the heat and the elements of weather and to stand with you and your grilling at the hardest of times.

With this little gem, you will not have to worry about the batteries since there is a set that is already included and you are ready to use the light as soon as it arrives.

  • Batteries included
  • Durable build
  • Heat and water resistant
  • Long flexible neck
  • Dual mounting
  • Not ideal for other outdoor applications

There are the 10 grill lights that will shun off the darkness and keep you and your friends munching well seared steak into the night. We tried to consider quite a number of things when making the tough choices and among them were the prices, the quality and most importantly the different types of grills in the market just to make sure you are not disappointed with your purchase.

How Does a Grill Light Work?

The lighting aspect of a grill light is like any other. However, it produces a certain intensity of light that tries to mimic day light. This is important because it can affect the color of the meat you are grilling and under different colors of light, the perception of readiness is going to be different.

By mimicking day light, it makes it easy for you to tell when you grill as ready just as you would be able to during the day. Another difference with grill lights is that most of them are battery powered. Unless you are having your grill inside the house (which is insane) or you have external power outlets embedded in your lawn, you might not have power outlets or cords long enough to power the grill light. And, even if you did, the heat from the grill would probably roast the cable.

For the grill light to work, all you have to do is attach it to a spot where it looks directly over the grill and once you turn it on, you are ready to carry on with the fun.

Best Grill Light Buying Guide

What exactly makes a great grill light? Is the fact that it is able to light up the night sky enough or is there more that you should be looking for? A good grill light is not all about the intensity of light even though that plays a significant role.

  • Compatibility – even if you buy the brightest grill light, if you can’t attach it to your grill, then it is as good as having a flash light in your hand. With regards to compatibility, the one feature you want to consider is the mount. You have to make sure that the mount and the grill are compatible. Luckily, most grill lights are made to be universal and that means the compatibility might not be much of an issue.
  • Price – it wouldn’t make sense to but a grill light of the same value as your grill now would it? Well, we don’t think there is a grill light that costs that much but you get the point right? When considering price, it is not wise to go for the cheapest options available. Instead, you should compare the price to the quality of the light you would like to get. Even it is a cheaper model, it should be of good enough quality.
  • Durability – if there is one thing you don’t want to compromise on when buying a grill light is the durability. It is going to be subjected to a lot of unfair treatment and its ability to work is going to depend on how good the construction is. You should not scale back on the durability. If you do, you will find yourself looking for another light in no time.
  • Brightness – The light should be bright enough to light up the cooking area sufficiently. It should also be bright enough to help you identify changes in your grills on a whim. If it is too dim, you will probably end up serving undercooked food.

The Meat of it all!

Time always flies when you are having fun. When the crew is together enjoying some juicy steaks and you are having the time of your life showing off your grilling skills, night seems to fall faster. If you are not prepared, you have to bring the fun to a premature stop cut everything short. But, this does not always have to be the case.

With grill lights you can carry on as if nothing ever happened. Your sears will continue to be perfect and you won’t risk grilling your fingers. We have taken the time to look at some of the best options for you and the ones that will make your night time grill a breeze. All that is left is for you to choose the best one.