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Best Boot Drier

One of the most day altering experiences in the morning is sticking your foot inside a wet shoe or boot. It makes your hair rise and a chilling feeling quickly runs down your back. How could you have forgotten that you stepped into a paddle of water last night?

Wet shoes are not only ugly to stick your foot in to but, they also present the perfect habitat for bacteria and fungus to grow. Wet shoes also tend to help your feet develop the all-time nose kicker in a bad smell which can be quite embarrassing. Thanks to technology and some good thinking there are boot driers now. You don’t have to stick your foot down a wet shoe and ruin an otherwise perfect morning. But, before we know who to thank for this great idea, we first have to help you pick a great boot drier to help you say good bye to wet shoes.

Best Boot Drier 2018

To help you get out of the quagmire of having to deal with wet shoes, we are going to run through some great boot driers that you could bring into your home to help sort out the issues with your shoes. It is going to be important to make sure you make the right pick since your feet depend on it. In a world where there is so much variety and different methods of functioning for boot driers, there is no question you will need some guidance to make the right choice. That is why we are here and we will help you with everything you need to make the right decision starting with these boot drier reviews.

1. DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer

Let’s start the stench kicking campaign with a strong candidate that will provide reliable results every single night. The Forced air boot and garment dryer features four drying stands so you can have about four pairs of shoes on there at a go.

It has two removable extension tubes and you can hang boots that are up to 16 inches tall. The whisper quiet blower will make sure that while your shoes dry, you are able to catch some sleep without any interruptions. The dryer heats up to 105 degrees and can also be used for clothes with a 3 hour timer and offers the option of using heat or no-heat for your drying.

If you are looking to eliminate odor from your shoes and bring the growth of bacteria to quick and sudden death, this would be the best option for you. It has enough firepower and features to allow for great results on a constant basis.

  • Four drying tubes with two removable
  • Heat or no-heat drying feature
  • Super silent fan
  • Can be used to dry cloths as well
  • Blows through all four tubes even when they two have been removed

2. Jobsite Boot, Shoe & Glove Electric Dryer

Say you don’t have an awful lot of shoes and you only want something that will only take care of one pair at time. This Jobsite Boot dryer will do the trick for you. It has plenty of features to go with its reliable performance and it can work on other types of shoes and gloves as well.

Its odor eliminating capacity is powered by the safe and noiseless thermal convention naturally driven air that helps to bring gushes of hot air to dry the shoe and get rid of moisture. The device does not have a motor so you don’t have to worry about the humming noises through the night.

It has a very compact and portable design and the drying tubes are removable to make it much easier to store. If you are looking to get rid of bacteria and bad smell that is caused by moisture and sweat, this will do the job for you. We loved it because of its noiseless functioning and the fact that they throw in a 2 year warranty.

  • Noiseless function
  • Compact and portable design
  • Removable drying tubes
  • 2 year warranty
  • Can only work on one pair at a time
  • No indicators

3. PEET Dryer – Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer

There is more to this boot dryer than just helping you keep your shoes dry. It is also quite efficient in getting rid of bad odor leaving the shoes fresh and your feet in feet haven. It functions silently and is able to dry your shoes and boots in about 3 to 8 hours.

We loved this particular model because of its wattage rating. The last thing you want is to have another appliance in the house that will drive up the power bill. This one uses less than your standard bulb and that is quite commendable. It is able to safely dry all materials that are made from leather, neoprene, rubber, vinyl, canvas, fleece, and microfiber among others. It also comes with a staggering 25 year manufacturer warranty which is quite impressive and a show of the quality of the product.

This boot dryer employs thermal convection technology in helping to dry your boots and has two drying ports which have been constantly updated since they were first introduced into the shoe drying market in 1968.

  • Safe and economical dryer
  • Silent and sturdy
  • Has a 25 year warranty
  • Does not have a power indicator

4. KOODER Boot, Shoe, Foot Dryer

This is a unique looking shoe dryer that is going to guarantee quality results without taking up any of your space. The device is built to fit into your shoes easily and eliminating and sanitizing the shoes and protecting them from humidity.

The device has an all-round heating element that makes sure all parts of your shoe or boot are well dried in a short amount of time. It has a PTC heat generator that is durable and long lasting and will ensure that you have dry boots for a long time come. The cord of the shoe dryer is incredibly durable and is able to handle up to 20KGS of weight in pulling before it disconnects. In case you have pets in the house, you don’t have to worry about the pet playing with the cable at night and disconnecting and having to wear wet shoes the following day.

The unique design of the boot dryer makes it surprisingly easy for the dryer to get as close as possible to most areas for the boot for quick drying. With this boot dryer, you shoes will no longer be a bacteria haven but more of a comfortable place for your foot to be.

  • Very compact and portable
  • Long lasting, highly durable cord
  • Unique design
  • Has no power indicator

5. DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot and Shoe Dryer

Most of the boot dryers you find work overnight in your home to make sure that by morning, you have a nice and dry pair of shoes to work. But, what if you will not be going home or, you have a small accident during the day and got your shoes wet. Does that mean you have to spend the entire day in uncomfortable wet shoes?

With the DryGuy Travel Boot dryer, you don’t have to. This little but utterly useful shoe dryer employs traditional convention drying by forcing fresh inside the boot which consequently get rids of humidity and bad order. Even though it uses a traditional but highly efficient method of drying, it is very reliable and employs top notch technology to get you results when and where you need them.

Among its interesting collection of features is the AC/DC power adaptor that you can use at home or in your car and a compact design that you can always take with you wherever you. The device is small enough to fit in most types of footwear and does not damage fragile materials. It also comes with a one year warranty.

  • Includes a car adaptor
  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • It is compact and easy to carry around
  • It dries only one shoe at a time

6. MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot, Shoe and Glove Dryer

This is a powerful and very reliable boot dryer that is able to get you good results in a very short time. The dryer uses hot air with thermal convection technology to dry the shoes and other accessories like gloves. The heat ratings on the device is safe for most if not all clothing materials so you can get a little creative and dry other types of clothing as well.

It has four drying tubes. Two are meant for boots or shoes and the other two are meant for gloves. One of the things we found to be very attractive with this boot dryer was the presence of a timer. Because the boot dryer is able to complete its job in as little as one hour and as much three hours, you can set the timer so when the job is done, the dryer goes off. You save energy and money. It comes with a one year warranty just so you are sure you are investing in a device that will last and bring comfort to your feet.

  • Quick drying time
  • Works on shoes and gloves
  • Comes with four extension tube
  • Heavy duty
  • 1-year warranty
  • You can only fit one pair at a time
  • It is a little noisy

7. DryGuy Force Dry Boot, Shoe and Glove Dryer

Skiers have a lot of problems choosing a good boot drier. While there is no shortage of good driers on the market, finding one that able to take on the weight of such heavy shoes is usually a tall order and it usually ends up with the drier breaking down prematurely.

The DryGuy has found a solution for this and every lover of snow and skiing is going to love it. It has articulating drying ports that can be repositioned to make much easier to dry heavy boots without damaging the drier.

That is not all. The dryer uses the forced air approach in drying shoes which ensures that the bad smell is kicked out as well and is able to dry most items in about 2 hours. But, you don’t have to worry about the time because it also comes with a 3 hours shutoff timer that you can set.

We would recommend this for skiing lovers. Even though it works great on other types of shoes as well, Skiers stand to benefit most from this dryer because of its unique design and articulating tubes.

  • 1-year warranty
  • Has a shutoff timer
  • Articulating drying tubes to dry heavy boots
  • Quick drying time
  • Dries one pair at a time

8. PEET Dryer – Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Shoe and Boot Dryer

PEET is a force to reckon with in the shoe drying industry. They have been around from 1968 so you should always expect something unique from them when it comes to drying boots. With this creation, you will be able to dry up to 2 pairs of shoes in one go with their patented four dry ports.

The boot dryer uses a fan powered motor but, it is silent enough to work quietly as you sleep and it also happens to be very energy efficient. The most interesting about this boot dryer is how adjustable it is. While others boast of having a timer, this one has a timer and a heat regulator that you can use to achieve your desired results. You can set the timer to up to 240 minutes and once it runs out, the device will automatically switch itself off.

As an assurity that you are getting only the best in the shoe drying industry, you not only get a 2-year limited warranty but, you also have a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results of the product. Now that is something to smile about.

  • It can dry to pairs of shoes at once
  • Has a timer
  • Very efficient and dries quickly
  • Has a heat toggle
  • 2-year warranty and 30 day money-back guarantee
  • It turns of power for both pairs of shoes

9. Green Glove Dryer for Footwear, Gloves and Hats

With the ever rising cost of living, you must be thinking of cutting costs and getting a boot dryer might work against your goal. But, it doesn’t have to. The Green Glove is one of the few dryers that will use the systems in already in your home and make more out of them. In fact, this device doesn’t even come with a power outlet. You just need to prop it up on your floor vents and it will get all the drying done for you at no extra cost.

With no power cord and the complex mechanisms, it is super light and very portable and you can even take it with you to a hotel or your office. The multiple drying poles means you are able to dry a lot more items at ago. One thing we loved about this is the fact that it can dry just about anything and with its easy assembly, it is something that will quickly become an integral part of your drying life.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Does not need power to function
  • Multiple drying poles
  • Uses systems already in your home, office or hotel
  • Can dry multiple items
  • You have to wait until the product is at room temperature before assembly

10. Kendal Shoes Boots Gloves Dryer

For such a great list of helpful devices, we thought we would save the wackiest one for last. Not because it doesn’t function but because its design was a source of humor for us. We even nick-named it the octopus and you will see why.

The Kendal Shoes Boots and Gloves Dryer has a very unique design that can allow you to dry two pairs of shoes at the same time and its glove dryer can also take on two pairs of gloves at the same time. Unlike most driers that have the poles stack closely together this one has hoses that extend to the floor and allows you to dry the shoes without turning them upside down. This means that you can have the dryer placed higher and out of reach for kids.

Other features include the 3 hour timer and a high and low temperature switch to suit your preferred use. It comes with a wall mounting kit and a 1-year warranty so you are not only getting functionality and safety but also durability.

  • Comes with a separate glove dryer
  • Can be mounted to the wall
  • 1-year warranty
  • 3 hour timer and high and low temperature mode
  • Aroma active carbon to absorb odor
  • The air flow is a little weak

Now you can say goodbye to wearing wet shoes, bad odor and stinking socks and welcome the feeling of dry and comfortable shoes. With each and every one of these dryers, you will have a reliable device that will keep your feet happy and free from embarrassment.

Best Boot Dryer Buyer’s Guide

It would be unfair to leave the fate of your feet on just 10 great products. As usual, we always make sure we go overboard to make sure that you have all the relevant information prior to making a purchase. Just to make sure your feet remain happy, here are some factors that you should consider when buying a boot dryer.

  • Capacity – unless you have only one pair of shoes, you should always go for a boot dryer that has the capacity to dry at least 2 pairs of shoes at a time. You might also want to consider some added features like a glove dryer in case you need to constantly wear gloves whether for work or because of the mean weather.
  • Optional heat – because not all your shoes are made from the same type of material, being able to adjust the temperature will help you choose more favorable temperatures for the weaker materials and a higher one for tougher materials. It is a great feature that will protect your shoes and save them from being subjected to too much heat.
  • Contains a fan – some people argue that the fan will create some noise but, there are plenty of benefits that come with having one and for the noise, it is possible to have a device that has a super silent fan. A fan helps to accelerate the process of drying and it also comes in handy in getting rid of any foul smell.
  • Auto shutoff – even though this will not necessarily improve the speed of drying your shoes, it will save energy and help your device last longer. An auto shutoff will save you the trouble of constantly having to check if your shoes are dry enough so you can switch off the dryer. It is convenient for you and will also save you from wasting energy.
  • Portability – this will largely depend on where you would like to use the boot dryer. If you are just looking for something to use at home, then portability should not be much of a problem but if you want something that you can move around with, then you will definitely need a good lightweight and compact boot dryer.
  • Noise level – there is no point in having dry shoes in the morning if you can’t get your good night sleep at night. A good boot dryer should be super silent but there are those that might also have a very faint hum which can be acceptable to some people but, the goal should be to go for a noise free one.

How does a Boot Drier Work?

Here is a quick run through of how a boot drier works. There are different types of them and each of them works differently to achieve the same results. There are those that use silent thermal convection and pull air from around the room into the heating elements which heat up the air and then circulates it inside the shoe helping them to dry overnight.

There are those that are little more sophisticated and force the air within the shoe forcing it to take the moisture with them. Regardless of how the boot dryer you choose functions, what matters is, you can finally wear your favorite pair of shoes when you want and you don’t have to worry about sticking your foot into its mucky insides just in case it did not dried properly.


If you still have to cringe in the morning while wearing your shoes and hoping they dried enough during the night, that is your fault. We have done our part and due diligence in providing you with some of the best solutions to help you keep dry shoes and feet and keep away fungus and bacteria. Now all that is left is for you to make a choice and start enjoying comfort all day long.