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10 Best Sushi Making Kits 2018

Asian culture and cuisine have always been popular here in the west – from kung-fu and martial arts movies to big monster classics like King Kong and Godzilla to Thai curries and sushi.  Sushi, in particular, has become increasingly popular thanks to more and more sushi eateries popping up all over the place.  However, what do you do when you want to eat some freshly rolled sushi at home?  In the past, this might have taken a lot of effort to track down the various tools and kits and a lot of money too.

Nowadays though, there are so many different sushi making kits suitable for home use available, that trying to choose the best one can be very difficult to do.  To help you make that decision we will look at the 10 sushi kits for sale at the moment that we feel are the best of the bunch, as well as looking at how they work and what features you should be interested in.

Our Top 10 Sushi Kits

Sushiquik Super Easy Sushi Making Kit – World’s #1 Sushi Kit

First on our list is the Sushiquik Super Easy Sushi Making Kit which claims to be ‘the easiest way to make sushi’.  As a number one seller on Amazon, this is an incredibly popular kit that may seem pretty sparse compared to some of the others on the market.  However, apart from a sushi knife, this product features everything you need to start making those tasty sushi rolls.

Part of the charm of this kit is the fact that it has been designed to give you a fairly traditional sushi making experience without overwhelming you with a multitude of different accessories and tools.  As one of the hardest things to get right when you are completely new to making sushi rolls is spreading just the right amount of rice.  With this kit, there is no need for guesswork, as it includes a training frame that helps you to measure the precise amount to make the perfect sushi rolls.

If you have ever attempted to make sushi you will know that it can be a challenge to cut it perfectly.  This set presents a solution to this problem in the form of the Sushi Roll Cutter which can be placed over your rolled up mixture to cut perfect size rolls that all have a uniform look.

Once you’re finished, the whole kit can be placed in the dishwasher.  If you are just looking for a quick and easy way to roll and cut sushi and already have other accessories such as chopsticks and a decent set of knives, then this is worth your consideration.  It appears to be well priced for what you get and customers have reported that it is easy enough to use.

  • Reasonably priced<
  • Easy to use
  • Helpful training frame
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Lack of accessories may not suit if you are looking for a more comprehensive set

BambooWorx Sushi Making Kit


The next product we want to discuss is the BambooWorx Sushi Making Kit.  This is not only incredibly inexpensive but is also very compact and while it may not be as comprehensive as other kits – you get what you need to roll sushi.

BambooWorx have included two sushi rolling mats, rice paddle/spoon and a rice spreader in this kit – which is great for the price.  It’s also incredibly simple to use – mix the rice and vinegar using the spoon then use the spreader to spread it out.  After that, you simply roll the mat up tightly to make those tasty and colorful rolls.

One of the problems with bamboo as a material, despite its authenticity, is the fact that it can often come with splinters.  However, according to customers, the BambooWorx kit does not have that problem.  If you are looking for a dishwasher safe kit, this one will not be for you.  However, if you are not looking to spend a lot on a practical little kit for those romantic dinners or fun sushi parties – this could be a great product to invest in.

  • Easy to use<
  • Affordable
  • Helpful training frame
  • Well made
  • Not dishwasher friendly

SushiAya Sushi Making Kit

The SushiAya Sushi Making Kit may be one of the more expensive products on our list.  However, for the price, you get a kit that consists of 11 different items including a spreader and a sushi knife.  The set has been designed with fun and creativity in mind as there are plenty of size and shape options for making truly individual sushi rolls.

According to the customer reviews for this item, the knife is sharp and practical and the selection of molds means you can have fun making sushi in groups or as a couple.  Hearts, rectangles, squares and even triangles of sushi can be achieved using this kit.  A great addition to the online video tutorials that accompany set, giving you step by step instructions on making sushi that looks as good as it tastes.

Although some customers have stated that it can take some practice to get the hang of the technique using this kit, most have reported that the tutorials are incredibly helpful.  When you have finished making and eating the sushi, all of the kit, including the knife can be put in the dishwasher to be cleaned.

  • Comprehensive kit including a high-quality knife
  • Accompanying online video tutorials
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • More of a shape and cut kit rather than a sushi rolling kit

BambooWorx Deluxe Sushi Making Kit

The second BambooWorx product on our list is their Deluxe Sushi Making Kit.  The difference between this kit and the cheaper one listed further up the page is the addition of 5 pairs of chopsticks, so this is great if you are looking for something that will not only help you prepare your favorite Japanese food but also eat it too.

Similarly to the other BambooWorx set, it comes with two 100% bamboo sushi mats, a sushi spoon and spreader and the aforementioned chopsticks.  Considering this addition, the high price tag (considering it is under 12 bucks though, it is hardly expensive) is more than justified and makes it an affordable kit.

Another of Amazon’s #1 Best Sellers and it is easy to see why.  As it is made from 100% bamboo it does mean that the mats and other utensils have to be washed by hand, but customers have reported that you are rewarded for this extra bit of effort with a long-lasting product.  If you are willing to pay a little bit over 10 bucks and want all you need to mix, spread, roll and then eat your sushi, you should consider this great little kit.

  • Affordable
  • Nice addition of 5 pairs of chopsticks
  • Well-made
  • Not suitable for dishwasher

iSottcom Grand MakiMaker

The iSottcom Grand MakiMaker is the next sushi making kit we are going to look at and although it is pretty expensive compared to others, it does offer a compact way of making delicious snacks and exotic meals.  Designed for beginners and professional chefs in mind, the set features high-quality items that are handcrafted with care and expertise.

The iSottcom Grand MakiMaker actually only consists of two parts, the sushi press has a unique design and according to many of the customers who have used it, makes the process of rolling and cutting sushi incredibly easy.  It is also reportedly very easy to clean.

If you do not like the look of other sets that have about 150 different pieces of gaudy plastic (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but you what we mean), and are willing to pay a bit extra, this is a set you should think about purchasing.

  • Unique and interesting design
  • Compact
  • Made from natural products
  • Maybe too simplistic if you don’t already have things like chopsticks etc.

Masscotta Sushi Making Kit

One of the fun things about making sushi at home is being able to create your own favorite shapes and sizes.  With the Masscotta Sushi Making Kit, there are enough pieces for it to be possible to make various types of sushi including round, triangle, heart, half moon, drop, Mikki Mouse, square and small square rolls.

It comes with a really easy-to-use mold for the rice, a sushi knife, sushi spreader, sushi spoon, two sauce dishes and a couple of pairs of chopsticks.  In other words, if you are new to sushi and do not have any utensils or kits at home, this is a good starter pack to purchase.  If you are a newbie, there is a free e-book full of recipes that accompany the kit.

Although it is not the cheapest set when you consider what comes with it and the e-book it does offer value for money.  Most customers have stated that it is easy to use, well made and although they would rather the recipe book was a physical copy – it helped them to make tasty sushi in minutes.  The fact that it is dishwasher friendly and easy to clean, is a bonus.

  • Comprehensive kit with chopsticks and knife
  • Various molds to make differently shaped sushi rolls
  • Recipe e-book
  • E-book, not a physical one

KitchenBoosterz Sushi Making Kit

Sushi making kits are great as gifts as well as being a practical and fun addition to your own kitchen.  If you are starting from scratch and have none of the necessary equipment or utensils for preparing mouth-watering sushi, it is best to look for a kit that features it all.  The KitchenBoosterz Sushi Making Kit might just be the product you are looking for, even if it is a little pricey.

Not only does it feature an impressive 10 shape molds that enables you to make a total of three different sushi styles (Nigiri, Temaki and Maki), but it also features two pairs of chopsticks, two pairs of kid’s training chopsticks, two dishes for sauces a sharp sushi knife and a bag to keep it all in when you are using it.  To help you use your kit properly, there is the Sushipedia instruction book.

While the kit costs a little bit extra than others, when you consider the contents mentioned above, it is hard to argue with its value.

  • Comprehensive kit with chopsticks and knife
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 10 different molds
  • Bit on the pricey side

Allure Sushi Maker Roller Machine

For many people, the rolling part of making sushi is too tricky and enough to put them off making it.  However, with the Sushi Maker Roller Machine from Allure, this is not a problem.  It has been designed to make the rolling part incredibly easy.

To make the perfect rolls every time, you just need to fill both sides of the roller tube with rice, with the plunger tube in the middle to make a channel for the filling in each side, then spread your preferred ingredients in this little channel, close over the tube and then insert the plunger and out the other side will come a perfect and tasty looking sushi roll.

You can now serve it as is or wrap it in nori.  There is no doubt, based on customer’s reviews, that with this sushi kit there is less fuss and less mess.  If you are looking for a stress-free way to make sushi in no time at all, and are not worried about doing it the traditional way, this is a great choice.

  • Practical and compact design
  • Easy cleanup
  • Lots of fun
  • No accessories such as chopsticks or sauce dishes

Chefoh All-In-One Sushi Making Kit

If you are looking for a sushi making kit and want to purchase everything at one time that you might need to roll sushi, the Chefoh All-In-One Sushi Making Kit, featuring sushi bazooka could be just what you need.  It is a surprisingly compact and easy to use piece accessory that will help you to make the perfect sushi in minutes.

Along with the sushi bazooka, a tube that you can use to fill with rice and fillings to form the actual rolls, there is also a traditional bamboo rolling mat and hand-carved chopsticks.  This is a reasonably affordable set and judging by most customer’s opinions and reviews, it makes professional looking and delicious tasting authentic sushi.

  • Easy to use
  • Portable and compact
  • Comes with handy extras such as chopsticks and bamboo sushi rolling mat
  • Construction is a little flimsy

Sushedo Sushi Bazooka

The last product we are going to highlight is the Sushedo Bazooka sushi making kit, which is another #1 Best Seller on Amazon.  In much the same way as the above kit, this is a time-saving method to prepare sushi rolls that would amaze even the most experienced professional sushi chef (maybe).

For its relatively low price, it is a compact and clever little device that helps make neat rolls.  The downside is that apart from the actual bazooka, you get nothing else.  However, if you have the mats, chopsticks, serving dishes and everything else, then this is a great addition.  Even if you have made sushi in traditional manners before, this is a fun alternative.

  • Clever design
  • Practical
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Maybe too simplistic for beginners as it does not come with any accessories

How Sushi Making Kits Work

The term sushi making kit can actually refer to a number of different products.  As you will see from our list of the top 10 available on Amazon, some are more traditional than others.  The two main types of sushi making kits are:

Traditional Sushi Making Kits – These are kits that usually consist of traditional mats, a roller and then some utensils that help to spread the rice and fillings and cut the finished rolls.  If you are looking to really jump head first into learning the art of sushi rolling, you should invest in one of these types of kits.

Non-Traditional Sushi Making Kits – On our list there is quite a few sushi making kits that do not consist of the usual components.  Sushi Bazookas are a common feature in these products, as a time-saving, stress-free alternative to assembling and rolling sushi.  Instead of spreading the rice and other fillings onto a flat surface, you have a tube that you fill and then close over, that makes a perfectly circular sushi roll ready for cutting into small, bite-size pieces.  Obviously, the type you decide to invest in depends on how involved a sushi making experience you want.

Important Features To Look Out For

So, we have put together a list of ten different sushi making kits to choose from.  That may still feel like an overwhelming amount to choose between.  However, the little reviews are there to help you work out which is best for you.  While you look for the best sushi making kit for your own needs and requirements though, there are some important features you should look out for, such as:

  • Accessories And Equipment – One of the most important features of sushi making kits is the accessories and other equipment that comes with them.  This could be things like the actual mats for rolling your sushi on, a spoon for measuring out and placing the mixture on and a spreader for spreading it out on the nori seaweed or directly onto the mat.  Often, kits will feature sushi knives too, but this is not always the case.  There are also alternative kits that use bazookas instead of rolling mats.  Other extras could be chopsticks, training chopsticks and sauce serving pots.
  • Materials – The materials are important too, as this can have a bearing on how easy a kit will be to use and also to clean.  While bamboo kits are more traditional, they may not be ideal if you don’t fancy the extra washing up.  Some plastic kits can feel synthetic and not particularly robust, even if they are easy to wash up and can be put in the dishwasher.
  • Cost – While the cost should not be the main factor, it is something you will want to give consideration to as you will undoubtedly have a budget in mind.  Although you can expect that cheaper kits will not be as comprehensive, it isn’t always the case that the cheaper kits are the best.  Often they will be cheap for a reason, beyond having limited accessories and extras.
  • Free Recipe Books – Everyone likes getting something extra for nothing or their money going that little bit further, don’t they?  A common addition to many sushi making kits is free recipe books that help give you instructional tutorials on how to get the best out of your kit.  This could be a physical book, e-book or even video tutorials.

In Conclusion

So, there you have it.  You have read what we feel are the 10 best and most appealing sushi making kits available at the moment.  There is a wide variety to choose from including very inexpensive products and pricier ones that consist of additional utensils and accessories.  With this list, therefore, we feel we have covered the selection quite clearly.

We have tried our best to cover exactly what they actually do, what each kit consists of and discuss them in easy to understand terminology and descriptions.  If you are looking for the most authentic experience when it comes to making sushi for instance, then you will probably prefer a kit that comes with mats, spoon, and spreader.

However, if you are happy to just have freshly prepared sushi rolls like you get at your favorite restaurant or see on TV, you may well be just as happy with one of the easy to use and corner-cutting bazooka kits.

So if you are looking for the cheapest or the price isn’t an issue, there are clearly many to choose from and there is bound to be one that will meet your own specific requirements.