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Best Flameless Candles

Originally, candles were designed to provide illumination from darkness. In modern times, however, they can be used at different functions such as parties and weddings. You can also light a candle to act as an air freshener or to set a romantic mood.

Are candles dangerous?

Candles can be dangerous and have been known to be the main cause of many home fires. Using a candle needs one to be extra careful to put it out when you go to bed or once done with them.

The scent in scented candles has also been known to trigger asthma attacks, can cause cancer or even lung damage.

They can also cause indoor pollution and smoke that is not very healthy and can cause hearing loss and nerve disorders.

Our Top Picks

Comenzar Flameless Candles

If you are looking for convenience and class, these candles not only come in a set of 9 different sizes, they also have a remote control. You need not worry about getting up from your comfort zone while enjoying your flameless candle. Simply press a button and they come on and off.

You can set a timer for different hours such as 4h, 6h, 2h, and 8h, timed to automatically go on or off as per your preference.

It has powerful LEDs that are energy saving. This pack of 9 non-flickering candles will keep burning for a long time.

You need not worry about them being a fire hazard as they are flameless making them safe for the whole family. You will certainly have perfect worry-free evenings with these candles.

You can use them as home decorations, at weddings, birthdays, during Christmas, or any other occasion you so choose.

They have a dancing flame that is effective enough to make you think you are using a traditional candle. The technology used to make allows them to keep flickering making them quite realistic.

  • They come with a remote control making them very convenient.
  • They have a flicker effect that looks real
  • They are not a fire hazard.
  • The remote may interfere with the other electronics.

Antizer Flameless Candles

These lovely and cozy flameless candles come in a pack of 3 of different sizes. They have a remote control and manual that makes it easy to operate.

They are genuine paraffin candles that have a realistic dancing LED flame, which adds a festive and romantic glow to any room.

They are safe even with children around and very convenient with the remote control.

They have a flickering technology that makes the flames realistic creating an illusion of red flames. Each bulb will deliver 50,000 hours of use.

The remote control allows a 2h, 4h, 6h and 8h range of the timer. That cycles every 24 hrs.

They are smokeless and dripless. What more would you want from a candle? They are ideal for bathrooms, bookshelves and romantic setups.

  • They last a long time.
  • They come with an easy to use remote control.
  • They are safe in any environment.
  • The remote batteries need constant replacement.

Aignis Flameless Candles

This is a set of 9 beautiful flameless remote controlled candles that come in different sizes. They are energy saving, powerful and battery controlled.

The timer allows you to set time at 2-hour intervals that will give you peace of mind because they automatically switch on and off. It will cycle every 24 hrs.

They have a realistic dancing flame that looks real with no danger of a fire. You can comfortably use them around your children and pet.

They are perfect decorations for many different occasions.

  • They are energy saving and can last a long time.
  • They are remote controlled
  • They are realistic
  • The cost is a little higher.

Comenzar Realistic Flameless Candles

These candles are easy and very simple to operate. They are a set of 5 and can all be controlled with a remote control.

The timer is set at different intervals that recycle every 24 hrs.

They are energy saving and powerful flameless candles that can be operated with batteries. They are also safe and can be used in houses with children and pets.

They are very high quality and guaranteed to work every time.

  • They are safe to use in environments with kids.
  • They are energy saving.
  • They come with a remote control
  • The remote control does not work sometimes.

Comenzar Waterproof Flameless Candles

What could be better than a candle you can use both indoors and outdoors? This flameless candle is designed with a rubber cover that enables waterproof ability.

They have a remote control.

They are safe to use even around children.

They are Suitable for a wide variety of functions.

  • They are waterproof and can be used even outdoors.
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Remote controlled.
  • The cost is very high due to the waterproof function.

Homemory Realistic and Bright Flameless Candles

These are 12 candles in one pack, with an electric fake flame and a warm white color. They provide a cool romantic setting for your dinners.

They have flickering flameless bulbs ideal for night lights, with glass cup like holders.

They are easy to use, with a remote control with an on and off switch. When you invest in these candles, they will give you 100 hours of light time.

They are safe for kids and pets.

  • They are easy to use.
  • They come in a set of 12
  • The remote control does not come with a timer.

LED Lytes Multi-Color Flameless

These LED lytes candles will provide the perfect romantic ambiance for a cozy dinner. They are battery operated wax candles that will bring class to any function.

They come in a set of 3 candles and a remote control with an on and off switch for ease of use.

Safe and convenient for houses with kids and pets

  • They come in very pretty colors that you can change according to your mood.
  • They are designed to allow you to feel real wax
  • For them to work effectively, you need a different remote per candle.

Brightown Luminara Flameless Candle

These candles are made of real and lightly scented wax. They come with a timer that allows an on and off switch whenever you like.

They are incredibly realistic and work on batteries and a remote control that can operate all the candles at once.

  • They look very real and can pass for real candles
  • They are big and can last for a long time
  • The scent can be too overwhelming.

FATPET Warm 5 LED flameless candles

If you love camping, auto repair or just having a romantic barbecue outdoors, then this is the perfect candle for you.

It has a beanie cap head light that looks like a flashlight which is made of a high-quality acrylic material. The hat will keep you warm, and you can go out with it at night when it snows.

The amount of light it offers allows you to find your way even when it’s completely dark up to 42 feet.

  • It is ideal for the outdoors
  • Keeps you warm as well as gives light
  • Its worn on the head hence does not set a romantic mood.

Only home Battery Operated LED candle

These are very economical and come in a pack of 24 candles with batteries included that have been installed.

They are long life, environmentally friendly and energy saving candles that can last more than 100 hours.

They are safe for kids and pets.

  • They come in an economical pack of 24 candles
  • They burn for many long hours
  • They are very small

What are flameless candles?

It’s however not all bad news because there are now flameless candles. These are electronic alternatives to the more traditional wick candles. They are control devices that provide illumination without the added health issues associated with the traditional candles.

  • A flameless candle does not burn: It uses batteries to provide the illusion of a burning flame. The benefits associated with these candles are many.
  • They can’t cause fires: Flameless candles do not have a real flame, which eliminates the risk of causing a fire. They are battery operated and rechargeable candles that can keep burning for many hours.
  • They are safe: They don’t have hot wax dripping all over them, which makes them clean, stress-free and easy to maintain. They also come with a remote control which allows you to put them on and off from the comfort of your sofa.
  • They save money: Burning wax candles are quite expensive because once the wax burns through they are no more. Flameless candles on the other hand never die out, they keep burning and burning for many hours. All you need to do is replace the batteries.
  • They are healthy: With the regular candles, the materials used to make may lead to many different health problems, but the flameless candles produce neither fumes nor smoke, making them very healthy.
  • Can be used anywhere: They can be used everywhere, regardless of whether it rains or snows. They are also ideal in areas where real flames are prohibited.

Buyers guide

When you decide to buy a flameless candle, be sure to look out for the following;

Size and shape: They come in many different sizes and shapes. Some are small, others are tall. Choose the candle that will best suit your environment and needs.

Colors and scents: choose the colors that will match your home so as they enhance the interior décor, also they are either scented or unscented. Be sure to pick the right scent for you.

Containers and stands: These add to the beauty of the candle. Choose candles that have beautiful stands and come in lovely colors.

Controlled use: choose candles that come with a remote control and timer for ease of use.


Flameless candles make it possible to enjoy candles without worrying about the safety issues of the traditional candles.

They offer the same benefits of a wax burning candle without having hot was, smoke or dangerous fumes.

We highly recommend investing in one.