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Even with your best efforts, you will always find insects and weeds trying to creep up and take advantage of your beautiful garden. You need to constantly keep an eye on the garden to make sure everything is on the up and up. One item you are going to need to help you keep the patrols on your garden productive is a backpack sprayer.

Whether you need to water delicate plants, spray insecticides or herbicides or even liquid fertilizers, a backpack sprayer is the one tool that will make application jobs much easier for you. They might not be the coolest but, they could be the best defense that you have against pests and weeds.

Unless you fancy standing under the scotching sun the whole day and coming back dripping wet, you will need to take time to choose a good and practical backpack sprayer that is not only sufficient for your size of garden but one that has the features that make the job of keeping a healthy garden easier.

Interestingly, there is more to backpack sprayers than meets the eye and if you decide to get one and do your homework right, you will quickly find out that there is more to cover than the size of the tank. It took us quite some time and loads of research before we were able to come up with reliable and practical solutions good enough for our top ten. But, we did. Now you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

Best Backpack Sprayer Reviews 2018

Now that you know how a backpack sprayer works, it is time get your head in the mud and we start checking out the best backpack sprayers that will help you keep your garden looking lush and productive. Keep in mind that your needs might be different. But, with that in mind, we will do our best to make sure that we cover all grounds.

Chapin 61900 4-Gallon Tree and Turf Pro Commercial Backpack Sprayer

The Chaplin 61900 is a mix of everything that makes a great backpack sprayer. It has features that cater to your garden as well as your comfort as you use the product. To kick of the rich feature set is the 4-gallon translucent tank that makes measurements a lot easier. The tank also has a 4-inch mouth opening which makes it quite easy to fill and refill the sprayer.

The sprayer is compatible with most common fertilizer, weed killers and pesticides. That means you don’t have to run out and buy a new sprayer every time you want to apply something different. However, it is advisable to make sure you use it constantly for one product and if you have to switch out, give it a good scrub and let it dry out.

For the best results, you always have to make sure that your garden is only receiving the best. The sprayer shares the same sentiments and enforces this by having a 3-stage filtration system. It betters the deal by also having a removable and cleanable filter that makes sure that the wand and the pressure chamber does not clog up and only the required materials make it to your garden.

For you, the sprayer features cushion grip shut-off and padded shoulders make your time a lot easier and the sprayer is more comfortable to use. You also get three nozzles for the different applications that you might be considering.

  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy and efficient to use
  • Durable build
  • Less clogging
  • A Little more pricey

Field King Professional 190328 Backpack Sprayer

One of the most annoying things about using backpack sprayers is ending up more drenched than the weeds or pests you are trying to kill. The main selling point of this one is the no leak build which instills a lot of confidence.

The liquid-hold tank is built to last and features the highest quality Viton seals. The diaphragm backpack sprayer also comes with a lockable shut off with brass components and an in-line filter. With the pump, you also get 4 nozzles that are built to improve how functionality of the sprayer in different applications.

This sprayer also has a 4-gallon capacity with a wide mouth for easier refilling. Unfortunately, other than the ability to keep your back dry, it doesn’t seem too intent on taking care of anything else other than your garden.

  • Premium material build
  • Durable
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Ideal for most garden chemicals
  • Expensive

Chaplin 61500 4-Gallon Euro Style Backpack Sprayer

This Chaplin 61500 like most from Chaplin features a 4-inch wide mouth opening a translucent tank for easier cleaning and filling and the piston design. This pump is compatible with fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers.

This is a junior model to the 61900 and features a 2-stage filtration system with one filter at the top and the other one at the shutoff. It comes with 2 nozzles to cater to different applications.

Luckily, it also has some TLC for you in the form of padded shoulder straps so using the backpack for hours will not take a toll on your shoulders. It is a practical and every handy for different garden applications.

  • Wide mouth
  • Durable liquid hold tank
  • Dual filters for less clogging
  • Has only two filters

Roundup 190314 Backpack Sprayer

The Roundup sprayer has a quirky liquid hold tank which is what grabs your attention at first. Other than the quirky look, it also has quite a number of features that make it a great addition to your garden maintenance team.

These include the 4-gallon capacity which is ideal for small and medium size gardens, a heavy duty ply wand that has a shut-off calve and a comfort grip to ensure consistent spraying and an in-line filter to keep the pump from getting blocked.

To ensure that all the product mix goes to the garden and none ends up on your back, the sprayer also employs the use of Viton seals and gaskets throughout the pump and shut-off. These also help the parts of the pump to avoid the corrosion caused by chemicals for a longer time.

The sprayer also extends a little love to your shoulders with padded straps and also a waist belt and a built-in lumbar support. This goes a long way in ensuring that you are able to enjoy long use of the sprayer without the usual fatigue.

  • Comfortable to use
  • Durable
  • Sufficient capacity
  • Unique design
  • Limited number of filters

Solo 425 4-Gallon Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer

The Solo 425 is compact all round backpack sprayer that works with all types of liquids from disinfectants, to fertilizers and insecticides and herbicides. The high performance piston pump with a deceptively calm look offers increased pressure capacity of up to 90psi and features a commercial shut-off valve that has a lock-on/off feature to make it more comfortable for you to use.

To battle the effects of the chemicals that it houses, it has Viton seals in key locations to make sure the pump is able to serve you for longer and keep it from leaking. The most unique feature has to be the interchangeable pump handle. Considering how the constant pumping can be tiresome, this is a highly welcome feature that will make your work a lot easier.

You get a total of four nozzle assortments for different spraying assignments and for the sake of comfort, you get padded shoulder straps. It is not as good as having waist straps and lumbar support but it also saves your shoulders from a lot of ache from fatigue.

  • Interchangeable pump handle
  • Durable
  • Large opening
  • It has only one filter at the top

Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

If you would rather walk around aiming and shooting, rather than breaking a sweat pumping up and down, the battery powered backpack sprayer are perfect but you should be warned, the luxury of not having to tire your forearm muscles comes at steeper cost.

Like every other sprayer we have reviewed thus far, this one also has a translucent tank which makes cleaning and refilling much easier.

Another impressive feature that you will find to be very intriguing with this tank is the quick change battery door. The last thing you want is spend an hour trying to change out your discharged battery. The quick change door takes care of this and you should be done in about 30 seconds. It should also be noted that the standard battery for this pump pumps about 200 gallons before it needs a change.

To maximize its potential, the sprayer comes with two wands. The first one is plastic and is best used with acids and it also has an adjustable steel wand that has a curved tip for on target spraying. All these come with a brass nozzle included. If you are concerned about your poor shoulders crashing under the weight of the sprayer, the high density padded shoulders straps that are firmly bolted to the sprayer will take good care of you.

  • Battery powered
  • Battery life indicator lights
  • Dual wands
  • Locking trigger
  • Need to charge for 8 hours before use

Roundup190426 Commercial Backpack Sprayer

If you take your gardening a little too seriously or you just want a sprayer that has to take on the challenges of commercial applications, this will do a decent job. It has a decent collection of features and the quirky Roundup build that we love so much. There is just something about it that makes you look more of superhero than a farmer when this sprayer is on your back.

Away from the superhero design, this versatile sprayer can be used for fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. It has a translucent tank that will make the process of cleaning and refilling.

The heavy duty poly wand comes with a shut-off valve with a lock for continuous spraying. It also has a nickel-plated poppet and an in-line filter that protects the pump from getting clogged. Viton seals and gaskets throughout the pump ensure proper performance for longer and guarantee quality results even under the pressure and aggressive nature of the chemicals.

While you punish the weeds and pests and send them into oblivion, you can enjoy the comfort grip on the wand and padded shoulders that keep you comfortable as you pronounce death to every unwanted creature in your garden.

  • Quality build
  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Viton seals and gaskets for longer life
  • Comfortable shoulder pads
  • limited number of filters

FieldKing Max 190348 Backpack Sprayer

The build and features of this sprayer embody and express the 125 years that FieldKing has spent building this and other equipment. It is a carefully thought out product and we dare say, it is one of the most comfortable that we could find on the market. For starters, you know that annoying patch of sweat that you end up every time you use a backpack sprayer, that did not happen here and that was a great starting point.

Unlike the previous reviews, let’s start this one with what the sprayer offers you. It has a full coverage, breathable, padded, ballistic nylon harness with an adjustable chest clip. It also has lumbar support which makes sure that the sprayer is in a consistent level and does not keep bouncing. Now that is as comfortable as a sprayer can get on your back.

For the applications, the FieldKing Max has a couple of tricks up its sleeve that you are going to love. Among them is the built-in agitator which makes sure that your mix is ready to go at all times. It also has viton seals and gaskets to fight off the corrosive nature of chemicals and if the chemicals get the better of the seals, the easy replacement technology ensures that you replace them without breaking a sweat.

Other impressive features include the no leak internal pump, the stainless steel wand with a professional shut off valve and the large tank opening with a filtration basket. All these features contribute to a great pump with great usability and comfort.

  • 3-year warranty
  • Ideal for most garden chemicals
  • Very user-friendly
  • Comfortable to use
  • It is a little more expensive

Hudson 13194 Commercial Bak-Pak Sprayer

This power piston pump backpack sprayer may not have all the flashy features but it is able to hold its own against the big boys and hold down the fort at your garden. It makes a strong entry largely because of the clever addition of basic yet handy features which we thought you would love as a farmer.

Among those features is the humongous opening that makes sure all the chemicals go in and once they are there, they can come out using the high quality fiberglass spray wand that comes with comfortable lock thumb operated valve for constant spraying.

The pump lever can be operated with both the right and left hand which is quite innovative and allows you to go longer with your spraying before you need a rest. Lastly you get four different nozzles which will come in handy with different applications. Oh, and yes, the shoulder straps are padded in case you were wondering.

  • Affordable
  • Durable build
  • Comfortable to use with a lock valve
  • Interchangeable pump lever
  • The straps are not well padded

Hudson Never Pump Bak-Pak 4-Gallon Sprayer

To close down our list of weed destroyers and pest killers, we will look at another battery operated backpack sprayer for the farmer who loves to let technology handle all the heavy lifting for him or just in case you have a large garden that requires hours of input and constant spraying.

The powerful battery operated sprayer is able to work for a straight 10 hours before the battery requires any recharging. On the downside, the battery takes up to 9 hours to charge fully.

The spray wand is made from fiberglass and the no-kinking hose is 72 inches long and that ensures you have better reach and flexibility ensuring no mercy is extended where none is deserved.

The liquid holding tank is built to last and has a translucent finish with a wide easy-fill opening. There is a screen filter at the opening which prevents entry of dirt and pebbles that could block the pump. You get an addition of four different spray settings.

  • Great value for money
  • Long wand for easier use
  • Extra-large fill opening
  • 10 hours of spraying
  • Battery has to be charged for 9 hours

Now you have no one to blame if you can’t sanctify your garden. These great options are ideal for all kinds of applications and all types of farmers. Whether you are looking for something simple and rustic that will cater to small applications or battery powered options that will help you take care of larger chunks of land, all you have to do is pick what works best for you.

How does a backpack sprayer work?

To get you the best possible results, we first had to understand how a manual backpack pressure worked and we think it is a good starting place for you as well. Not only is it a nice idea to be a genius by understanding how your equipment works but it will also help you make the right pick when facing the quagmire of features that some of these equipment has.

So, let’s get started. A standard backpack sprayer comprises of a liquid-holding tank where the product mix is, a pump and a pump lever, a pressure-holding chamber, a hose and wand and a control valve. That sounds like a lot of confusing parts for something that will only work in your garden but in a minute, it will all make sense.

The first part of operating the pump is by pumping the lever up and down. This piles up pressure in the pressure holding chamber and at the same time draws the liquid from the liquid holding tank. Once you press the valve on the wand, the liquid comes out under the pressure. The functioning is as simple and as straightforward at that.

Best Backpack Sprayer Buyer’s Guide

A good backpack sprayer will save you time and effort and will make your mission of keeping your garden relevant and productive easier and more fun. To make the dream of having a weed free garden a reality, here are some tips to help you make the right choice on the hardware that is going to help you achieve that.

  • Type of sprayer – If there is one thing you should not get wrong, it is the type of the backpack sprayer. Luckily, there are only three main types so choosing one should not be much of a problem. The diaphragm backpack is built to withstand the corrosive nature of chemicals. They happen to last longer and they are easier to repair.

Compared to diaphragm sprayers, piston sprayers are able to generate more pressure. Piston sprayers are great for working in large areas and tall plants like tall shrubs and trees. They are typically less expensive but, they cannot be used with as many chemicals and most herbicides.

The last type is the battery operated sprayers. You don’t have to worry about the technicalities. In this case, battery operated sprayers just save you the trouble of constantly pumping.

  • Weight – considering that the sprayer is going to be on your back for as long as you are using it, weight is going to be an issue. Ideally, they are built to be portable but not all of them are going to be lightweight. When making the choice, you might want to consider the weight of the sprayer.
  • Shoulder strap – even though shoulder straps will not help in the efficiency of the sprayer, it is going to go a long way in helping you enjoy your evening without having to worry about aching shoulders. If you can get a sprayer that has other harnesses and lumbar support even better.
  • Capacity or size – Choosing the capacity of the sprayer is going to be tricky. While having a larger sprayer will save you from having to fill it frequently, it is going to be really heavy. It is up to you to pick a size you feel balances both options for you and offers a common ground.
  • Filters – once you have selected a good and capable backpack sprayer, you want to keep it functional for as long as possible. Having filters will help with this. In this case, the more merrier.

Spraying it down

As you might have realized, getting a good backpack sprayer is not as straight forward as having something that simply pushes out a jet of herbicides. Lucky for you, we have done all the digging for you so you don’t have to worry about having to learn about this the hard way. All you have to do now is either pick a product from our comprehensive reviews or, you could use our buying guide to pick a more customized and satisfying option. Regardless of the choice you make, what matters is you will end up with a product that offers you your desires solutions.