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If you are a wine lover and have no idea where to take your multitude of empty wine bottles, using them for crafty ideas can be a great way of saving Mother Nature . It will also bring creativity and a personal touch to your home.

However, glass is not easy to deal with. Unless you have state of the art Kiln where you can melt the glass and turn it into your crazy ideas, your options are severely limited. With the fragile nature of glass, a good bottle cutter is your next best chance at working with glass bottles and turning them into useful household tools. It is the only way you are going to get good results without risking your eyes and hands from cuts. But, before you enjoy the finished glass bottle crafts, you need to find a bottle cutter that will pull the strings for you.

How a bottle cutter works

How a bottle cutter achieves the cut might be different depending on the type of bottle cutter you choose. Because we can’t cover all the different types, we will take one of the basic approaches just to help you understand the concept.

Once the bottle has been positioned correctly depending on the bottle cutter you are using, make a slight etch around the bottle. Some bottle cutters come with rollers that make turning easier but, in most cases you have to turn the bottle with your hands. For the best results it is best to only apply slight but consistent pressure. You then proceed to heat up the etch and cool it which makes it easier to separate the two parts and get a cleaner and more even cut without the dents and cracks.

It is important that we emphasize that the approach might change depending on the bottle cutter you choose. If in any case we feel there is clarity needed to help you make more out of your glass bottle cutter, we will be sure to note that.

Best Bottle Cutter 2018

If you don’t think you need to take time finding a good bottle cutter, let’s put it this way so you understand the gravity of the exercise you are about to take part in. Your DIY projects depend on it! Your hands and your safety will also depend on the quality of bottle cutter you get. Simply put, a good bottle cutter not only means smoother edges and better and more even cuts but safer handling of the bottle as well. Now that you get the point, let’s start our list of the bottle cutters that impressed us during our research and those that will strike an impression in you as well.

Creator’s Bottle Cutter Machine DIY with Abrasive Stone

If you are in need of some help turning trash glass bottles into works of art and treasure, this bottle cutter will offer you just that. It is easy to use and you don’t have to worry about picking up new skills like assembly because the cutter comes fully-assembled out of the box.

The bottle cutter is fun to use and comes with everything you need to get your wine bottles ready for a transformation. With the purchase, you will also get an abrasive stone to smoothen out the new cut, two separating rings and you even get a palm protector just to make sure you keep your hands safe and are able to work on a lot more bottles.

The cutter is made is from poly-carbonate plastic and it has durable stainless slide bars and the ball bearing rollers are coated in rubber so the glass slivers don’t get into it. The carbide cutting wheels ensures that you have a high-tech dependable and highly precise tool that will meet all your cutting demands.


  • No assembly required
  • Rollers make it easier for you to move the bottle while cutting
  • Works on large and small bottles
  • It is easy to use
  • Comes with the abrasive stone


  • It might be a little challenging to work on square bottles at first


Glass Bottle Cutter, AGPtek Long Bottle Cutter

In just four steps, this glass bottle cutter allows you to slice through the bottle with its sharp blade. It has an ample amount of space of about 8.3 inches between the bottom of the bottle and the cutting point which is perfect for most bottle sizes.

The bottle cutter also comes with a backstop that matches the different lengths of the bottle. Other than having features that are critical to how efficiently you cut your bottle, this cutter also has features that make sure you continue enjoying its services for a long period of time. These include a high quality yet lightweight metal frame that is sturdy, very handy and easy to keep clean.

The cutter is made for long term use with three blades in a disc and to make sure you are able to get better cuts faster, the bottle cutter comes with an E-book that should help you improve your cutting skills. It is a great tool to have while completing your bottle DIY projects and it will definitely make it easier for you.


  • High quality and durable frame
  • Multiple cutting blades
  • The cutter is built for long term use
  • Durable and portable
  • Comes with a bottle cutting E-book


  • It does not come with quality abrasion equipment

AGPtek Long Glass Bottle Cutting Machine Tool for Wine Bottles

It might take you more steps to get your bottle cutting done with this bottle cutter but that is only because it is built to cut long bottles. It might come in handy when you are looking to create some beautiful vases from a long wine bottle or other similar bottles.

For the best results, the cutter is fitted with three cutting blades in a disc which greatly improves your chances of a clean cut every time. The blades are made of sharp and hard metallic steel. The kit comes with more tools which include four polishing papers and a wrench for the bottle. If you have challenges getting a clean cut, you can rely on the E-book offered by the manufacturer to polish your skills and get better cuts.

If you are looking for an efficient easy to use bottle cutter, this is the closest you are going to get for those features. We also love the fact that it is made for long bottles since it can be a pain trying to find something that can work on such bottles.


  • Perfect for long bottles
  • Triple durable blades for high quality cuts
  • Adjustable for many types of bottles


  • Might be difficult to work with larger bottles

Bottle Cutter Kit to Make Glasses from Wine and Beer Bottles

You will have everything you need for the perfect cuts and sanding with this kit. It comes with the cutter, sanding paper, a direction sheet and even instructional videos to help you fine tune your bottle cutting skills.

The cutter is fitted with a quality sharp cutting blade that ensures you are able to get perfect cuts along the score line every time and it goes a long way in helping you avoid the annoying cracks and imperfect cuts that can damage your project. The cutter is made from high quality diamond carbide so the blade is able to last longer and offer smoother cuts.

The frame is rigid and high quality and does not bend while turning the bottle so you have the perfect cut. To make sure that you don’t have any doubts about the cutter, it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

If you are never sure of the direction that your next DIY project is going to take, this is a great cutter to have because it is built with a cutting length for all bottles. It can also cut both thick and thin bottles so you have all your future bottle projects taken care of.


  • It is easy to use
  • Quality frame does not bend when rolling the bottle
  • Comes with sand edge smoothers
  • 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Comes with only one blade

Kinkajou Bottle Cutter – Deep Black

This is probably one of the best hand-held bottle cutters that you are going to come across. It is quite neat and comes with everything you are going to need for the cutting which includes separators, silicon carbide sandpaper and one glass finishing tool.

The cutting wheel is made from high quality tungsten carbide steel that lasts over 200 cuts. The cutter is able to fit bottles ranging from as little as 43 to 102mm and you only need three steps to get your cutting job done.

With the silicon separation ties, you get better cuts without risking burning your hands with the boiling water. Once the separation is done, you can use the sand paper to smoothen out the edges. We loved this option because of the ease of use and the fact that it saves you the trouble of having to go and look for the other accessories separately.


  • Comes with extra accessories that are handy in the cutting process
  • Durable tungsten carbide blade
  • It is relatively simple to use


  • Only works when the bottle is straight

Glass Bottle Cutter Kit DIY Cutting Machine

If you take your bottle cutting a little seriously, then you need a good bottle cutter to match and we think this will work wonders for you. It is one of those bottle cutters that comes with all the bells and whistles which make it a must have especially if you like going for one of those custom cuts.

Everything about it from the design and finish screams quality and durability with plenty of features that make bottle cutting easier and more fun.

Among the plethora of features you can enjoy from this cutter include a stable and durable platform with three soft rubber wheels and an incredibly easy to use frame that only requires you to place the bottle on it and turn the bottle while applying moderate pressure.

With this cutter you also get an extra cutting head, a sandpaper, bottle brush, separating rings and frosted gloves.


  • Comes with a spare cutting head
  • Allows for custom bottle cutting
  • Easy to use
  • Stable and durable


  • The back plate might pose some challenges the first couple of uses

Diamond Teck Crafts G2 Bottle Cutter

This is one bottle cutter that takes your love for the environment very seriously. Not only does it help you make more use out of your used bottles but, it is also made out of recycled aluminium. Other than being kind on nature, the cutter is also lightweight largely because of the materials that it is made from and allows you to get through your bottle in just three steps.

One of the reasons why we thought this was a great pick was because of the fact that it was more affordable compared to the other available options and also because of the fact that it gets the job done.

It has a 6 turreted cutting head for longevity and you also get to 2 emery papers, score tap and an instruction booklet just to make sure you get everything right.


  • An affordable option compared to the others
  • Made out of recycled aluminum
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Does not come with the rollers

Glass Bottle Cutter Machine – Jaybva Glass Bottle Cutting Tool Kit

Bottle cutting sounds technical enough so the last thing you need is another tool that brings this technicality to life. You will love this one because it is quite simple to use and if you face any challenges you can refer to the instructional video that comes with the USB flash drive.

The tool comes with two cutting wheels so you have a replacement in case you need to make a switch in the middle of your cut. You also get three blades on each cutting wheel. With one blade capable of up to 600 cuts, you will not need to look for replacement blades anytime soon. Other than the highly durable blades, the cutting tool is made from metal so you can expect durability and longevity.

This is a great bottle cutter that you can use for a wide number of applications and different types of bottles. It comes with an adjustable cutting length to cater for this and you are guaranteed of smooth scores on the bottle. It is a great addition that can help to take your cutting to the next level.


  • Comes with an extra cutting wheel
  • Ideal for different types of bottles
  • Smooth etching
  • Adjustable length


  • It takes a bit of practising to work on square bottles

Wine Bottle Cutting Tool Kit, AceList Stained Glass Cutting Tool Kit

If you get that fuzzy and warm feeling that comes with getting loads of free gifts, you will love what this bottle cutter has to offer and there are plenty of bonuses that tag along too. Some of the add-ons that you get with this purchase include sandpaper, gloves, protective goggles, glass stoppers, isolation rubber and instructions with pictures just in case you need them.

Other than a long list of free items, you also get a competent bottle cutter with loads of features which include three cutting blades made from hard metallic steel in a disc. The blades have been tested and can work up to 50,000 times and still retain their sharpness.

The cutter has an adjustable length that allows you to work on different types of bottles for different types of projects. It is simple to use and offers very consistent results so you always nail your bottle cuts and DIY projects. However, if you have not done bottle cuts before, you will need some practice.


  • Smooth cutting
  • Works on bottles of different lengths and diameters
  • Heavy duty long lasting blades


  • You will need a couple tries before you get the right results

Bottle Cutter, LANMU Glass Cutting Tool

Who said you can’t have a classy looking bottle cutter? It might not look like it matters much but, it offers some great inspiration for how great your final DIY project is going to be. Other than the killer look, you will also enjoy plenty of features which include suitability to work on most bottles and an easy to use platform that only requires moderate pressure and rotation to get the best results.

The bottle cutter even has an instructional video that you can use when you are having challenges with your approach and need some guidance. It even comes with a 180-day free return and a life warranty which goes to support the durability and quality of the build of the cutting tool.


  • Great looking design
  • 180 days free return and lifetime warranty
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Does not come with as many add-ons

Getting a bottle cutter should not be much of a problem now. We went out of our way to get some great options that will serve your needs whether you are just starting out with your crafts or you have been around for ages and want something that cuts quick and does not hold back your creativity.

Best Bottle Cutter Buying Guide

This is one of those reviews that we will tell you for sure that going through the product reviews might not be enough. You need some back up information to help you identify the bottle cutter that is going to do it for you. So, we put together a quick buying guide with all the features and factors that you should consider.

  • Type of cutter –first, you want to consider the type of cutter that brings out the best in you. There are handheld cutters that are perfect for hobbyists and there are other alternatives for more aggressive users that come with better and more advanced features.
  • Materials used – materials used in the making of bottle cutters vary far and wide. There are those that are made from steel and others are made from aluminum. You should always make sure that your preferred bottle cutter is made from high quality materials that guarantee longevity and durability.
  • Ease of use – some bottle cutters can take the fun out of your craft by making it extremely difficult to get the perfect cut. A good bottle cutter will not only make your DIY project much easier but also more fun for you to pull through. Most bottle cutters even come with instructional videos and manuals that make it easier for you to get the right results. If it is your first time getting a bottle cutter, then the instructional videos are going to be a must.
  • Adjustability – you never know where your next bottle project is going to take you and you never want to limit yourself. For that fact, you always need to go for a bottle cutter that can work on bottles of different shapes and sizes so you are always ready for your next bout of creativity.
  • Extras – a bottle cutter alone will not get the job done. In most cases, you will need a couple of other tools like sanding equipment. In most cases, you might have to buy these separately but, some options save you the trouble and come with such tools as extras. If you can land one of those it is better and more cost-effective.


Now you have everything you need to tear into your bottle and make something new out of it. With these bottle cutters and the tips in the buying guide, you should not find much trouble picking something that works for you and your projects.

You should always remember that a good number of these options cost a pretty penny. Having your goals in mind and how far you want to take your bottle crafting, if you intend to use the cutter once in a while when your moment of creativity strikes, it might not be a good idea to invest in something too expensive.